A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

The term that was

It is often said that time flies when you’re having fun – and there’s no doubt this term has flown by. Much has been achieved across the whole School and it is most pleasing to see all of our boys striving to get the most out of themselves in the classroom, on the stage, in the outdoors, in the playground and on the sporting field.

The upcoming holiday break presents us all with an opportunity to slow down, draw breath and spend some time together. Here are two things I’d ask you to consider.

First, spend some time with your son/s reflecting on his academic progress, whether he is in ELC, Prep, Year 12 or somewhere in between. The focus of this reflection should largely be on the processes and effort that he is putting into his school work, and how he is developing into an Effective Learner. Results, outcomes and progress are obviously important; however, we must attend to the processes and effort that is required to become an Effective Learner, and that will in turn lead him to achieve those results, outcomes and progress.

Second, please do make the space to spend some quality time with your son/s – and daughter/s, of course! We know that our children would like us to spend more time with them. Holidays present an opportunity to do just that.

Finally, I thank you for your ongoing support and commitment. I wish all in the BGS community a great break and I look forward to seeing the boys back in fine fettle on Tuesday 17 April.


From the Head of Junior School – Peter Tellefson

It is hard to believe Term 1 has come to an end.  I wish to thank all boys, staff and parents who have contributed so much to ensure a successful start to the year. I appreciate the commitment of our staff to providing your son with many positive learning experiences this term. The Junior School is certainly a busy learning community for boys, staff and parents. Our boys are fortunate to be provided with such a variety of learning experiences.

No doubt, boys and staff alike are looking forward to the two-week holiday. Best wishes to all families for the break, and may the blessings of Easter be with you. A special mention to our St Andrew’s Choristers, who have a significant commitment throughout the Holy Week celebrations.

I am grateful for the continued support of parents in recent weeks, during weekly assemblies, Outdoor Education sessions, Year 3 Training Strings, fathers’ breakfasts, THRASS workshops, various sports competitions, lunchtime music concerts and the Effective Learner Model Workshops with the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Crowther, Dr Ray Swann.  It is great to see you continuing to avail yourselves of these opportunities to increase your engagement in your son’s education here at Brighton Grammar.


Junior School Happenings and Reminders

  • Thank you to all boys and families from ELC to Year 6 who kindly donated Easter eggs for our raffle. Wilson House has made a significant donation to Mackillop Family Services, who will distribute Easter eggs to less fortunate children in our community. I am sure our generosity will bring a smile to many faces on Easter Sunday. Thank you to Dr Eva Aschman for her coordination and to our ELC mums for their time in wrapping the prizes and organising the raffle.
  • From the commencement of Term 2, all boys from ELC to Year 6 are expected to wear the winter uniform. Prep to Year 6 boys have the option of wearing blue shorts or blue trousers, except on formal occasions, when they are required to wear the shorts. The long-sleeved, pin-striped shirt is to be worn with the BGS tie, blazer and jumper (optional).
  • On Friday 11 May from 8.30am, all Prep to Year 6 mums are invited to a Mothers’ Day Celebration. Please join your sons in various classroom activities and then come to a Mothers’ Day Service at St Andrew’s Church. This will be a wonderful opportunity to express our appreciation to our mums. The special morning together will conclude at approximately 10.30am. A slideshow featuring photos of boys and their mothers will be shown during the church service; mothers are encouraged to email their favourite mother and son/s photos to jsadmin@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au by Tuesday 24 April.


Student Achivements

Congratulations to the following Prep–Year 6 boys who received end-of-term Effort Cards:

Prep Fivedale – Evan Liu, Miles Neatnica, Henry Zhang

Prep Kurrajong – Scott Bowen, Tom Cozens, Henry Spring

1 Banksia – Thomas Black, Shya Harvey, Gabe Zhang

1 Heath – Caleb Arceri, Bertie Brougham, Jaiden Stokie

2 Acacia – Matthew Keenan, Shuta Kobayashi, Hudson Vassallo

2 Waratah – Lachlan Dever, Lucas Judah, Alex Woolf

3 Burke – Ethan Davis, John Haralambakis, Nicholas Galinas

3 Wills – Henry Barber, Jack Epstein, Ben Louw

4 Bass – James Crewdson, Luke Ferdinands, Deacon Salis

4 Cook – Matvey Kononchuk, Jack Pollock, Flynn Quill

4 Flinders – Kai Ballantyne, Will Saadie, Kenneth Yeung

5 Argyle – Sebastian Naccarella, Will O’Leary, Isaac Pels

5 Melville – Bailey Mulhall, Huw Thomas, Andrew Zhang

5 Scott – Harry Heaselgrave, Charlie Sabin, Frank Wu

5 Zachariah – Lachlan Avats, Cooper Ballantine, Josh Fletcher

6 Discovery – Sam Fanning, Lenny Hofmann, William Yang

6 Endeavour –Oskar Andersen, Tuur Craps, Nicky Robertson

6 Investigator – Gus Calder, Lachlan Lewis, Elden Zeng

6 Resolution – Lucas Hiscock, Angus Roberts, Lachie St Leger

Wilson House Award – Sam Trainor 


Easter Celebrations in the Early Learning Centre

This week has been a flurry of excitement in the ELC with our Easter celebrations. We began the week with our Buddy Easter egg hunts, where the big boys secretly hid 100 eggs throughout the garden or classroom, then excitedly greeted our boys with the news: “The Easter Bunny has been!” The boys’ beaming faces lit up the Centre as they scurried around trying to collect all the eggs. Once we had shared them out evenly, the boys placed them in their baskets ready to take home for a treat. What a wonderful start to the week!

On Tuesday, the ELC boys were invited to visit St Andrew’s Church to see the Easter decorations and discuss the meaning behind Easter. We were greeted by lots of smiling faces as the Secondary School was hosting their weekly chapel service. The ELC boys were so proud, pointing out their matching uniforms and waving as they processed between the palm fronds. We found a quiet spot to sit and hear the closing words from our Headmaster, Mr Featherston. We then made our way to the front pews to meet Father Poole, who talked about the special pictures in the church that tell stories from a long time ago.

Father Poole showed us his special church clothing and gowns, which had different meanings and purposes. We even saw one that looked like Superman’s cape and had the Brighton Grammar emblem on the back! The boys shared with Father Poole their knowledge of Easter and why we use eggs to symbolise life. It was lovely to hear their simple thoughts and also quite advanced explanations shared from home. As we walked back to the ELC, we could hear the boys chatting away, sharing their fascination in the “big building called Church”. Some of them decided that they might even take their mums there to see it! It reminds us how lucky we are to be a single-campus school with everything close by.

This morning we hosted our Easter Bonnet celebrations. The boys proudly shared their creations (which I’m sure some parents had a hand in!) with each other and their Buddies. We walked through the Junior School and paraded through any open doors that would welcome us. A big thank you for your support in creating such wonderful Easter bonnets.

On behalf of the ELC staff, we would like to wish all of our families a happy and peaceful Easter break. We look forward to an exciting Term 2, full of new experiences and learning.

Amelia Barrow
Director of the Early Learning Centre


Parenting Tip

Click here to view this week’s Parenting Tip: Helping children achieve sustained school success


Teaching & Learning

Year 3/4 Swimming Friendly at St Kevin’s College

The Swimming exchange between Brighton Grammar and St Kevin’s College was held last Friday 23 March at the St Kevin’s College Senior School indoor pool. All boys in Year 3 and 4 swam 25 metres of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, with butterfly being optional. The meet concluded with freestyle relays, contested by the stronger swimmers from each school.

Boys gained valuable experience for their future APS Sport in Years 5 and 6 in a friendly and fun atmosphere, with both schools displaying good sportsmanship.

The sporting exchanges that occur between BGS and St Kevin’s College each term promote and reinforce the strong relationship between our schools.

‘Arcadia Winds’

Years 5 and 6 boys attended a live Musica Viva performance by the ensemble Arcadia Winds on 19 March. Arcadia Winds is a nationally renowned woodwind trio, consisting of a clarinet, bassoon and flute. The performance was entitled ‘The Air I Breathe’ and the musicians conjured up many stories, teaching the boys how to master their breath and use it as a creative, joyful and affirming force. The boys have been studying their performance pieces, learning about graphic notation, soundscaping, form, music analysis and extended techniques on instruments. Woodwind students were lucky enough to spend extra time with the musicians after the concert. Afterwards, boys reflected on certain aspects of the concert, including their favourite parts –

Harry D – “I liked when they played the piece ‘Rain’ as it had sounds that I have never heard before”

Harry H – “I loved how they didn’t just play; they talked to us and taught us things”

Cooper – “When they were making funny noises with their instruments”

Charlie – “When Kieran played ‘The Great Train Race’ because it actually sounded like a train”

Luke – “The deeper they breathed, the louder the sound came out”

Lucas – “When they played ‘The Great Train Race’ and used extended techniques such as flutter tonguing, multiphonics and talking into the instrument”

Oscar – “When the bassoon and flute were having an argument”

Religious Education

In Religious Education classes leading up to Easter, we have looked at the journey Jesus took from the time he spent in the Wilderness and his entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, to the Last Supper with his disciples, Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday. We have considered Lent as a season where we reflect on Easter as a period for giving and sharing of our time and energy, and also for tuning into the needs of others. We have contemplated ways that we can each become Good Shepherds to each other, supporting and encouraging one another by being of service.

We have also learned that Easter is about love and new beginnings. The heart of the Easter message is about fresh starts and second chances. It is about forgiving ourselves and others when we make mistakes. We have read the stories of Jesus being a servant king, when he humbly sought to serve and put the needs of others ahead of his own.

Our activities in class have been based on the theme of Easter in the form of worksheets, sharing time or arts and crafts. Chapel messages, readings and songs have also reflected and focussed on the seasons of Lent and Easter. Our final Chapel service is the Prep–Year 6 Easter service with our Buddies today. We are also making Easter cards to take home to give to our family and friends.

The Beginner Strings

Some very excited string players from Year 4, who have recently commenced their studies on violin, viola or cello, have united to form a wonderful beginner instrumental ensemble known as the Beginner Strings. Mrs Oskolkov, the ensemble director, leads this group using her instrument rather than a baton. Using a rote method of learning, the boys are taught unison pieces with a focus on aural and memory development.

The ensemble is supported by the boys’ small-group lessons in the Year 4 String Program, where postural foundations and notational reading are key skills. When they come together as an ensemble, their repertoire from Vamoosh Book 1 is consolidated and refined. In addition, other important ensemble skills are experienced, including:

  • Experiential learning – boys get to put their technical and musicianship skills into a practical and ensemble context. They develop their understanding of why technique and musicianship skills are key to improving their instrumental performance.
  • Social and emotional wellbeing – Boys learn from and with one another, sharing the joy of making music together.
  • Teamwork – boys learn to listen and communicate non-verbally with each other to create music as a team, learning balance, intonation, rhythm and performance etiquette.
  • Organisational skills – boys recognise that they need to learn their part, arrive on time for rehearsals, help to arrange equipment, and be ready to perform.
  • And most of all, having fun!

For more on Teaching & Learning at BGS, visit Crowther Thinking.


Not going away these holidays?

Keeping the kids entertained during school holidays can be stressful and expensive.  Sibling rivalry comes to a head, there is often too much alone time and children can be resistant to spending time with grandparents or an available person. So, to help with this, these holidays we return with a number of our regular holiday programs, and some new ones.  Our new programs include an entrepreneur program for 9-14 year olds (Lemonade Stand for Entrepreneurs), and a coding camp where you can build an app for 7 to 13 year olds (Code Camp). For more information about our upcoming holiday program, view the flyer for links or see the Share website www.share.vic.edu.au

We are always happy to take new suggestions for programs too. If you have an idea for a program to run at our school, please contact Sonia Wagner, swagner@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au


The Melbourne Welsh Male Choir

Returning by popular demand to St Andrew’s (flyer here)

Sunday 22 April 2018 at 2.30pm.

Click here for tickets.

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Save the Date – Bright Lights, Big City Gala Ball – Friday 7 September 2018