A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

Celebrating our history – and the Crowther Oval shapes up

One of the joys of being a school that has a 136-year history is making this history relevant to the current students. This week in the Secondary School, we did just that by helping our most senior Old Boy David Madden and his family celebrate his 100th birthday.

David was born on 22 March 1918. His father was very keen for his three sons, David, Peter and John, to receive a sound education. At the age of 12, in 1930, David came to Melbourne from the family property in Nagambie to join BGS. During term time, he lived with his aunt and uncle in South Road.

Upon leaving BGS, David had a successful career with Ampol, where he worked his entire career, apart from during World War II, when he served in the AIF. It was a real pleasure to welcome David back to his old School, to share his and his family’s story with the Secondary School boys and to sing him a happy 100th birthday.

Some of you might be wondering about the works that are going on currently on the Crowther Oval. There are two aspects to this work. First, we are laying a significant amount of new turf to achieve a better coverage of grass ready for the winter sports season. Second, we are reshaping some areas of the oval to compensate for lost space as a result of the larger Annandale Pavilion. Once these works are completed, we hope to have a much-improved Crowther Oval the same as its previous size.

Have a great week.


From the Head of Junior School – Peter Tellefson

Our Year 5 boys enjoyed their Outdoor Education experience at Camp Howqua. It is rewarding to see our boys respond to the various challenges they face on camp: homesickness, change to routine, different food and sleeping arrangements, and activities that may take them out of their comfort zone. These experiences build the boys’ resilience and they appreciate the great support of staff and friends. The boys enjoyed a variety of activities: flying fox, high ropes, raft building, disc golf and orienteering. The highlight of the camp was the river journey and overnight campout. Thank you to Jacqui Stenniken, Cindy van Dijk, David Turner and Paul Gurry for their additional commitment while on Camp. I also appreciate the leadership of our Outdoor Education staff: David Gemmell, James Hilditch and the rest of the Outdoor Education team.

Our involvement in the Year 5/6 APS Sport Program is essential to the ‘all-boy’ educational experience. The emphasis is on participation; there is no ladder or premierships awarded at the end of a season. Boys select from a choice of 3–4 sports each term. They are expected to train on a weekly basis to improve their skills, game plan and fitness levels. Representing our School with pride, the importance of organisation, the wearing of their uniform correctly, and the emphasis on sportsmanship are all key elements of this Program. Our boys are fortunate to have this weekly opportunity, and I congratulate and thank all staff for their commitment to the Program.  This week was the final round of APS Sport for the Year 5/6 boys; there will be no training next Monday. The sports options for Term 2 are AFL, cross-country and volleyball.


Junior School Happenings and Reminders

  • Term 1 Interim Reports will be available to parents online for all Prep to Year 6 boys from Wednesday 28 March. These reports do not assess achievement, but focus on attitude, effort and the development of various personal skills.
  • Next Thursday is the final day of Term 1. The following is an outline of the day:

8.50am – Chapel (Prep to Year 6)
10.00am – Free time (winning House)
11.20am – Assembly
12.20pm – JPG Lunch (Please note there are NO Tuckshop orders available)
1.30pm – Tabloid Sports (Boys can wear their Sport uniform/House polo shirt)
3.20pm – Normal dismissal

  • Ute Full of Food – Friday 23 March
  • JPG Mother’s Day Gift – orders close Friday 23 March (see School Stream for further details)
  • Easter Raffle and donations by Tuesday 27 March
  • JPG End-of-Term Lunch – final orders due by Monday 26 March (Order through Flexischools)


Join the BGS Snowsports Team 2018

Any boy who can ski or snowboard safely down a blue run is invited to join the BGS Snowsports team. The team will be competing at the 2018 Interschools Championships in the week of 20–26 August at Mt Buller. To register your interest or obtain more information, please call Jane Abbott on 0408 590 963.


Student Achivements

We will present the following APS Sport Awards at this week’s assembly:

APS Sport Awards

– 5A Cricket Most Outstanding Player – Hamish Featherston
– 5A Cricket Best Team Player – Cooper Ballantine                           
– 5B Cricket Most Outstanding Player – Jake Charlton
– 5B Cricket Best Team Player – Bailey Mulhall
– 6A Cricket Most Outstanding Player – Charlie Wood                
– 6A Cricket Best Team Player – Hugh Hasker                               
– 6B Red Cricket Most Outstanding Player – Lachie Roberts
– 6B Red Cricket Best Team Player – Lucas Hiscock
– 6B Blue Cricket Most Outstanding Player – Gus Calder
– 6B Blue Cricket Best Team Player – Seb Khan
– Year 5 Tennis Most Outstanding Player – Charlie Sabin
– Year 5 Tennis Best Team Player – Sammy Regelman
– Year 6 Tennis Most Outstanding Player – Jackson Chen
– Year 6 Tennis Best Team Player – Andrew McGregor
– Year 5 Table Tennis Most Outstanding Player – Jesse Lacey
– Year 5 Table Tennis Best Team Player – Huw Thomas
– Year 6 Table Tennis Most Outstanding Player – Jerry Zheng
– Year 6 Table Tennis Best Team Player – Max Brownbill
– Year 5 Swimming Most Outstanding Swimmer – Cooper Chilcott
– Year 5 Swimming Best Team Swimmer – Charles Williams
– Year 6 Swimming Most Outstanding Swimmer – Kyle Roos
– Year 6 Swimming Best Team Swimmer – Hugh Langdon

  • Congratulations to the following boys, who were selected to attend the APS/SSV trials: Jackson Chen (Tennis), Tom Jorgensen (Tennis), Zach Travers (Cricket/AFL), Charlie Wood (Cricket), Nicky Robertson (Cricket/AFL/Swimming), Aidan Williams (Cricket), Harry Newett (AFL), Cade Segar (Soccer), Tom Hollway (Soccer), Lachlan St Leger (Soccer), Kyle Roos (Swimming), Ayden Roos (Swimming), James Tan (Swimming), Josh Carr (Swimming), Tuur Craps (Swimming) and Julian Carlin (Hockey).
  • We are fortunate to have so many enthusiastic and talented chess players in the Junior School. Boys have fun playing chess and at the same time develop problem-solving skills, and improve memory, patience and analytical ability. A team of 15 boys proudly represented BGS at a tournament run by Chess Australia. They demonstrated resilience, critical thinking and concentration as they played seven tough matches in a row. Well done to Lachlan Kwong, James Tan, Harry George, Matheus Judah and Declan McCormack, who were awarded 2nd place overall and have now qualified for the Zonal Chess state final in September.  All students are welcome to attend chess club on Wednesdays at recess or register for chess lessons after school on Fridays. Congratulations to all involved in this challenging and exciting game.


Peace and Harmony in the ELC

This week the ELC has been buzzing with excitement in preparation for our Harmony Day Celebrations. The boys have been rehearsing their class songs/dances and we have had joint singing as well. Also, each class has enjoyed focusing on a variety of experiences and learning opportunities to understand more about the different cultures we have in the Centre.

With Harmony Day Celebrations today, the Centre was at its best. Boys arrived dressed up in their costumes, either from their own background or from one of interest. Staff joined in the celebrations too and the excitement could barely be contained before our performance in the G. B. Robertson Hall. What a delicious array of cultural treats our ELC4 families brought; we would like to thank the Wallaby and Bandicoot parents for their support in providing morning tea.

Each class enthusiastically performed a chosen song for their parents and friends, and without fail they provided much entertainment for us all. You really notice the difference in confidence between the ELC3 and ELC4 boys this early in the year . That being said, we had some stand-out moments from both year levels! We would like to thank all of our ELC families for supporting such a wonderful week of celebrations.

The Easter Holiday Program for our Long Day Care boys will be placed in the boys’ lockers. We ask that you read through and return the attached form to either Bing Li or myself before the end of term next Thursday. A reminder that boys are required to wear sunscreen and hats during the Holiday Program and can attend in casual clothes. If you have any questions, please ask Bing.

We look forward to a jam-packed week before Easter.

Amelia Barrow
Director of the Early Learning Centre


Parenting Tip

Click here to view this week’s Parenting Tip: Understanding your child’s anxious behaviour using the ABC method


Teaching & Learning

Change your words … change your mindset!

The boys in 6 Investigator have been learning about a growth mindset and its links to Effective Learning.  As part of their discussions around the idea of being ‘ready to learn’, the boys identified the concept of growth mindset as an area requiring further inquiry. 

After watching some interesting videos about the difference between growth and fixed mindsets, the boys collaborated to come up with some definitions of growth mindset and ideas about why a growth mindset is important to them as learners.

One of the key intentions of learning about growth mindsets is for the boys to consider the language associated with a growth mindset approach to learning rather than a fixed mindset approach. The boys worked together to develop a set of fixed mindset statements that they have used in the past and then developed some alternative growth mindset statements that they intend to use in future.

For example:

“I made a mistake, I’m not good at this” versus “Mistakes are what help me learn”

“Is this good enough?” versus “Is this my best work?”

“Plan ‘A’ hasn’t worked” versus “Lucky there are 25 other letters in the alphabet”

“I’m so good at this” versus “I’m on the right track”

6 Investigator will continue to discuss and reflect on mindset over the course of the year, always coming back to the mantra:

No matter where a person is now, they can always improve with effort, good strategies and help!


Year 5 Camp Howqua

Throughout the boys’ journey at BGS, an exceptionally important and exciting element of their learning focuses on Outdoor Education. In Year 5, Camp Howqua provides students with four days of challenges that contribute significantly to each boy’s personal development.

The concept of ‘team’ is emphasised in many ways. Boys sleep together in small groups in bunkrooms, and the various outdoor activities they engage in require cooperation. In addition, for the first time for many boys, they experience the joy of camping out in a tent with a group of mates. During the campout, they are involved in food preparation, cooking (using Trangia stoves) and cleaning up. This is the first of many meals the boys will prepare during their BGS Outdoor Education journey.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone in a controlled and safe environment is also a feature of the camp. From the high-ropes course to the flying fox to the river ramble and the survivor course, all boys are challenged to be the best they can be. The support and encouragement that boys show each other while completing these activities is a key emphasis during the camp and an emerging sign of leadership among the cohort.

The boys’ action-packed stay is also designed to develop their organisational and listening skills. Even before the boys leave BGS on the bus, they are encouraged to be responsible for packing their bags.

Deep reflection and creativity are additional concepts incorporated into the program to further enhance the boys’ personal development.  A daily feature of the camp is a Circle Time during which the boys reflect on the group’s achievements and challenges. They returned having grown and been challenged – and having experienced a memorable four days at Camp Howqua.

For more on Teaching & Learning at BGS, visit Crowther Thinking.


Join the BGS Snowsports Team 2018 

Any boy who can ski or snowboard safely down a blue run is invited to join the BGS Snowsports team. The team will be competing at the 2018 Interschools Championships in the week of 20–26 August at Mt Buller. To register your interest or obtain more information, please call Jane Abbott on 0408 590 963.


It’s almost here – our new strength and conditioning centre

And we’re sharing it with you, the BGS community!

Exercise body AND mind in BGS’s cutting-edge facility due for completion mid-2018 

  • Exciting mix of small-group classes
  • Personalised training and wellbeing programs
  • Biometric and mindfulness technology
  • Expert, friendly staff
  • Affordable community rates
  • Easy bookings via our app

Click here to find out more and register your interest.