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Junior School

A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston

Time for a break

It is incredible to consider all that has been achieved this term across the School. From the teaching staff being trained in Visible Learning through to the Senior Production of Copacabana, and everything in between, Term 2 has been a busy, at times challenging, but ultimately successful 10 weeks.

It is now time for a break. I’m a big believer in taking time out to refresh and reinvigorate and I hope that you all have the opportunity to do just that.

This break is also the perfect opportunity for parents, together with their sons, to read and reflect on the Semester 1 report. There are generally three options that emerge from a semester report:

  1. continue with the good work
  2. improvements in some areas are required
  3. a serious change in attitude and effort is required.

Whatever emerges from your son’s report, please ensure he returns on the first day of Term 3 having discussed its contents with you, and with a plan in place for the second half of the year. I look forward to seeing you all in July for what will be a great third and fourth term.


From the Head of Junior School, Peter Tellefson

It is hard to believe we have reached the half-way point of 2016.  A snapshot of the last 3 weeks; Milikapiti, Lion King rehearsals, JPG Ball, Prep – Year 2 Grandparents & Special Friends morning, Birdman Rally, Science Club presentations, Maths Week, APS Sport, Regional Cross Country, Maths Family Night, Cybersafety presentation, Music Camp, Ensemble concert, Interschool Debating and Year 5 trip to Sovereign Hill.  This list illustrates that the boys’ learning experiences are real and relevant to their lives. We have enjoyed a successful Term 2 and I am appreciative of the great work and support from boys, staff and parents. Best wishes for the break, enjoy being out of the school routine, and to those who are travelling, keep safe.

Our playground is always full of activity from 8.10am to 8.30am as boys arrive to start their school day early. The importance of playtime should not be underestimated, not only from a social perspective, but also from a learning perspective. Exercise and fresh air improves school performance. A study published in the journal Paediatrics found that 15 minutes or more of playtime had beneficial effects on children’s classroom behaviour and learning. I would encourage you to drop your son off in the morning and let him have a run around before school with his peers before classroom time begins at 8.30am. Boys who arrive late are at a disadvantage as they often play catch-up, rush to get themselves organised, miss important instructional time, and have not had time to interact with their peers before school. I am delighted to see an increasing number of Lower Primary parents now dropping off their son in the carpark, allowing their son to take his school bag to the classroom, and then to venture out on the playground before school.


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Junior School awards

Congratulations to the following Prep to Year 5 boys who will be presented with Semester 1 Class Effort Cards, Year 5 Music Specialist Effort Cards, APS Sport and Wilson House Awards at tomorrow’s assembly in the G. B. Robertson Hall at 11.20am.

Class Effort Cards

  • Prep Fivedale – Luca D’Assisi, Oska Jacob, Thomas Zhuang
  • Prep Kurrajong – Anderson Harris, Zac Nicholas, Ryan Weaver
  • 1 Banksia – Charlie Cordner, Hudson Hallinan, Xavier Jones
  • 1 Heath – Henry Barber, Austin Saleh, Luca Savill
  • 2 Acacia – Zac Murphy, Alexander Rozentoul, Shuta Wakao
  • 2 Waratah – Polo Azzaro, James Crewdson, Wilbur Zhu
  • 3 Burke – Ashton Petris, Lachie Reid, Trent Vincent
  • 3 Wills – Jake Ring, Huw Thomas, Andrew Zhang
  • 4 Bass – Alistair Liddle, Lachie St Leger, Elden Zeng
  • 4 Cook – Henry Abbott, Diesel Saleh, Charlie Wood
  • 4 Flinders – Tom Field, Harrison Gibbins, Sam Walters
  • 5 Melville – Angus Haddon, AJ Harris, Campbell Yeo
  • 5 Scott – Matthew Cameron, Thomas O’Leary, Oscar Sloan
  • 5 Zachariah – Hunter Absalom, Matthew Barwood, James Hepples
  • 6 Discovery – Hudson Augustini, Zach Bowen, Jackson Pantelopoulos
  • 6 Endeavour – Jamie Draheim, Jorge Houridis, Christian Paice
  • 6 Investigator – Elijah Akinci, Thomas Galinas, Sebastian Watters
  • 6 Resolution – Max Berry, James Mitchell, Thomas Stretch

Wilson House Awards
Sebastian Liddle, Sasha Rose

Class Music
Julius Ferwerda, Angus Haddon, Jarod Prins

Wilson House Concert Band
Xavier Martin

Wilson House String Orchestra
Matthew Cruse, Jenson Galvin

Borwick House Choir
Michael Costaras, Thomas O’Leary,

APS Sport Awards

  • 5A Football Most Outstanding Player – Oliver Goodger
  • 5A Football Best Team Player – Sam Heron
  • 5B Football Most Outstanding Player – Matthew Cameron
  • 5B Football Best Team Player – AJ Harris
  • 5A Volleyball Most Outstanding Player – Matthew Cruse
  • 5A Volleyball Best Team Player – Charlie Bramley
  • 5B Blue Volleyball Most Outstanding Player – Alessandro Brook Savill
  • 5B Blue Volleyball Best Team Player – Fedya Kononchuk
  • 5B Red Volleyball Most Outstanding Player – Matthew Fuller
  • 5B Red Volleyball Best Team Player – Thomas O’Leary
  • Year 5 Cross Country Most Outstanding Runner  – Charlie Paterson

Junior School happenings and reminders

  • Congratulations to our Prep to Year 2 boys who, over the last 2 weeks, have been superb hosts at our Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ presentations. The boys enjoyed their music performance, classroom activities and morning tea. Thank you to Mrs Sofo for the singing and her preparation, to Ms Taylor for her overall organisation as Lower Primary Co-ordinator, to Mr Medlyn, Mrs Beaton, Mr Strain, Mr Kuring and Mrs Marks for their classroom activities, and to the JPG for co-ordinating and serving morning tea.
  • This Friday will be our final day of Term 2. The following is an outline of the day:
    • 9.15am – Chapel – Prep to Year 6
    • 10am – Free time winning House
    • 11.20am – Assembly
    • 12.20pm – JPG pizza lunch – Please note there are no tuck shop orders available
    • 1.30pm – Tabloid sports – All boys wear their Sports Uniform and House polo shirt
    • 3.20pm – Normal dismissal.
  • Prep to Year 6 Semester 1 Reports will be available online from 4pm today, Thursday 16 June, via the Synportal. Parent/teacher interviews are scheduled for early next term on Wednesday 20 July from 3.30pm – 6pm and Thursday 21 July from 3.30 – 8.30pm.  Bookings information will be emailed on Monday 11 July.  Homeroom teachers and specialist staff will be available to meet with parents.
  • Our Year 4 to 6 boys competed in challenging conditions at the Regional Cross Country Championships this week: 10 yrs – Henry Abbott, Harrison Gibbins, Nicky Robertson; 11 yrs –Oliver Goodger, Aaron Hudghton, Charlie Paterson, Ethan Petris and 12 yrs – Hudson Augustini, Jonah Campigli, Nik Stavrellis and J Sum. The boys’ performance and sportsmanship was outstanding. Best wishes to Harrison Gibbins, Oliver Goodger, Charlie Paterson and Jonah Campigli who will now represent BGS in the State Cross Country Championships next term. Thank you to Mr Ryan for his management of the boys and to all parents who assisted with transportation and supported their sons.
  • Wednesday was our last round of APS Sport for the Term. Congratulations to all involved in football, cross country and volleyball. Thank you to all staff who have coached and managed teams, to the many parents who support their sons on a weekly basis, and to Mr Ryan for his excellent organisation. Term 3 sports are soccer, athletics, badminton and hockey. Training requirements are:
    • Monday Year 6 – 3.20pm – 4.30pm: soccer, badminton, hockey and Year 5/6 athletics
    • Thursday Year 5 – 3.20pm – 4.30pm: soccer, badminton, hockey.
  • Term 3 commences Wednesday 13 July at 8.30am; boys continue to wear their winter uniform throughout Term 3.

Happy holidays from the ELC

Reflecting on the term always reminds us of the wonderful growth and development of each boy, and the vast learning that has been offered across all four rooms. As always our Mothers’ morning was the highlight in May as we turned the tables and cared for our mums to say a big thank you for all that they do for us every day. Our parent participation program has been active with each room enjoying a variety of activities delivered by a parent or grandparent. We also had our Firbank Grammar visit in June followed by our winter celebration by wearing our pyjamas to school. Our professional highlight was receiving the Exceeding rating across all areas for the second time from our assessment in April by the DEECD. Ten weeks can certainly be jammed packed in the ELC and I am sure the boys look forward to a well-deserved break before we return for Term 3.

I would like to say a big thank you to the boys, families and staff of the ELC and wish you all happy and safe holidays. We look forward to seeing you in Term 3 on Wednesday 13 July and our part-time boys on Thursday 14 July. 

Amelia Barrow
Director of the Early Learning Centre


Parenting tip

Please click here to view this week’s tip entitled ‘Insights: Stay sane when travelling with kids’.


Teaching and learning

House general knowledge and trivia competition

General knowledge encompasses a wide range of topics including science, history, geography, art, maths, sport and languages. Students who demonstrate a good general knowledge are often avid readers, retain facts and information, are curious and keen learners and ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of a topic. We encourage boys to develop their general knowledge skills by discussing world events with friends or family, watching the news together, reading fiction and non-fiction books and exploring topics that interest them. All boys in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 participated in a general knowledge and trivia quiz. The best performers from each House then took part in the BGS General Knowledge and Trivia House Championship. Congratulations to the following boys who represented their House proudly, worked collaboratively and were awarded first place.

  • Year 3 – Armstrong – Lewis Porteous, Ethan Abramovich and Lucas Barwood
  • Year 4 – Crowther – James Tan, Ollie Chang, Marcus Exler and Tom Graham
  • Year 5 – Rofe – Jenson Galvin, Zach Shieh, Thomas O’Leary and Will Fearn
  • Year 6 – Hancock – Matt Hill, Lucas Connell, Zach Bowen and Jarrad Thomson.


Year 6 Debating

The Year 6 boys have all undertaken debating training and a group of talented students were invited to debate against Firbank. Will Stebbing, Tom Bailey and Jorge Houridis argued the negative side ‘That all schools should be co-educational’. Jonathan Pascuzzi, Elijah Akinci and Sebastian Watters argued the affirmative side ‘That voting should not be compulsory’.

Congratulations to the boys for their preparation, well-informed arguments and poise in delivery. The best speakers were Jorge and Sebastian, which is a great achievement as third speakers of each team. Well done to Sam Vakirtzis and Shaun Gunaratna for their role as chairperson.

A particular highlight was the return of Year 8 boys Jaikob Akinci, Thomas Barlabas and Liam Konidaris as adjudicators. The Year 6 boys have been debating climate change topics in class. We look forward more inter-school debating opportunities next term. 


Tell me about the Grandparents and Special Friends morning

“We did a castle colouring activity.” Oska, Prep F

“We read a book.” Max, Prep F


“I liked the colouring.” Ethan, Prep F

“Grandma and Grandpa came to see me.” Jack B, Prep F

“Grandma helped me with the colouring.” Hudson, Prep F

“We had snacks with our Grandmas and Grandpas.” Marlow, Prep F


“My grandma got me a chocolate chip cupcake.” Sasha, Prep F

“I took my grandparents on a tour. We read all the books in the library!” Matthew O, Prep K


“My dad came to school and watched me in the performance.” Anderson, Prep K

“I liked doing a drawing with my grandmas.” George, Prep K

“My favourite activity with my special friend Rada was singing the Grandparent’s Day song.” Oli J, 1H

“I enjoyed my uncle coming to my classroom to play chess with me.” Austin S, 1H

“I enjoyed having my Grandma coming to school. We played chess, read a book and played snakes and ladders. I also read her my Twits book.” Owen H, 1H

“My mummy, my aunty and a special friend all came to the performance. We played uno, chess and snakes and ladders. It was fun!” Xavier J, 1B

“I really enjoyed singing and performing. It was great to teach my Grandma and my Grandpa how to play Uno and show them my classroom.” Charlie C, 1B

“I had fun taking my Nanny and Pa and my other Nanny and Pa around the school for a tour. When we got back, we played a game and we ate fruit, some brownies and they had coffee.” Sam R, 1B


Tell me about the Year 5 trip to Sovereign Hill

“I loved Sovereign Hill because of all the things we had the opportunity to do! For example, panning for gold, watching Blood on the Southern Cross and shopping for goodies. It was fabulous.” Will F 

“Did I like the Goldfields? Like is an understatement! I loved it. It was the best camp I have been on so far! The gold panning was so cool. I found so much gold!” Jenson 


“From the shopping to the mine tours, it was simply the best camp that anyone could offer. I learnt so much and really enjoyed the company of the other boys.” Heath D 

“Finding gold specks in the creek was truly amazing. Waving the pan around, hoping that there was gold in it, got me really excited!” Matteo D


“The sound and light show Blood on the Southern Cross was a blast. The most exciting part was when the Eureka hotel burst into flames. Panning for gold and going underground into the mines were great experiences.” Oliver G

“Watching the video of the Chinese brothers underground in the deep shaft was interesting because the graphics were great and it all looked so alive.” Oscar S


Sh@re holiday programs

These holidays why not consider joining the Wild Wild West in a 4-day production with Acting Antics, or join in the space or manufacturing development programs in the online world with Invent the World as you practice your thinking, engineering and problem solving while building spacecraft and factories of the future.

With LEGO bricks classes, sporting programs and G.A.T.E.Ways classes for children with specialised interests, from the science of creating another Frankenstein to the science of working out which cleaning product cleans best, there is so much on offer.

For more information about all these or any of the holiday programs run at Sh@re Community Campus, see the flyer attached or the website for more details www.share.vic.edu.au.

And keep an eye out for our new programs coming in Term 3. We will feature a new woodwork program, the Toymaker program, and a coding club for teens on Fridays after school.


JPG news

 2016/2017 Entertainment Memberships 

JPG Entertainment Book Image

The new Entertainment™ Memberships are available now and are packed with thousands of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers that you can use until 1 June 2017. Flick through to preview the value here.

Choose between the popular Entertainment™ Book with Gold Card and Vouchers, or the Entertainment™ Digital Membership that puts the value of the Book on your smartphone. Click here to order.

We receive 20% from every Entertainment™ Membership we sell, which contributes to the JPG fundraising goals. The more Memberships we sell, the more we raise so please tell your family and friends.


OSHClub news

Can you believe that there it is the last week of Term 2? Bookings are now open for our June/July Holiday Program. Every day there is a fun theme, sports, art and craft activities and incursions and there will be 4 exciting excursions. Brochures are available online and at the OSH room.

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback, questions or concerns.

Head Office: 8564 9000, Program Contact: 0422 193 377 (kinder), 0401 143 440 (primary).

Kinder Coordinator: Marion Cotter, Primary Coordinator: Emma Jean Callery.

Assistants: Kate Rushen and Libby Hands.

All families must be enrolled to attend the program and/or vacation care, and remember it is free to enrol your children online. Create an account online at www.oshclub.com.au

All bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on-the-day/emergency after school care bookings please contact the School Office and the coordinator direct at the program (text messages to the program mobile are preferred). Before school care can be booked in the same way, or just come on in.


BGS Dalziel Club Footy Fun Day: Years 4-6

Join us for a free skills session, specifically aimed at BGS boys in years 4, 5 and 6, on the mighty Crowther Oval, led by our 1st XVIII players, local Zebbies VFL players and, if all goes to plan, some AFL players too (Saints and/or Melbourne).

Based on the success of last year’s event, this session is loads of fun and a great opportunity to get up and personal with some of the greats.

  • Venue: Crowther Oval  
  • When: Friday 22 July,  3.35pm – 5.30pm 

To help us with our planning, please book via: https://www.trybooking.com/LDOL 
Contact details: Penny Edmondson (Grade 6 Mum) 0420 905 616, Roger Adams (Grade 6 Dad) 0415 377 796, Tom Le Grice – co-organiser: 0414 309 276.


Found property

This is a list of all property currently held. Anything not claimed by end of Tuesday 19 July will be suitably recycled. 

  • Blazer labelled ‘Nick Parsons’
  • Sports shorts size 12
  • Jumper size 12 labelled ‘Woodman’
  • Jumper size 12 illegible name
  • Jumpers sizes 10 and 12
  • Hancock polo size 10
  • Black Kathmandu fleecy polo size M
  • Black Helly Hansen thermal top size L
  • Blue long sleeved t-shirt ‘New York’ size 12
  • Black ‘Elude’ fleecy top size 8
  • Black t-shirts sizes 10 and 12
  • Black thermal leggings size XS
  • 2 x blue hoodies sizes 12 and M
  • BGS bathers – small
  • Small blue gloves
  • Numerous drink bottle and lunchboxes.