A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

Resilience, gratitude and optimism are just some of the key words we have been focusing on at school this term.

In today’s Crowther Centre newsletter, Year 5 teacher Cathy Box explores how we can help to build our boys’ learning stamina and resilience during Distance Learning 3.0.

Emma Murray, who is a Year 12 parent and high performance mind coach, also examined these themes when she sent a heartfelt message of support to teachers and staff this week.

She shared some useful coping tools, including the mantra, ‘I can do hard things’, which helped her family get through the challenges after her son Will’s accident.

Emma encouraged us to look forward, to remember that we are made of resilience and grit, to keep checking on our mindset and putting the filter of optimism in place, which are good lessons for us all at this time.

Look after yourself and each other, and keep looking ahead.


A Word from the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Secondary School – Dr Rachel Horton  

As we pass what we hope is the midway point of our Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne, I trust that everyone is safe and well.

New initiatives and activities for the boys to get involved with are springing up regularly on The Oak. We will continue to provide these and encourage the boys to get involved, but your support as parents and guardians is also appreciated.

Many of our boys are taking advantage of these opportunities, but if you are concerned that your son doesn’t appear to be participating or is disengaging from his school connections, please contact his Tutor, Head of House or Head of Year.

Of course, it is not just the boys who are missing connections at the moment. There have been very few opportunities for our parent community to socialise together this year, so I would like to draw your attention to two events in particular which will be taking place next week.

Firstly, in recognition of Father’s Day, we are holding a virtual coffee morning with guests and plenty of time to chat with other dads next Wednesday 2 September starting at 8.00am.

We are holding a social evening for Year 7 parents on Friday 4 September with award winning chef and BGS Old Boy, Charlie Carrington, as special guest. The evening will provide lots of opportunities to build connections with other Year 7 parents.

I hope to see many of you there!


Teaching Young People About Healthy Relationships

In this upcoming webinar from Parenting Ideas on 9 September, Psychologist Collett Smart will provide parents with tools to talk to their children about topics such as body safety, consent, and respectful relationships.

Collett is a psychologist and qualified teacher who has over 20 years of experience working in private practice and the education sector. Parents in the Brighton Grammar School community can attend this webinar free of charge.

Jacqui Ormsby 
Secondary School Psychologist (Years 7–8)


Mystery Bag Design Challenge

This week Year 7 students received a special delivery in the post, sure to inspire this year level to be creative with their off-screen time.

The Mystery Bag Design Challenge, a bag of miscellaneous design and arts materials accompanied with a creative guidebook and a series of creative design activities, allows students to think ‘outside of the bag’ for possible solutions to each challenge. Read full article.


BGS Winter Appeal 2020

In August, the Armstrong boys, led by House Captain Ben Sexton and Vice-Captain Jack Seymour, highlighted that thousands of Australians go to bed each night without the safety and warmth of a warm bed and launched the Winter Appeal. 

The outpouring of support from the entire BGS community has been overwhelming to say the least.  With a little less than a week until the appeal ends, almost $5,000 has been raised, which will be donated to Sleeping Bags for Homelessness. 

During the appeal, all Secondary Students and staff were invited to participate in the Winter Sleep out where staff and students, using only a sleeping bag and cardboard box, slept out in their own backyards.  Listening to the conversations early in the morning between all involved highlighted the maturity and level of awareness this event brought.

Thank you to our BGS community for the unwavering support you have given and we are glad we were able to shine a light on what we as a community can do when we all band together. 

Anna Ladas (Director of Service) and Kylie Rose (Head of Armstrong House)

Ross Williamson Scholarship 2020

The Ross Williamson Scholarship, provided and subsidised by the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, is a short term bursary for boys whose parent/s are experiencing temporary financial hardship.

The scholarship is open to boys 13 years and over, who are baptised members of the Anglican Church and whose parents are in need of financial assistance to provide for their son’s education at an Anglican Grammar School in Melbourne or suburbs.

If you are interested in applying, please complete the application form and send to the registrar (marked Confidential: Ross Williamson scholarship) by 30 September 2020.


BGS Face Masks for Sale

Face masks are now for sale and are available in two styles. Order your mask here.

These Melbourne made and washable masks are triple layered and shaped with a seam down the middle front and contoured for a better fit. Available in large size only.

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