What I learnt

Andrew MCGrath (Melissa Heagney goes back to school with some famous faces)

AFL No.1 draft pick 2016, now playing with Essendon Brighton Grammar, graduated 2016


What I learnt…
I learnt many things throughout my time at Brighton Grammar, but I think the one thing that stands out is learning how to communicate and make genuine relationships with those around you.

It seems simple, but the ability to communicate well with others has held me in good regard, and allowed me to pursue my career goal. In the AFL industry, you meet and talk to so many different people and these communication skills have proven vital in my development.

Most inspiring teacher…
I had many great teachers at Brighton Grammar, but one that truly stands out is my maths teacher, Matt McLellan. He is a great teacher, but even more so, he was a great friend. He taught me from year 7 until year 12 and we built a genuine friendship throughout those years. He was always there for an unbiased chat about anything that was going on in my life and he always had my back.

What I love about Melbourne…
The thing I love about Melbourne is the variety it holds. There are, honestly, so many dierent things to do here, so many restaurants, attractions and places to relax.


The above article appeared in the May 17 edition of The Weekly Review.  
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