A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

Welcome back to Term 2. The mode of learning may look a little different this term but our basic premise as experienced educators remains the same – to engage with the boys and help them become effective learners.

A priority this term is to promote connectedness with the boys and with each other, encouraging our boys to be ready to learn. Our staff, led by Dr Ray Swann, have worked tirelessly over the holiday break to refine our Distance Learning curriculum. You can learn more at Crowther Centre news.

How you can help is to work with your son so that he is ready to learn at the start of each school day, by having his laptop, books and resources on hand, being logged in to the School network and by establishing a good work from home routine. All the information he needs is available on The Hub (Secondary School) and via his Year Level blog (Junior School).

As well as the boys’ academic commitments, we are keen to promote their creativity this term so they have productive time offline and can engage with their student voice.

I am confident in the boys’ ability to rise to the challenges and adapt to changes that once seemed improbable. This can be their time to shine, to show their resilience and determination to work with their teachers to achieve the best outcomes.

I look forward to a productive term for boys and staff. Look after yourself and each other.


A Word from the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Secondary School – Dr Rachel Horton

A very warm welcome back to Term 2. I do hope that all of our families had a safe and peaceful Easter and found a way to have some fun together, despite the challenging circumstances. Our staff have worked hard to plan for this term and were looking forward to welcoming the boys back to school in a virtual sense this morning.

The day started with an extended pastoral period where tutors explained how this term would work for boys and reminded them of options for support. These twice daily pastoral check-ins will form the backbone of our pastoral support this term. Heads of House/Year also ‘dropped by’ tutor groups to welcome the boys back.

At a time when our boys are at risk of becoming disconnected from their peers and are missing many of the activities they love, our distance Co-curricular program will be crucial to motivate and engage them. Boys do not need to feel constrained by previous co-curricular choices so please do encourage them to get involved with anything that interests them on The Oak page of the Hub.

At the end of last term, I talked with our School Captain, Jack Clarkson via Zoom on his experiences with distance learning and you can watch our video conversation below.

Please, as always, keep lines of communication with the School open. We look forward to supporting you and your boys through what will be a challenging term in many respects but I have no doubt will also be a very rewarding and successful one.



Ready to Learn

It’s been a big day, as school resumes for Term 2.

While it’s a change of scenery, it’s good to see these boys back in ‘class’ and Ready to Learn! ​



A Message from St Andrew’s Church