A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

What does is mean to be an Anglican School?

Dr Crowther founded BGS on 14 February, 1882 on three ‘pillars’ that remain in place today: single campus, boys and Anglican. With reference to our third ‘pillar’, it was with interest that I, along with our two Chaplains, attended the annual Anglican Schools Australia (ASA) Conference in Hobart late last week and across the weekend.

We are fortunate to have a deep and meaningful relationship with St Andrew’s Church, two excellent Chaplains in Fr Tony and Fr Chester, a strong and regular worship program across both Junior and Secondary School and an excellent Community Service program. In our Crowther Centre news this week, Dr Ray Swann highlights the importance of fostering a school culture that embraces all aspects of learning including spiritual.

However, a challenge remains for us to promote, enhance and ultimately live our Anglican and Christian identity, particularly in an ever-increasing secular world. This challenge was enunciated at the ASA Conference exceptionally well by the Reverend Dr Daniel Heischman, who provided delegates with a discussion paper of ‘who we are as an Anglican School’ that included six themes: faith, reason, worship, pluralism, character and service. While there are many aspects to what goes on at BGS, it is important to be mindful of the important and central role that the third ‘pillar’ plays in the life of our School.

Have a good week and please remember that this weekend is our mid-term break and the School will be closed on Monday.


From the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Secondary School  – Dr Rachel Horton

The weather seems to be on everyone’s mind at the moment and with our Year 10 students all over the Oceania region and beyond, our Outdoor Education staff are being as vigilant as ever to ensure their safety and enjoyment of their World Class Journeys. For those of you who follow BGS on Instagram (and I would highly recommend it), you will have seen the amazing photos. The landscapes are stunning and the boys all look to be having wonderful experiences. 

From some of our younger students, the Middle Years Production of Mary Poppins Jr. last week was absolutely fantastic. It was cheerful, upbeat and full of humour with confident and impressive performances from all participants; certainly a sunny highlight in a gloomy week.

Finally, at this time of year when the weather can be inclement and many of our boys are being driven to school, could I remind parents to be cautious; particularly on Allee Street in front of the Urwin Centre and on New Street at the St Andrew’s end of the School. Student safety is our primary concern so please be vigilant when driving and pulling back out into traffic. It is worth noting that there are limited drop-off spots and a number of parking and waiting restrictions apply. Although it may add a little time to your day, please do pay attention to these signs to avoid receiving a fine.


Year 10 Art

As part of the Art curriculum, our Year 10 Art class has worked closely this year with artists working in industry. Kyle from Brightside worked with the boys on skate decks, developing their knowledge and appreciation for contemporary Street Art and Culture.

We were also fortunate to have Ash Hoar, artist and BGS old boy (2016), work with the boys on developing an in-house mural. Ash shared his knowledge and experience in establishing himself in the industry with works ranging from intricate residential features to artwork on the newly added Sleepbus, providing a safe place to sleep for Melbourne’s homeless.

The Year 10 Art course provides students with real life learning opportunities. Students develop an understanding of the creative process from proposal, to concept generation, all the way through to final product. Students are challenged with new technical skills and the need to communicate effectively within a tight timeline.

Simone Lewis
Creative Design and Technology Teacher


Debating Season Report

The season saw team Brighton Grammar 3 finish with only one loss, along with Brighton Grammar 1 losing only two rounds. The spread of best speakers was very even throughout all of the teams, demonstrating the depth of the Brighton Grammar debating program. Almost half of all B grade debaters were able to receive a best speaker award, emphasising the strength of all Brighton Grammar debating teams.

This year’s DAV debating competition provided great experience for all B grade (Year 11) debating teams, providing an opportunity to practise both prepared debates and impromptu debating skills. In the early rounds of the year, teams were able to work on debating skills of pre-determined topics, producing comprehensive analysis of each subject and refining team and individual skills. The last two rounds of the season saw the reintroduction of impromptu debate formats. In this format, the debaters were able to work on their impromptu skills, receiving the topic only one hour before the argument was to begin. In these debates all speakers were not allowed to research using any electronic materials or receive any materials during the debate preparation, forcing teams to think creatively and strategically.

Overall, the season has yielded some great results and learning experiences. Many thanks to Ms Piva and Miss Zekiri for their efforts in coordinating and running the meetings throughout the year.

Best speaker awards: Charlie Durkin (3), Thomas Barlabas (1), Max McLachlan (1), Liam Konidaris (1), Sam Banfield (1) and Andrew Wang (1)

Charlie Durkin
Year 11


Farewell Mary Poppins Jr. 

Last week the Middle Years Production of Mary Poppins Jr. came to a close. In a massive week, the students performed to three packed audiences and also an audience of primary school students. It was a monumental effort for all of those involved and the personal growth seen in the students involved was inspiring.

Michael Kent
Head of Drama Curriculum and School Productions (Years 7–12)


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