Ross Featherston

Headmaster, Brighton Grammar School

A favourite aspect of my job is ‘standing on the gate’ before and after school at Junior and Secondary Schools.

There are common elements across both Schools: the boys are always polite, always say hello, are open to a quick conversation and will make the necessary adjustments to their uniform upon seeing me.

However, a key difference is the consumption of food. I don’t think I can recall a Junior School boy coming to school and eating his breakfast. Yet in the Secondary School (particularly at St Andrew’s End), it is not uncommon for a senior student to come past me munching away.

As you would know a key quadrant of our Effective Learner Model is Learning Dispositions. We want our boys to be disposed to learning or, in other words, to be ready to learn, from the beginning of the school day.

It’s a well-worn adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and recent research from the University of NSW supports this, with specific reference to the role a good breakfast can play in academic achievement.

The Crowther Centre’s Nutrition Position Paper is a good start to help you encourage your son to make positive food choices on his own, with healthy nutrition tips.

Many of our boys have competing time pressures in the mornings such as music rehearsals and sports training which can lead to opting out of breakfast altogether or substituting it for a processed and sugary drink; however, I firmly believe that breakfast holds its place as the most important meal of the day.


Peter Tellefson

Deputy Headmaster, Head of Junior School

At BGS, we have a strong relationship and connection with our sister school Firbank Grammar. We have 54 boys in the Junior School who have a sister at Firbank and all boys from the ELC to Year 6 enjoy a range of shared opportunities and learning activities, visiting each other’s campus and developing life-long friendships.

In recent weeks our Prep to Year 2 boys have enjoyed a variety of activities, and our Year 6 boys debated the topics ‘that parents should provide their children with pocket money’ and ‘that graffiti should be considered art not vandalism with our friends from Turner House.

These positive interactions with girls are an important aspect in the development of boys and we greatly value the benefits of the collaboration between both schools. 

Over the last two weeks, our Year 6 boys and staff have enjoyed superb autumn weather in the Gippsland Lakes. Whilst on camp, our boys are certainly challenged, at times they are out of their comfort zone, but the support their classmates, the Year 11 Outdoor Education leaders and the staff provide is most rewarding to see. 

Activities including survivor course, bush walking, bike riding, night games, indigenous workshop, the night walk and games of Mork and Lantern Stalk are always great fun.

It’s remarkable to see our boys ‘ready to learn’ in the Outdoor Education environment with emphasis on important skills such as time management, being responsible for their own gear, supporting each other and developing their resilience.

I’ve been really impressed with the positive impact and interaction our Year 11 OEP leaders have had and seeing our buddy system playing out for our Year 6 boys.

Thank you to our Outdoor Education team, Brittany Richards, Carly West and Bianca Bell and our Year 6 Homeroom teachers, Rob Bater, Monica Le Couteur, Jamie Cooney and Henry Jenkins for their commitment and level of care given to our boys whilst on camp.

Wilson House Happenings & Reminders

  • It was great to see our ELC to Year 6 boys wearing casual clothes on Tuesday in support of our Creating Brighter Futures Annual Appeal. Thank you to all families for your support.
  • Our Junior School Instrumental and Choral Concert will be held on Tuesday 11 June, 7.00pm at St Andrew’s Church. Wilson House String Orchestra, Wilson House Concert Band, Training Strings, Training String Orchestra, Beginner Strings, Junior Percussion Ensemble, Wilson House Rock Band, Junior Voices, Junior Chamber Strings, Borwick House Choir and selected Year 6 soloists will be performing. Boys are to wear their full winter uniform and need to be seated in St Andrew’s by 6.30pm. Further details are available via the BGS App.
  • Our Prep – Year 2 boys look forward to hosting their Grandparents and Special Friends on the following dates from 9.45am to 10.40am;

Year 2 – Thursday 13 June

Year 1 – Friday 14 June

Prep – Thursday 20 June

  • Parking inspectors are actively patrolling the area. Please ensure you follow parking signs to avoid potential fines.

Student Achievements

  • Congratulations to the following boys from Prep – Year 6 who will be presented with Semester One Specialist Effort Cards at tomorrow’s assembly:

Visual Arts – Jack Lane, Hugh Donald, Rory Lawson, Jason Li, Oscar West, Harry Hassall, Beau Williams Bundy, Rentaro Otsuka, Eddie Sauerbrunn, Billie Ardlie

Japanese – Dara Pyrlis, Arkin Sharma, James Shumsky, Rocco Lambert, Liam Xu, Harry Peckham

Physical Education – Reuben Du Rieu, Leon Zhong, Tom Tsangari, James Angus, Charlie Mitchell, Ken Sorataworn, Oskar Tonar, Caleb Shen, Xander Ottley, Hugo Kvid, Zac Turton, Alex Alderton, Tom Salvo, Luca Rehder, Declan Gomes, Lachie Mylon, Freddie Siwka, Harry Shaw, Arki Lorden, Will Bracken

Religious Education – Noah Jewell, Dara Pyrlis, Oscar Voyage, Jamie Porter, Eddie Snowsill, Ken Sorataworn, Gus Donald, Sam Auditore, Loukas Pyrlis, Noah Kemal, William McConaghy, William Giddings, Thomas Leaman, Kane Corcoran, Nicholas Shumsky, Zane Mtenje, Chris Han, Jesse Welsh, Scott Bowen, Tim Tang

  • Best wishes to our Year 3-6 boys who will be representing BGS at the APS Divisional Cross Country next Wednesday. 

9/10 Year old – Will Kelly, James Forbes, Lawson Hollow, Jasper Morley, Gus Peckham, Hugo Kvid, Harry Hassall, Hamish Wilson, Jack Lane, Will McPherson

11 Year old – Zane Mtenje, Harvey Billings, Jack Bull, Billy Bannister, Ben Scales, Luca Rehder, Declan Gomes, Jack Keogh, Jack Tripis, Charlie Purbrick, Zac Khan

12/13 Year old – Leo Wang, Oliver Djurovitch, Harry Shaw, Jasper Mace, Evan Auden, Arki Lorden, Lachie Mylon, Felix Wilkins, Jack Cunnington, Max Rickel


Amelia Barrow

Director of the Early Learning Centre

Often, we talk about how our boys love a hands-on program in the ELC, but what are the specific benefits to this natural way of learning?

By providing a hands-on curriculum, the right side of the brain is stimulated through creativity and imagination and the left side of the brain through problem solving, spatial awareness, sorting and organising.

The boys are encouraged to multi-task through speaking, listening, touching and using their senses whilst exploring their environment in a fun playful way. We have our basic five senses of touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell; however, we also focus on balance, and body awareness.

When planning our indoor and outdoor programs, we enjoy hearing where the boys would like to lead their learning next. Their voice is integral when developing the curriculum and ensures their engagement is focused throughout the day.

This week the boys have continued to enjoy their busy days of learning whilst having fun along the way! Next week, we look forward to recognising Reconciliation Week as well as our class photos.

Parenting tips

Cultural Diversity 

Cultural diversity encompasses the variety of cultures, beliefs, and traditions present globally, contributing to a rich tapestry of human experiences and perspectives.

Nurturing an environment of curiosity, open-mindedness, and respect for all cultures, will not only promote unity but a deeper appreciation of the nuances that distinguish us. When children feel seen and valued for who they are, they can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

In this edition of SchoolTV, learn how best to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity with your children.

Olivia Tims
Junior School Psychologist


JPG News

End of Term Lunch

The JPG will again be offering an end of term lunch for the ELC and Junior School boys on Friday 21 June 2024. Lunch will include a sausage in a bun, apple juice and a chocolate treat for $10 (extra sausage $3).

Orders are available through Flexischools and must be placed by no later than Friday 14 June 2024 at 5.00pm – no late orders will be accepted. Regular canteen ordering will not be available on this day.

Crowther Seating Unveiling

The 2023 Annual Appeal initiative, the Crowther Seating development, is now complete.

The BGS community including students, sports teams and supporters are now taking full advantage of the new space. A great opportunity to see it in action will be when our First XVIII plays against Scotch College on Saturday 1 June from 2.00pm. 

We especially invite our donors to come and see the result of your combined support.

Thank you to our 2023 Appeal supporters for helping us to bring this redevelopment to life!


Diary Dates

  • Monday 27 May Junior School Class Photographs
  • Monday 10 June King's Birthday Public Holiday
  • Tuesday 11 June JS Choral & Instrumental Concert
  • Thursday 13 June Year 2 Grandparents & Special Friends morning
  • Friday 14 June Year 1 Grandparents & Special Friends morning
  • Thursday 20 June Prep Grandparents & Special Friends morning

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