A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

Every Sunday morning, my iPhone reminds me how much screen time I have had that previous week. To be honest, I sometimes find the numbers on that reminder a little surprising!

My view is well known that we (as parents and as a school) have an obligation to do what we can to ensure the online world our children and students inhabit is a safe one. BGS has partnered with Family Zone as part of our ongoing commitment to encourage our Secondary School students to have positive digital habits.

In the Crowther Centre Position Paper on screen time, parents can find practical strategies to help you set guidelines for your son’s online habits at home and support his wellbeing (hard copies are available at the various reception desks around the School). 

I also recommend the Australian Government’s eSafety site which this month features tips on setting up young children (and their parents) to start their online adventure together safely. I encourage you to consider signing up to this wonderful resource to receive regular updates on online safety.

Have a great week.


A Word from the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Secondary School – Dr Rachel Horton

As we settle into the school year, the boys are rising to meet the expectations placed on them in terms of punctuality to class and appearance standards. Summer sport is in full swing (on the occasions that the changeable weather allows), Community Service has started strongly and our musicians have just returned from their camp at Rutherford Park.

This week has seen over 85% of our Secondary School parents and guardians attend interviews with their sons and their teachers. I am pleased to say that this is our highest uptake ever and we are happy to start the year off in such a positive manner.

Communication between teachers, boys and parents is crucial and these interviews offer an opportunity to start the conversation around expectations for the year, concerns, fears or questions. A flow diagram outlining the appropriate person to contact about your son at any stage outside of these interviews can be found in your boy’s Record Book.


Eat Up Australia 

‘Leaving a better man than when you started’  is a phrase we pride ourselves on at Brighton Grammar School. On Monday 10 February, 41 students ensured they did just that.

With one in five students going to school hungry in Australia, the boys volunteered their time and worked together to make over 850 sandwiches in a mere 40 minutes which were then distributed through the Eat-Up Australia Program. 

I look forward to seeing the boys participate in many of the exciting community service programs being offered to students this year, such as the inaugural Sacred Heart Mission Food Program and the ever popular Ute Full of Food. 

BGS parents also have a BIG heart so if you want to join the fun and give back to our community I would love to hear from you 

Anna Ladas
Director of Service


Help Seeking Strategies

At BGS, students in need of support are encouraged to speak to their House Tutor, Head of Year/Head of House, or School Psychologist.

Some students confide in their subject teacher, who can link them in with further support, while others might find it easier to send an email (to school staff) or text message (a family member) to get the ball rolling.

If your son approaches you for help, you can assist him to explore his options. If the issue is within his control, for example academics, you could help him to problem solve it, such as suggesting a study plan.

If the issue is outside of his control, you could encourage behaviours that support wellbeing, such as consistent sleep routine, exercise, meditation, socialising, or journalling.

Most importantly, ensure that your son feels heard, listened to and cared for, and provide him with positive reinforcement for his help seeking behaviour.

Naomi Tham 
Secondary School Psychologist (Years 9–12)


Library Lovers’ Day 

The Brighton Grammar Libraries celebrated Library Lovers’ Day on Friday 14 February, with the theme, Uncover Something New. By borrowing something new, boys were entered into a raffle and by solving a series of clues, three boys were able to uncover our Mystery Books.

Competition winners were – Mystery Books: Oscar Sloan SCH4, Will Fearn ROF6, Isaac Lee ROF1, Lucas Gray HAN8, Ethan Rowe ROF8 and Hugh Langdon SCH8.

Raffle: Tom Jackett-Simpson ROF5, Bryn Cory ARM7, Christopher C CRO8 and Beau Craig ARM7.

Lêna Hume-Twining
Librarian, St. Andrew’s End Library  


Dates for the diary

  • Thursday 20 February Parent/Teacher/Student Discussions
  • Monday 24 February Friends of Music Social Evening
  • Monday 24 February Year 9 Great South West Journey
  • Tuesday 3 March Year 7 Vaccinations
  • Wednesday 11 March SchoolPix Summer Sports 1sts Teams and Year 12 Photos
  • Monday 16 March Year 7ACD Outdoor Education Program
  • Tuesday 17 March APS Boys Swimming and Diving
  • Wednesday 18 March Adair Donaldson Parent Session
  • Friday 20 March Ute Full of Food
  • Saturday 21 March Head of the River
  • Sunday 22 March Year 7HRS Outdoor Education Program
  • Friday 27 March Year 12 Formal
  • Wednesday 25 March Business Breakfast with Robert Cripps AM
  • Friday 27 March Last Day of Term 1