A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

This week sees the launch of a new podcast series through our Understanding Boys website. In this series, Deputy Headmaster and Head of Crowther, Dr Ray Swann, has conversations with guests from a variety of fields including former CEO of World Vision Australia, Rev Tim Costello; stage and screen actor, Lisa McCune; and parent educator, Steve Biddulph AM.

Dr Swann asks our guests two central questions: what does it take to be a good man these days? and, if you had a story that you could tell a 14 year old boy (and he’d listen), what would that story be? This is a series worth listening to and another great Crowther initiative.

Dr Swann’s excellent work at BGS has led him to be recognised by The Educator Magazine as one of Australia’s top 50 educators who are leading the nation’s schools into the 21st century. I am sure you will join me in congratulating him on this well deserved award.

Have a great week.


From the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Junior School – Peter Tellefson

It was great to welcome our Year 3–6 dads and special friends last Thursday evening.  The boys loved having the opportunity to welcome their visitors into their classrooms and share in a variety of activities: making straw/paper planes, constructing a building using limited resources, playing with pinball machines, taking part in card games and a blindfold trust game, sharing personal objects in Circle Time, and competing in a trivia quiz.  Thank you to all staff, boys, dads and special friends for your support; great enjoyment was experienced by all.

This week Brighton Grammar and Firbank Grammar have hosted our Milikapiti visitors.  The boys and girls have been billeted with Ned Bailey, Will Bennett, Harry Denning, Harvey O’Sullivan, Ines Richard, Niamh Arnold, May Lynch, Zoe Page and their families. Our visitors and hosts have been busy participating in classroom activities, and visiting the MCG, Eureka Skydeck, Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Indigenous Transition School and North Melbourne Football Club. This weekend, they will attend the Richmond vs Brisbane game and spend time with their host families. Our exchange program is now in its tenth year and it enables our boys to foster and develop friendships, communication and understanding, and develop greater respect for each other’s way of life.

The House System is an essential part of the day-to-day activities of the boys’ participation in House Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Tabloid Sports, Chess, Spelling, Mathematics, Public Speaking, Debating, Trivia and Poetry which are all competitions that generate a greater sense of connectedness and belonging. Our House Point System is positive affirmation for our boys’ actions which are recognised at our weekly Assembly.  I look forward to adjudicating our House Poetry competition later this term.

Junior School happenings and reminders

  • All Prep–Year 6 boys are invited to dress up for the Book Week Parade tomorrow. Boys can come to School in costume, or bring a costume, based on the theme ‘Reading is My Secret Power’.  

Student Achievement

  • The Mathematical Association of Victoria held a Maths Games Day for Year 4 students at PEGS, Essendon. This was a great opportunity for students to showcase their mathematical talents in a competitive setting. Our BGS team enjoyed working with like-minded students from a diverse range of schools. Well done to James Lipovetsky, Oscar Liu, Aashvik Sareeen and Sid Bartlett who performed well in the strategy games. Congratulations to Luke Lawrence who achieved outstanding results in the automatic recall section in speed and accuracy. William Tan, Ethan Davis, Luke Lawrence and Hamish McCausland scored well in problem solving and, at the end of the day, were awarded overall 1st place against 32 teams. It was a very satisfying experience for these highly able mathematicians, who represented BGS admirably. The shield is on display in the Junior School Reception.


From the Director of the Early Learning Centre – Amelia Barrow

Celebrating Book Week in the Early Learning Centre

Although it has been a short week with our mid-term break on Monday, the boys have certainly packed five days into four. Our Book Week celebrations began with our Meerkat Productions performance of Room on our Rock. I can highly recommend this book for all children as it has an important message about inclusion and empathy for others. It is so clever that it has two stories in one (you can even read the book back to front) which shares two different perspectives. The boys loved walking over to “the big boys’ hall” to see the performance, giving our ELC3 boys the opportunity to see where our amazing Christmas pageant will be performed next term.

The boys have also enjoyed sharing their favourite books from home with their class. It really highlights the excitement and imagination that books bring to children’s lives and the importance of reading with the boys on a daily basis. Many thanks for entrusting us with such loved books.

Today we enjoyed one of our favourite days – pyjama day! We know how much parents love making Book Week costumes so we thought having a cosy day in our pj’s would be a much nicer option. Each class had special activities to celebrate the end of winter.

This week we also offered Parent Teacher Discussions for our ELC4 classes and we thank parents for making the time to meet with their son’s teacher to discuss his development. We look forward to next week’s ELC3 Parent Teacher Discussions.

We welcome three student teachers in the 3 Bilby, 3 Wombat and 4 Bandicoot classes next week. This is such an important component of their studies and we look forward to supporting their development.

Boys were presented with BGS Generation badges this week, to proudly wear on their uniform or as a memento. These badges signify that the boys are 2nd, 3rd or even 4th generation BGS students. We thank Peter Toms for organising these for the boys.   


This week’s parenting tip

Please click here to view tips on helping children tolerate discomfort.


Teaching and learning

Father/Son Evening went off like a rocket

In 4 Flinders, the evening for boys, their fathers and special friends literally went off like a rocket! We are very lucky at Brighton Grammar to have the opportunity to take part in events that help us create important connections to our community such as this popular annual evening.

The night began with a Kahoot quiz in the classroom, and the boys had prepared a question for their guest. It delved into very important topics such as favourite sporting teams and movie genres. There were many laughs to be had during Kahoot and our final winners were Team Carney.

This was just a prelude to the big event of the evening: the challenge of who could send their straw rocket the furthest.  The amazing sight of rockets zooming around the Year 4 classrooms was something to behold and brought out the competitive spirit.  The rulers were produced and the distances had to be measured to the centimetre. There were some unbelievable rocket flights, but Henry and his dad Andrew walked away the winners with a massive distance of nearly 12 metres!

The night provided an excellent opportunity for dads to bond with their sons, and experience life in the classroom at Brighton Grammar. A big thank you to all who attended.

Matt Barker
Year 4 Teacher

Exercising leadership and collaboration

Last Thursday, the boys took part in our annual Father/Son Evening. They undertook three rotational activities with a learning intention to show leadership of their guest.

Each boy had to explain the activities, link them to our current units of study and collaborate with their guests to complete the tasks. The three rotations involved tinkering with our pinball machines, leading our blindfolded guest through a maze with nothing but our voices, and sharing a game of cards.

Highlights for the boys included the odd marble flying out of the pinball machine, dads being made to crawl under obstacles dressed in their suits, and the odd game of ‘Cheat’ in the cards room.

Hamish Leahy
Year 5 Teacher


Pink Dinner – final call for donations

We have received some wonderful donations for our live auction and raffles but there is still time to make your contribution.  Please contact Georgie Girardau or 0412 854 754 by Friday 23 August.  All donations will be gratefully received and donors will be acknowledged at the Pink Dinner. Funds raised on the night will be donated to the St Kilda Mums charity.