A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

This week we formally farewelled the Class of 2019 at a Eucharist service in St Andrew’s, a Year 12 Prize Giving Assembly, Beating of the Bounds and the Valedictory Dinner. This year’s graduating class has led the School very well. The ultimate test of any Year 12 cohort is whether they have left the School in better shape than how they inherited it. I have no doubt that the Class of 2019 has done exactly that; they have unlocked their dance and have handed over BGS to the Class of 2020 that little bit better.

We wish our Year 12s well: in the short term for their upcoming examinations and in the long term for their life beyond the gates of BGS. At the Valedictory Dinner on Monday night, I referred to a passage from Colossians that was read by one of the Year 12 boys during their final Eucharist. I reminded the Class of 2019 to clothe themselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

Have a great week ahead.


A Word from the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Secondary School Dr Rachel Horton

Passion: a BGS value that underpins all that we do

APS Athletics was the last major sporting event of the school year, held at Lakeside Stadium last weekend.

Our community will recognise passion as one of the four school values and, while the other three (integrity, respect and accountability) can be clearly demonstrated within sport, last Saturday it was passion that stood out for me. Although conditions were windy with what the runners told me was a strong headwind at the 250m mark, the threatening rain never eventuated and the weather held for spectators. The BGS supporters arrived by bus, demonstrating immense passion and voice to cheer louder than other schools of greater numbers in support of our athletes: their fellow Tonners.

The athletes were determined in competition, whether breaking an APS record (Vuna Ofahengaue, Year 9, Discus), setting a new personal best, or giving their absolute best to achieve maximum points for the School. A special mention to Aaron Leferink who demonstrated passion for both his sport and the School by supporting fellow athletes in the face of personal injury and immense disappointment that he was unable to compete for BGS in his senior year.

Enjoy the accompanying photos from this week taken by our talented student photographers.


Valedictory Day

As a parent and teacher at the School, I have watched with pride my son’s journey from ELC 3 to Year 12 at BGS. This year was my first experiencing Valedictory Day as a parent, as well as being involved in the organisation of events, and it gave me a different perspective. We always want what is best for the boys and work towards creating a special Valedictory Day for all Year 12s, but this year had a special meaning.  The Beating of the Bounds provided the opportunity for personal reflection on my son’s journey and the experiences we have had as a family at BGS. Experiencing the day with my wife and other children added new meaning to the day and I will remember it for a long time to come. Thanks to all the staff and parents who contributed to making it such a grand occasion for the Year 12 cohort, their family and friends.

David Liddle
Deputy Head of Secondary School (Years 1112) and Year 12 Parent


Creating a better future 

Last Thursday, 25 students from Years 7–11 worked together to gain an understanding of the impact of energy poverty as part of the SolarBuddy program. The fact that 1.4 billion people don’t have access to modern electricity shocked the boys from the very start. The boys each constructed a SolarBuddy light and wrote a letter to their SolarBuddy; a simple act that will have a lasting impact on lives worldwide.

These SolarBuddy lights provide recipients with the opportunity to spend less time collecting firewood or cooking and heating and instead spend more time focusing on their education. Our SolarBuddy lights will be sent to families in Papua New Guinea in the coming weeks.

The program was made even more special as it was delivered by Ben Sexton (Year 11). Ben worked alongside Joanna Cantwell who brought this amazing program to Brighton Grammar. Thank you both for your time and effort.

If you would like your son to take part in the SolarBuddy program in 2020, please email me at smills@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au

Simone Lewis
Director of Service


Lexus of Brighton F1 in Schools State Finals 

Congratulations to the five teams from BGS  who competed in the F1 in Schools State Finals at Scienceworks on 14–16 October. With 20 students involved in three different classes –  Cadet, Development and Professional – the boys have worked tirelessly over the past eight months in order to compete against some of the strongest teams in the world. Read the full story here.

Jamie Watson
F1 in Schools Coordinator


iDesign 2019

We have now completed our 1,000th iDesign project since it started in 2011 and the depth of thinking behind each project has been incredible. iDesign 2019 was another wonderful event, with over 160 fantastic projects presented and displayed throughout the past fortnight. The boys, their families and their mentors are to be congratulated for taking on the iDesign challenge with such vigour and have set the bar high for future participants. Read about our winners.

The array of themes on exhibition was far reaching and the solutions to real world problems were clever and effective. Beginning with their proposals then onto project management plans and into the prototyping and refinement phases, the boys and their mentors delved into a range of ideas to help solve pain points for themselves, family and friends and in many cases the wider community.

 ‘I am so impressed with the design work the boys have created and displayed with their iDesign projects. I was completely blown away by some of the ideas and talent in the room. I think there is an incredible opportunity to work with the boys to encourage research into trademarks, patents, and how to market their ideas.’ – Parent

I loved sharing and celebrating everyone’s success and seeing their finished projects. Everyone did a great job. I also really enjoyed getting time with my Dad on his own away from school and work. Driving to Bunnings was a great bonding experience where we were free to chat together. We learned to change and adapt and I think we worked well as a team. Dad is really positive and helps make things better when you face challenges.’ – Year 8 Student

We feel [iDesign] gives boys the opportunity to explore interests that they may not otherwise do as growing teens. This is a wonderful addition to the curriculum and what came out of it for individuals, both parents and boys, was amazing. There are only positives to convey and you are all to be commended. It’s not about the awards, rather the outcome and effort, growth and journey that are the main aspects of this project. Many boys may not have believed in themselves had they not been given the opportunity presented to them.’ – Parent/Mentor

Thanks again to everyone involved this year, along with past contributors, who together have made iDesign what it is today.

Jamie Watson
iDesign Coordinator


BGS Keep Cup

The newly formed student Eco-club has launched its first project, the BGS Keep Cup, available for $26 online and at school events. Read about the club’s work.


The Ross Williamson Scholarship

The Ross Williamson Scholarship, provided and subsidised by the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, is a short term bursary for boys whose parent/s are experiencing temporary financial hardship.

The scholarship is open to boys 13 years and over, who are baptised members of the Anglican Church and whose parents are in need of financial assistance to provide for their son’s education at an Anglican Grammar School in Melbourne or suburbs.

If you are interested in applying, please complete an application form to be returned to the Registrar at the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.  Applications close 10 November 2019.


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