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Junior School

A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston

Making space for creativity

No matter what their age or stage, boys love making things. Whether it’s our ELC3 boys making their own gumboot racks; the Year 5s making pinball machines in our new STEM centre; or our VCE boys making high-grade furniture as part of Product Design Technology, producing something tangible, solid and real is both satisfying and valuable for the boys. Learning by doing is, in many ways, the most powerful mode of learning.

As such, it’s great to see our mini Makerspace in the Middle School Library being so well used by the Year 7 and 8 boys at recess and lunchtime. The boy-friendly tools and materials promote hands-on exploration and foster a spirit of collaboration and cooperation. The boys are obviously feeling inspired – we’ve seen some truly innovative creations emerge from our Makerspace, including graphic novels, rocket ship blueprints and even a tail-wagging cardboard dog with LED eyes. I can’t wait to see what our innovators of tomorrow come up with next!

A child safe school

Brighton Grammar School is committed to the safety of your son. Please click here to read a letter from me about the new Child Safe Standards introduced by the Victorian Government, and how these Child Safe Standards apply to BGS.


From the Head of Junior School, Peter Tellefson

There was great excitement on  Monday morning when the Year 4/5 refurbishment/extension of classrooms project came to life.  The boys curiosity was evident as ball games came to a halt as they watched the builders move in.

The Prep boys celebrated 100 day milestone in Prep on Tuesday.  They brought collections of 100 small items (from jelly beans to Lego pieces) to share and count, and made 100-day glasses with a mathematical flavour. It’s a pleasure to watch boys grow and develop and in Prep it’s dramatic, particularly in the second half of the year. Thank you to Ms Taylor and Mr Medlyn for the wonderful learning environment they provide.

The Year 6 boys enjoyed their trip to Canberra.  Our capital offers many educational programs focusing on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy. We received many compliments in regard to the boys’ presentation, knowledge, and behaviour. I was impressed with the boys’ depth of knowledge and excellent responses to questions they were asked throughout the trip. Thanks for the leadership from Darren Cook, the great support from Monica Le Couteur, Shelly Turek, Hamish Leahy, Bill Gibney, Sarah Straford, Rick Pemberton, David Eggleston and Joanne Davies, and to the Year 6 parents who joined us: Alex Heaton, Harry Houridis, Brett Jarick and Marcus Williams.


Junior School achievements and reminders

  • The ‘BGS spirit’ was evident at Mt Buller as our cross country skiers took to the slopes. For the first time, two Junior School boys, Christian Paice (Year 6) and Martin Yang (Prep) competed and were well supported by our Senior boys. Thanks to Andrew Braddy and Jane Abbott for their leadership and support.


  • Zach Bowen, Ethan Lyons, Charlie Heaton and Oliver Robertson and their families will host our visitors from Milikapiti from 15 to 22 August.
  • Please remember BGS is a nut-free zone. We have an Anaphylaxis Policy, and it is important we continue to raise awareness of anaphylaxis in the BGS community.
  • Mini-Olympics day takes place tomorrow (Friday 12 August). All boys from Prep to Year 6 are to wear their sport uniform and House Polo.
  • Monday 15 August is a mid-term break and the School will be closed. 

Year 5/6 Sport

We are teaching the boys to be responsible for their own uniform and equipment. Please note the following regarding APS competition and training days:

  • Boys who forget any part of their uniform or equipment will not participate.
  • If parents bring uniform or equipment to school later in the day, their son will still NOT be permitted to play.
  • If there is a reason for the boy being unable to bring the uniform or equipment at the beginning of the school day, please email the Homeroom teacher in the morning. Boys will be permitted to play when there are extenuating circumstances meaning they were unable to bring their gear at the beginning of the day.  

We ask parents to support this strong stance.


If you are not on School Streamyou will miss out!

There is only one place for parents to find out what’s going on at BGS and that’s via School Stream. That’s actually the beauty of the system! This communications platform has been in place since the beginning of the term, and we expect that all parents will take responsibility to make sure they have School Stream on their phone. 

If you haven’t already done so, please take five minutes today to download this app. Operational  information will no longer appear in the eNews.

Click here to find out more about School Stream at BGS.


Boys being boys in the ELC

With the Olympics well under way, the boys have enjoyed learning about the types of events there are, the countries involved, and the practice it takes to be an elite athlete. We have also enjoyed supporting the successes and discussing the importance of trying our best. The boys have loved looking up each day the medal tally and seeing what medals were awarded and for what sport. We look forward to continuing on this important current event focus with the boys, which will lead into the Paralympics.

The boys have enjoyed continuing on from our ELC4 twilight night last week with the campfire site outdoors in our playground. It has been lovely to watch our ELC4 boys mentoring the ELC3 boys on how to be campers and pretend to roast marshmallows and food around the campfire. Their dramatic skills and imagination has blossomed from experiencing the real thing and then creating their own campsite.

We continue to encourage families to donate unwanted fabric, kitchen items and recycled materials to the ELC for the boys to continue their learning and upcycle unwanted items.

A reminder for all of our ELC parents to load the School Stream app on their phone or iPad to receive all bulk communication from the school. Our Fortnightly Program and Reflective Journal will be emailed home as per usual by your classroom teacher. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Amelia Barrow
Director of the Early Learning Centre


Parenting tip: What kids learn from their fathers.

Please click here to view this week’s parenting tip


Whole School choir soiree

On Tuesday 16 August all Year 4 boys and the Borwick House Choir will be performing in the 2016 BGS Choral Soiree in St Andrew’s Church. Details are as follows:

Time: 4 – 5.30pm

Borwick House Choristers will be performing as an ensemble and then as part of a combined choirs piece as well.  Year 4 students will be performing as part of a combined classes bracket.

Admissionfree – family and friends are encouraged to attend

Uniform: Full winter uniform

The School will provide afternoon tea for the boys singing in the soiree, all of whom are required to stay for the duration of the concert.

Any further queries are to be directed to Jared Furtado on 03 8591 2285 or at jfurtado@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au.  


BGS Science Club

The BGS Science Club held their fourth workshop for the year on Wednesday night by hosting a session on Robotics. Paula and Justin from the Royal Children’s Hospital were our guest speakers. They are both robotics experts who build apps and robots for healthcare. They talked to the boys about the future of robots, how robots are made and then gave the boys hands-on experiences with Virtual Reality Headsets, Coding and Augmented Reality. At the end of the session all boys had their hands up saying they wanted to start coding right away. 



Junior School Annual Book Fair coming soon

book faire

 Our annual Book Fair is only 2 weeks away!  Held during Book Week every August in the Junior School Library, the Fair is a great opportunity to foster a love of books and reading. 

This year we welcome a new company, Lamont Books, with a wide range of quality Australian and overseas books on display. We look forward to welcoming parents and boys to view and purchase a great range of books, posters and variety items.

Monday 22 August:  Preview day for all classes (NO sales on this day)

Sales hours:

  • Tuesday 23 August                 8am – 6pm
  • Wednesday 24 August          8am – 6pm
  • Thursday 25 August               8am – 6pm
  • Friday 26 August                     8am – 11am

Please note that the Fair runs for one week only.

Pauline Anthony
JS eLearning Coach/Teacher-Librarian


Teaching and learning

What’s happening in 1 Heath?

In 1 Heath our circle time focus has been ‘Honouring each other’. The boys have spent time reflecting on their peers’ strengths and celebrating the opportunities we have to share such a diverse range of attributes, qualities and skills within our class. We have discussed the importance of taking the time to tell each other why we honour them.


Each boy wrote a card to a classmate and during circle time, the boys shared their cards with each together.

“Tobias, I honour you because you are a great friend. You always hold the door open for me and others. You are a great role model.” George

“Sid, I honour you because you are nice by helping me learn sometimes.” Austin

“Henry F, I honour you because you are a great friend to me. You help me in class.” Keimei

“Lachlan, I honour you because you are an excellent soccer player and a good mate to talk to.” Hugo

Tell me about the Year 2 excursion to Polly Woodside

As part of our Pirate unit the Year 2 boys visited Polly Woodside last week to learn about the parts of a ship, life at sea and some of the jobs the crew had. Here are some of the highlights:

“I enjoyed learning about the cargo hold and that the Polly Woodside used to carry wheat, coal and chicken poo for fertiliser.” Jordan

“I liked to look at the toilet in the Captain’s Quarters because it looked just like a bucket and I thought that was pretty funny.” Matheus


“I enjoyed scrubbing the deck and even though I may have got wet I didn’t care.” Luke

“I liked it when I rang the bell 3 times which meant there was danger straight ahead.” Alexander

Tell me about the Year 4 Convict Day

“This was the 2nd best part of the year (the first was camp!) because I loved dressing up as a convict, and also Sergeant Kennedy was really awesome. I liked the fact that we were learning loads about convicts while having fun!” Tom


“Thank you for organising the convict day. The most memorable thing I learned is how hard a convict’s life was.” Andrew

“Something shocking I learned was that convicts were kept in rooms on the ships called pens. It was really small it was only 6 feet by 6 feet big and there will be about 7 to 8 convicts in one pen.” William


“The most memorable bit of the day was when the convict had to go to court and almost got whipped by the cat ‘o nine tails. I already knew that convicts didn’t get treated well but after yesterday I would never like to be a convict!” Diesel

Tell me about the Year 6 Canberra Trip

“We visited a handful of amazing places including, Parliament House, Australian War Memorial, Government House, Questacon, The Australian Museum just to name a few. We also went to the cinemas to watch The BFG! This camp was soon to be the biggest highlight of our last year in the Junior School” Elijah

“One of the amazing landmarks we went to in Canberra was the Australian War Memorial. The stories of the soldiers of the world wars were so fascinating. One soldier was only 14 years of age and he begged his parents to go to Gallipoli and he did. Sadly, he died in battle.” Henry


“We went to Government House where the Governor General lives. We learnt all about his jobs and coincidentally they all started with C! But his favourite job is going out to the community. That’s why he is in Rio right now.” Lenny

“At Questacon, there was the ‘drop zone!’ Looking down the 6.7 metre drop slide was a terrifying view. Everyone was cheering each other on but still, I thought I was going to become a clump of spaghetti on the floor. Letting go felt scary, exciting and weird all at the same time”. Charlie

“During our time at Parliament House we learned a lot of great facts about the Senate and the House of Representatives guided by our quirky tour guide”. Jackson

“There was a lot to take in across our trip to Canberra, but I think that I can safely say that Questacon was the most enjoyable activity in Canberra”. Elijah


JPG news

Please note the JPG has decided that it will not be undertaking a Father’s day gift fundraising initiative this year. 

The Family Fun Night will take place on Friday 25 November. We look forward to seeing you there!

BGS swim towels

Spring is only 3 weeks away! Get ready for the swim season – order your BGS swim towel by clicking here.

Entertainment Book

Don’t miss out on purchasing this fabulous resource! Only 5 books left in our stock or try the Digital Membership. An Entertainment Memberships contains over $20,000 worth of offers which are valid until 31 May 2017! 

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 OSHClub news

We still have 5 spots remaining in our After School Care Auskick Initiative- Play on Sports. Play on runs every Monday from after school until 4.45pm.


We will be running a long service day care on Monday 15 August for the pupil free day. If you require care, please book your son in for the session so we can arrange adequate staff and activities for the day.

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback, questions or concerns.

  • Head Office: 8564 9000
  • Program Contact:  0422 193 377 (Kinder), 0401 143 440 (Primary)
  • Kinder Coordinator: Sam Walker, Primary Coordinator: Emma Jean Callery
  • Assistants: Annabelle Russle.

All families must be enrolled to attend the program AND/OR Vacation Care, and remember it is free to enrol your children online. Please create an account online at www.oshclub.com.au

All bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on-the-day/emergency After School Care bookings please contact the School Office and the Coordinator direct at the program (text messages to the program mobile are preferred). Before School Care can be booked in the same fashion, or just come on in.


Found items

  • Sport shorts sizes 12 & S
  • Blazer size 83Y
  • Jumper size 12
  • North Face white t-shirt size S
  • Grey track pants size 13
  • Navy track pants size 10
  • Kathmandu fleece black size 10