A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

Being mentally healthy and living well is important for us as adults, and our children. Although it can be difficult to always see the positives in challenging times, how we manage our emotional wellbeing is critical.

As I mentioned last week, from a school’s perspective we will continue to make this term the best that it can be for your son, and we remain committed to check-in with him on his wellbeing through pastoral sessions across the School.

I encourage you to view last week’s episode of On the Gate which features our Head of Counselling Services, Olivia Tims.

Olivia offers some excellent advice:

  • Children thrive on predictability. Maintaining daily routines and schedules is vital and helps to reduce anxiety.
  • Validating how children may be feeling at the moment can help, reassuring them that government and health officials are working hard to ensure we are as healthy and safe as possible.
  • Young children are astute observers of adult’s emotions. As parents, we need to take care of our own mental health so we can support them.

Our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing is important at every stage of life.

Take care, stay well and enjoy the time with family.


A Word from the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Secondary School – Dr Rachel Horton  

The Secondary School boys certainly continue to impress us with their optimism and flexibility in an ever-changing situation.

For those learning on-site, this week saw the introduction of mandatory face masks for students and staff. Of course, this will be another new experience for our community, not just those in school, but for all of us when we venture outside our homes.

This week also saw each of the 953 boys in the Secondary School engage in a coaching conversation with his tutor. Although coaching and mentoring is an ongoing process for our tutors, these formally scheduled conversations take place three times a year.

This term, these conversations have been more important than ever, representing an opportunity for the boys to reflect on the year so far, to readjust goals as necessary and to talk about how they are feeling.

Our student to student coaching programs are also returning in the virtual space, with our Year 11 boys supporting a range of different year levels in both the Secondary and Junior Schools (more details in Josh Murray’s article below).

I do hope all of our BGS families are safe and well at this extraordinarily challenging time.


Under the Oak

Welcome back Tonners! If you look closely at The Oak you may notice a few changes. Your favourites, the Theatre of Dangerous Ideas, Growing Inside Outside, Music Theory, Poetry and Chess Clubs, are still about but The Oak has undergone a little prune over the break.

Congratulations to Rofe House as winners of House Music in Term 2, with their rendition of Sweet Child O Mine by Guns n’ Roses, and to Hancock House for being the overall winners of the House Strava Competition last term.   

For a number of years, the focus of Term 3 at BGS has been the RCD Foundation and Connor’s Run. 

This year’s run may be a little different but we will continue to support our community to celebrate and raise money for the most deadly cancer of young people, brain cancer.

So it’s time to sign up and start training. Contact The Oak for training advice, goal setting and fitness programming from our staff and distance running experts.     

Christian Neeson
Director of Co-curriculum


OELP during DL – Bringing the program online

The Outdoor Education Leadership Program (OELP) is an opportunity for Year 11 boys to develop skills as student leaders, mentoring younger students, both inside and outside the classroom.

This year’s program has been modified to allow our older students to engage with younger students online during pastoral times. Boys from Year 4 to Year 8 have enjoyed Kahoot and physical challenges with their mentors, as well as sharing stories during DL2.0. With the successes of the online program, we look forward to this again during DL3.0.

Year 11 OELP students with Outdoor Ed staff (L-R) David Gemmell, Josh Murray and Carly West (Photo taken prior to social distancing restrictions)

 To further develop the Year 11 students’ leadership skills, they took part in online workshops, including Building Better Conversations and Your Online Presence in Term 2, and more leadership workshops will be offered this term.

Josh Murray
Acting Assistant Head of Outdoor Education

Diary Dates

  • Tuesday 28 and Thursday 30 July Year 7-12 PTS Discussions