A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

It seems a tradition now that we close out Term 3 by participating in Connor’s Run. Now in its seventh year, it was again a pleasure for BGS to be involved in this remarkable charity fun run last Sunday, helping to raise funds for the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation’s support of brain matters.

As always with Term 3, it has been a busy, challenging and successful 10 weeks across the whole school. Whether it was the ELC boys celebrating Book Week and Pyjama Day, or the Year 12s completing four hours of study at school at Saturday Syndicate sessions, the diversity of activity across this term has been extraordinary. At an individual level, I hope each BGS boy has progressed this term academically, socially, spiritually and personally.

I thank everyone in the BGS community for the completed term and I wish everyone a safe and restful term break. I look forward to welcoming the boys back on Tuesday 8 October.


A Word from the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Secondary School Dr Rachel Horton

‘A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor’ is one of my favourite quotes because truthfully, challenging yourself, regardless of the outcome, does lead to personal growth. Challenge has been a recurring theme over the last week or so at BGS as I have witnessed both students and staff stretching themselves on many different fronts. Last week, in the Grampians, I had the pleasure of joining the Year 8 students of Hancock House in abseiling and climbing. I was impressed, not only with their determination to conquer different climbs, but also by the courage several boys displayed at the top of an extremely confronting 60m abseil. The skills they had learnt were also impressive, so much so that I took two boys up on their offer to belay me while I had a quick climb.  

Last weekend saw huge numbers of boys, staff and the extended BGS community challenging themselves to run, walk or volunteer at Connor’s Run. What, on face value, was a cold, windy and slightly wet day, was full of cheer and enthusiasm, all in support of this most worthwhile cause to raise what I believe was a record breaking total this year.

The probationary prefects for 2020 will be announced at final assembly on Friday morning, with the final day of school seeing another challenge for the outgoing prefects – the annual BGS/FGS Prefect netball match which is sure to provide a highly entertaining end to the term. The boys have been practising under the expert guidance of Amy Atchison, with the goal of beating Firbank, a feat not achieved since 2016.

Personally, I am slightly nervous about the start of the mid-semester break. On Saturday I will be living my values and challenging myself, alongside Pearson Grant, Oliver Disney (both in Year 10), and Christian Machar, to run the Surf Coast Century, a 100k trail ultramarathon. We will race in teams of two, completing 50k each and raising a small amount of money to support the RCD Foundation.

I would like to finish by wishing you all a safe and happy break with your sons, possibly with an element of challenge!


A Word from the Captain of School – Noah McGrath

Unlock the Dance. A concept that can be interpreted, viewed and judged very differently among everyone within the Tonners family. This is why it is so powerful.

Upon reflection, I view ‘Unlock the Dance’ as an opportunity, a chance, an experience, in order to achieve and strive for your potential and better improve yourself as an individual, but also as a cohesive group in the community of Brighton Grammar. However, the legacy project of BGS for 2019 means so much more than simply this. For me, it represents making the moments matter throughout your schooling journey, embracing new opportunities, trying new things and learning and growing as an individual.

Photo credit: Will Fearn (Year 8)

Thinking about the significance of this catchy phrase really resonates with me as I reminisce on my time at BGS, as the class of 2019, and as my time at the school is quickly coming to an end. This phrase has formed a goal for me, along with my academics and my sport, as an opportunity to have no regrets, and by doing this, I aim to leave the school in a better place than it was prior.


Ute Full of Food

Ute Full of Food is a term-based service opportunity that the entire school takes part in. Students donate non-perishable items to St Mark’s, which is an old church with a community hall where less fortunate people can eat a well-balanced meal or have access to basic necessities. In the days leading up to the donation this term, students dropped off food at designated areas around the campus. On Friday morning, the food was collected, put on a bus, and I and eight other boys helped deliver the items to St Mark’s. We categorised, then shelved every item; an estimated $4000 worth of food was donated, which is an outstanding contribution.  

I’ve been lucky to be a part of four Ute Full of Food opportunities and each time I am astonished at the impact Brighton Grammar has on St Mark’s by filling the shelves with food. Ute Full of Food allows students to see the bigger picture; it acknowledges the entire process of a single donation and the difference one donation can make to a person’s life. 

Maxim Christodoulou
Year 11


Year 8 Gariwerd Journey

Over the past few weeks, the Year 8 boys have been completing some challenging but rewarding experiences in the mountainous terrain of the Grampians National Park, also known as Gariwerd.

The Gariwerd experience is an important segue that links the Year 7 and Year 9 programs by increasing the level of independence and challenge required of the boys. Activities include mountain biking, hiking, abseiling and rock climbing.

The aims are for the boys to develop stronger outdoor living and travel skills, experience teamwork in their houses, and a greater sense of place and comfort in the outdoors. The boys carried everything they needed to keep themselves comfortable along their journey around the Northern Grampians; living and working in small groups and adopting a roster of responsibilities to manage themselves and their group.

A focus on character strengths throughout the week also encouraged the boys to optimise both individual and group traits and promote personal growth and resilience. It was wonderful to observe the boys working cooperatively within their respective groups and supporting each other.

The boys of all houses should be congratulated on their efforts and an enormous thank you to the staff for their time and passion and especially to our OELP Year 11 students: Dom Frederico, Ben Green, Spencer Wood, Henry Hayman and Sam Fitzgerald who added such immense value to the Year 8 experience by sharing their own.

Peter Furey, Katie White and Nathan O’Malley
Year 8 Heads of House and Assistant Head of Outdoor Education


HPE Week

This week is Health and PE Week across the Secondary School. Students have enhanced not only their physical health, but also their mental, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The boys took part in Touch Rugby, Soccer, Crossfit Games, Tug of War, the ‘BGS Gift’ and a tutor group quiz, all in the name of House Spirit. Libraries at both Urwin Cente and St Andrew’s end have highlighted health-related texts, along with offering puzzles and games.

Results and reports next term.

Health, PE and Wellbeing Faculty


Mathematics Awards

Matthew Barwood (Year 8), Malachi Bakker (Year 8), and Eric Chen (Year 9) all received awards for their excellent submissions in the recent University of Melbourne Mathematics competition.  The boys had to solve a selection of problems over a two or three hour period (the duration depended on the year level). 

Malachi and Eric, along with James Tan (Year 7), are to be commended for  winning prizes by being placed in the top 0.3% of Victoria at the recent Australian Mathematics Competition. The boys were challenged with 30 problems to be solved in 75 minutes. Congratulations also to the 10 boys in the Secondary School who received High Distinctions; certificates will be distributed later in the year.


Dates for the diary

  • Thursday 19 September BGS Pink Dinner is TONIGHT! Have fun!
  • Tuesday 8 October Term 4 commences