A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

As you know, we enjoy a close relationship with the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS). Since 2017, a number of indigenous boys from remote communities have attended Brighton Grammar and lived with local host families. Year 8 boys Cecil, Caleb and Calvin joined in the celebrations at the MITS Annual Gala as James Hilditch, BGS Indigenous and Cultural Development Coordinator reports.

We are now looking for two more families to host new boys entering Year 8 in 2020, for a minimum commitment of two years. Your own children do not need to be the same age as the homestay student – you just need to be willing to include an extra child in your everyday family life. BGS and MITS will offer ongoing support throughout the homestay period.

Please contact me by Wednesday 6 November if you are interested in being a host family or would like further details on the program. 

Have a great week ahead and enjoy the long weekend!


A Word from the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Secondary School Dr Rachel Horton

At Brighton Grammar, one of our defining features is that we are a boys’ school, but we are also in a fortunate position of having a close relationship, both in proximity and strength, with our sister school Firbank Grammar. This affords us the opportunity to have meaningful engagement between the boys and girls at all year levels.

In addition to joint endeavours like the productions, book clubs and philosophy colloquiums, this year we have had joint year level activities across the board and each year level also planned and took part in a joint Chapel service. Activities ranged from sessions on Driver Education and Safe Partying and Alcohol Awareness, to meetings between different student groups to discuss respectful relationships, and also more social events such as dance classes, a trivia afternoon and an international student social evening.

With already packed timetables and competing co-curricular interests, it is no mean feat to arrange joint activities but planning for 2020, in consultation with both staff and students, is well underway and we look forward to building the program of shared understanding and engagement.


A celebration of the MITS community

Last week, I joined Year 8 students Cecil, Caleb, and Calvin at the MITS Annual Gala. The night was a celebration for the MITS community that recognised the journey and achievements of both the current and past MITS alumni. Read full article.

James Hilditch
Indigenous and Cultural Development Coordinator


Induction of Chapel Servers

Chapel last week was an occasion of great celebration and significant transition for 44 Secondary School students.

The event was the annual Induction of Chapel Servers.  Each year students are given the opportunity to continue or commence as part of the team of Chapel Servers.

The Year 12 leaders hand over to this new team.  It was pleasing to see several Year 7 students step up and formally join the team.  The enthusiasm and commitment of all was obvious by the way they responded to the charge given them.

Chapel Servers assist Chapel to run smoothly.  They carefully attend to the many tasks to the ‘honour of God, and the benefit of themselves and all members of the School Community.’

Being a Chapel Server requires courage and willingness to give their best, and so to gain confidence in public speaking and understanding of what it means to honour God in today’s society.  These 44 young men have undertaken to explore what service and sacrifice mean.

In particular, Maxim Christodoulou (Senior Chapel Server), Liam Konidaris (Assistant Senior Chapel Server) and Denver Stroud (Student Thurifer) were commissioned and were presented with symbols of their leadership office.

Father Tony Poole
Senior Chaplain, Head Religious Education


First World War Visible Thinking 

As part of their study of the First World War, Year 9 History students participated in a First World War Visible Thinking activity, designed to expose the boys to the different perspectives of war, from life in the trenches, to life on the home front. The students voted in the 1916 Conscription Referendum, wrote a postcard home from their training camp in Egypt, analysed primary accounts of the Battle of Gallipoli and learned about the important role that nurses played in the war.  To assist them, the boys were joined by the Great War commemorative bears, Sister Bernadette O’Meara – Nurse Bear, Private Ernest Harvey – Gallipoli Bear and Trooper Bert Jones – Light horse Bear, which all wear authentic replica uniforms that the boys could examine. Students gained valuable insights into varying facets of war, which will no doubt assist them as they begin to research the life of a BGS Old Boy who fought and died in the First World War.

Frances Walker
History Teacher

Our Library is a great place for VCE study

Year 12 students are hitting the books in preparation for their VCE exams

Every day last week, up to 30 Year 12 students were in our St Andrew’s end Library, arriving as early as 8.00am and many staying as late as 7.00pm during the Long Day program. It is encouraging to see the boys take advantage of the access to a number of helpful resources, the reliable internet access and quiet study space the Library provides. With our dedicated desks, tables for group study or as a place to meet with a teacher or past scholar, the boys see the Library as a space where they are inspired to study, away from the distractions of home, with so many other students working equally as hard around them.

The boys are studying independently, as well as collaborating with friends, keeping each other accountable and taking occasional breaks together. Library staff members are available to help guide students on how to find what they need from a variety of sources including our world class reference databases like GALE Academic Onefile, ANZ Reference Centre and links to the State Library of Victoria.


Lisa Tabone
Acting Head of Library

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