A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

As a challenging but rewarding Term 3 comes to an end, there is renewed optimism in the air as we plan for Term 4 when we can start to, hopefully, welcome the boys and staff back to school.

In a change to our school calendar, Term 4 will begin on Monday 5 October, originally scheduled as a staff PL day, to optimise the boys’ learning time. VCE students will return to school for essential assessments during the week, including the GAT on Wednesday 7 October.

Our ELC 3–4 students will return to school for on-site teaching and learning from Monday 5 October.

The proposed timeline is for Prep–Year 2 and Years 10–12 students to return on-site on Monday 12 October, and for Years 3–6 and Years 7–9 students to return on-site on Monday 26 October. We are monitoring government advice daily and I will communicate with you again in the second week of the holidays with further information.

These next two weeks will allow boys to have a break from the daily routine and demands of school and for you all to have some family time together. Once again, we are offering Crowther’s Corner as an online resource for activities and ideas, both on and offline, for boys and families.

My thanks to the boys, and our teaching staff, for their collective hard work and positivity throughout the term and Distance Learning 3.0.

Happy holidays, stay safe and well.


A Word from the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Secondary School – Dr Rachel Horton  

As we finish Term 3, I would like to thank all of our parents and guardians for their ongoing support of the School, and in particular for the appreciation so many of you regularly show our staff.

While this term break will be different to anything we have experienced so far, I hope that all of our boys are able to take some time away from their screens, to refresh and perhaps to create some adventures in their own back yards.

We will finish the term tomorrow with an assembly where we will announce our Probationary Prefects for 2021. These young men have been through a significant process, involving both peer and staff support and interviews. The standard of nominations this year was very high and everyone involved in the process should be congratulated. Keep an eye on social media posts tomorrow to find out which students have been appointed.

Looking forward, I am hopeful that COVID-19 cases in Melbourne continue to drop and we look forward to welcoming all of our boys back on-site as permitted next term. I will be in touch with all parents in due course regarding the arrangements for this.


Distance Learning House Cup

This term has seen the Year 7 boys take part in a Distance Learning House Cup and Hancock is the house to beat.

The boys have participated in weekly challenges, with every entry earning a point for their House and an overall winner being crowned in an action packed Year Level Meeting each Thursday. The challenges have varied from creating a house of cards to filming their best trick shot, with the final challenge involving boys filming what they are grateful for, in a nod to the #dismoment movement.

The competition that has been generated amongst the six Houses has been a highlight of the term, and with four Houses still in the running to take out the House Cup, it has been an exciting last week. A special mention to the House Tutors who have also involved themselves in the weekly challenges and embraced the friendly competition. 

Christian Neeson
Director of Co-curricular


HWPE Week 

This week is HWPE Week, with the boys and many of the staff joining in different activities designed to encourage everyone to get active.

The boys finished the term with a focus on a healthy lifestyle, participated in training sessions and created videos on the benefits of being physically active, while also sharing diet and nutrition advice with their families. There was also an exercise bingo card with session contributions from a number of staff for the boys to accumulate a variety of different physical activity sessions over the week.

Staff also got involved by choosing to take part in a HIIT training session, yoga or a gentle walk. Stay safe and keep active!

Peter Whitehead
Head of Faculty – Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing


House Chess

This year House Chess was fought out over five days with some 90 competitors from Years 7-12 battling it out for House supremacy. Crowther finished on top, followed by Rofe in second place, Hancock third, Armstrong fourth and School and Dixon equal fifth place.

It wasn’t the usual Tower Wing classroom competition, but the ability to check in, play in a breakroom with someone you don’t usually see and at the same time contribute to your House was a relief for students and teachers.

Chess Club operates every Friday lunchtime via Zoom and is great way to catch up with friends or meet new ones.

Christian Neeson
Director of Co-curricular

I really enjoyed playing House Chess due to the House spirit that all participants gave throughout the event. For myself, it was great way to teach younger players how to play online and a great way to beat the social isolation of lockdown. You can play anyone you want, anytime, at any location.

Playing chess online is in many ways the future of chess. If nothing else, apart from the fun atmosphere of the House competition, it has also created the potential for younger kids to step up to get involved with the Chess Club and potentially use the opportunity to qualify Brighton Grammar School for the nationals for many years to come. It would be great in the future to see BGS defeat schools such as Melbourne High and Balwyn High, which have always been very good academically and at chess.     

Edward Forster
Captain of Chess 2020

Over the course of two weeks, participants in the BGS House Chess tournament played five times, once against each rivalling House. My experience may not have been as thrilling as others, due to several walkovers, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the event, improving my chess skills and House spirit.

Since this tournament was the most recent exposure I have had to House events, it has opened my mind to try other activities with fellow Housemates, as it has been an incredibly enjoyable experience. I would recommend others to participate in competitions they are already comfortable in, as it would provide a much more positive outlook on future events.

Christopher Chhour
Year 8 Crowther


Self-care is any activity you enjoy doing to take care of your body and mind. It helps to recharge us physically, mentally, and emotionally, and allows us to deal with the stressors in life more effectively. Self-care is always important; however, it is vital during periods of stress and uncertainty, which can deplete our reserves.

Busy schedules are sometimes a barrier to self-care, so the school holiday break can be a good time to focus on taking care of your wellbeing and establish self-care habits. Read more about the benefits of self-care, ideas for activities, and strategies to make it part of your family’s routine. 

Jacqui Ormsby 
Secondary School Psychologist (Years 7–8)

Ross Williamson Scholarship 2020

The Ross Williamson Scholarship, provided and subsidised by the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, is a short term bursary for boys whose parent/s are experiencing temporary financial hardship.

The scholarship is open to boys 13 years and over, who are baptised members of the Anglican Church and whose parents are in need of financial assistance to provide for their son’s education at an Anglican Grammar School in Melbourne or suburbs.

If you are interested in applying, please complete the application form and send to the registrar (marked Confidential: Ross Williamson scholarship) by 30 September 2020.


Diary Dates

  • Thursday 17 September Year 12 Parent Webinar
  • Friday 18 September Last Day of Term 3
  • Monday 5 October First Day of Term 4