A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go’. So wrote Dr Seuss from Oh, the Places You’ll Go.

Many thanks to all in our community who have helped make 2019 an excellent year for BGS. So much has been achieved this year, both inside and outside of the classroom, and I believe we can all look back on the school year that was with justified pride.

While the 2020 school year seems some way away, it will be a year filled with much promise. We will continue to focus on what is important to us now, but there are a number of very exciting developments in store that I look forward to sharing with you in the first half of 2020.

The holidays now beckon and, in channelling Dr Seuss, I urge you to encourage your son to read a book or two over the summer break. Reading is such a joy and does impact positively on other academic domains such as writing, but it can be difficult to sustain, particularly as boys get older. To get your son into a book, Pamela Paul, co-author of How to Raise a Reader, offers the following ideas

I wish you, your families and all in the BGS community a happy, safe and Holy Christmas and a great start to 2020. Your support of BGS this year is much appreciated and I look forward to seeing you again in the new school year.


From the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Junior School – Peter Tellefson

The Year 6 boys thoroughly enjoyed their formal sit-down farewell lunch on Wednesday. A number of speeches were made in appreciation of the year to classmates, staff and parents. Thank you to Monique Brougham for her co-ordination, to the many mums who assisted, and to the Year 6 teachers for their support. 

As I write the final newsletter for 2019, the time between our first few weeks of settling into the new school year and its final weeks seems so short. It only seems like yesterday that we were welcoming boys, families and staff to the start of the school year. The growth of our boys over the last 12 months is a celebration on so many levels.  Thank you to the boys for their wonderful contributions, to the staff for their commitment, encouragement and concern for the boys in their care, and to all parents for their continued support and generosity. We have every reason to be proud of the progress of the boys this year and the Christmas Pageants, Carol Services and Speech Night were all wonderful opportunities to celebrate and recognise their achievements.  May the blessings of Christmas bring joy in every house. 


From the Director of the Early Learning Centre – Amelia Barrow

Tinsel and lights lead us to Bethlehem

What a beautiful way to end the school year with our wonderful ELC Christmas pageant today. The boys shone even brighter than the set. We are so proud of the boys’ performances and, although a little star struck and overwhelmed by the day, they did an amazing job. Read report

On behalf of all of the ELC staff, thank you for your ongoing support and trust in our ability to nurture and guide the youngest boys in the School. We wish you a safe and happy festive season and look forward to our 2020 adventures.


Teaching & Learning

Year 6 Billy Cart Cup

Throughout the Junior School, the boys work towards developing their design technology skills to build a billy cart in Year 6 which they race in the Billy Cart Cup. 

Under the guidance of Bill Gibney and Laura Hall, the boys research billy carts and then create a scale model which they make out of balsa wood and corks.  After this initial design phase, the boys begin to develop a full size prototype, which they can ultimately race in the cup. See full article.

Rob Bater 
Year 6 Classroom teacher

Lower Primary Christmas Pageant

A highlight of the yearly calendar is without doubt the Prep–Year 2 Pageant, and this year’s performance was certainly no exception. Throughout Term 4, boys and teachers worked hard to learn lines, perfect dance moves and sharpen their knowledge of Christmas Carols.

This year’s performance was a rendition of the Christmas story, told from the perspective of the barnyard animals.  The audience was treated to a rap from the Rockin’ Roosters to serenade from our Prep Angels. Year 2s lead the charge doing a spectacular job in both the main acting roles and narrating the story.

A huge thanks to the many parents who assisted with costumes, in particular Megan Ryan and Harriet Heath. The pageant is a celebration of a wonderful year in Lower Primary. We wish all Lower Primary families a safe holiday and Merry Christmas.

Samara Madden
Lower Primary Coordinator


This week’s Parenting Tip 

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JPG News

Save the Date:  Junior School Ball – Friday 28 August 2020, River Room Crown Casino

The JPG thanks the Junior School community for its support in 2019.  We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 



Dates for the Diary

  • Friday 6 December Last day of Term 4
  • Thursday 30 January Term 1 begins