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Junior School

Some special news from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston

The Wellbeing Centre is on its way

You might have noticed that the builders have now moved in to the Girraween Chapel on New Street (near the Middle School). This signals an exciting development – the building of our Wellbeing Centre is underway, with the Centre due to open at the beginning of Term 3.

The Wellbeing Centre will give a home and focus to our school-wide wellbeing program, not only for the boys and staff, but also for BGS parents and the broader community. Good mental health and wellbeing is critical for boys’ development: it helps them cultivate a positive sense of self, resilience and perspective, and the ability to form and maintain positive relationships.

Clearly our community agrees with our commitment to wellbeing – the development of the Wellbeing Centre has been almost entirely funded through support from our community. Like you, I look forward to the opening of our Wellbeing Centre in a few months’ time. I am confident it will take our dedication to the mental health and wellbeing of our boys to another level.



From the Head of the Junior School, Peter Tellefson

On most Fridays at 12.30pm, we have a Junior School Assembly in the G.B. Robertson Hall, and on a rotational basis classes have the opportunity to present their work to the Junior School community.

Assembly serves many purposes, including:

  • giving our boys an opportunity to present, read, or speak to an audience
  • to entertain, educate and share knowledge
  • showing the breadth of the curriculum and the opportunities on offer.

Weekly awards are presented and the boys are involved in prayer and singing. All parents are welcome to attend.

From time to time we have accidents on the playground. While I can assure you the playground is supervised at all times, it is important parents realise accidents will happen. Our responsibility is to ensure the playground is as safe as possible, is supervised, that the boys are aware of School rules, and that boys learn to respect each other. In the event of an accident occurring, your son will be cared for to the best of our ability. Parents will be contacted and, if necessary, medical attention is sought. It is a reality sometimes things go wrong on the playground or in the classroom. It is essential parents allow the School to sort through issues/problems that occur at school. Please do not make telephone calls to other parents; instead please contact your son’s teacher so we can action an appropriate follow-up.

I am delighted that a significant number of parents have responded positively to our request for Year Level Representatives to assist the JPG. We now have support from ELC 3 through to Year 6 classes. Thank you to the following parents:

ELC 3 – Amy Boss, Caroline Nunn, Kate Henderson, Emily Severino and Emily Kato.

ELC 4 – Emma Buckingham, Missy McPherson, Paige Kilburn, Harriet Heath, Katherine Persoglia and Megan Ryan.

Prep – Anne Vassallo, Cathie Bulfin, Lisa Schnepf and PJ Yana.

Year 1 – Petra Thomson, Jessica Greenwell, Eva Aschman and Sarah Fearn.

Year 2 – Kellee O’Hare and Chris Crewdson.

Year 3 – Rebecca Rowe, Angela Porteous, Melissa Young and Roxanne O’Brien.

Year 4 – Karen McIntyre, Kim McGain, Kristen Wood, Di Hasker, Kylie Segar, Wai Ling Lee and Nikki Chang.

Year 5 – Jen Marshall, Laura Coleman, Sally Roberts, Kathryn Fuller, Rachael Haddon and Kelly Bramley.

Year 6 – Sonia Wagner, Georgie Hill, Isobel Reid, Anne-Maree Bowen and Rachael Heaton.

I will be attending an International Students Expo from Thursday, 25 February to Tuesday 1 March. Mr Bryan will be responsible for Wilson House in my absence.



Don’t forget to check the School wide section

News relating to the whole of the School appears in the School Wide section of the eNews – click on the button below to take a look.

 This week, the School Wide eNews includes information on changes to Term 2 start dates, a free parent seminar on resilience, anxiety and children, and a French exchange program. We also bring you the story of rowing legend David ‘Crockett’ Boykett and this week’s music news.




Junior School happenings and reminders

  • All families from ELC to Year 6 are invited to attend the Junior School’s Family Picnic tomorrow, Friday, 26 February from 5.00pm. This will not be a fundraising event; the Junior Parents’ Group are keen to bring families together to enjoy a BYO picnic. BBQ facilities will be available. The JPG will provide a free sausage sizzle and year level tables will be set up on the Red Square.
  • Thank you to our ELC Staff for their presentations at last week’s Information Evenings and to our parents who attended each session.
  • Our Year 3 to 6 Swimming Carnival will be held on Friday 4 March at 9.30am. Parents are welcome to attend and support their sons – seating for parents is available on the western side of the pool. All boys are expected to compete in BGS bathers, which can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. Remember, BGS swim towels are still available for order. Towels can be named or unnamed. Click here to order your towel. 



Changes to Term 2 start dates

For changes to Term 2, 2016 start dates, please see the School wide eNews.



Alert for all parents

Brighton Grammar School has been notified of some suspicious behaviour in the Bayside area regarding strangers offering school children a lift home. Please ensure you remind your son never to accept a lift from a stranger.



Feeling hot, hot, hot in the Early Learning Centre

What a warm start to the week we had, and how lucky we are to have such a beautiful environment that can keep us cool, calm and collected! The boys have been fantastic tackling the intense heat we experienced on Tuesday, and we thank parents for applying sunscreen prior to their arrival. Our outdoor program is obviously limited when the UV rating is high, however we certainly did not miss out on exploring outside before the heat hit too hard. We even set up a little paddling pool for our feet to relax us and enjoy a cool down.

Mrs Clarke is in full swing with her specialist program across all of the four rooms and is extremely impressed by the boys’ transition and engagement into these programs. Mrs Clarke has implemented a rich program of music, creative arts, performing arts, physical education and mindfulness with all of the boys, and I’m sure they are enjoying her involvement within their program.

Our ELC Parent Information night last Thursday was well attended in the ELC 3 programs and it was lovely to see familiar and new faces in the ELC 4 rooms. We hope you enjoyed the topics we discussed, and valued your feedback on the night. If you were unable to attend, please note that handouts from these presentations will be placed in the boys’ lockers.

We would like to thank parents who met with our teachers at our parent-teacher discussions this week. It provided staff an opportunity to share their observations and objectives for the remainder of the term, and also gather feedback from our families on our educational practice.

Our Harmony Day morning tea for all parents in the ELC will take place on Friday 18 March from 10am to 11am. We will host this in the front garden of the ELC and ask for guests to bring along a share plate of food that celebrates their heritage. The ELC boys will also pop in to sing a song for our visitors. More information will be sent home shortly.

As emailed home today, there have been a high number of unwell children in the centre this week and we require your support in reducing the spread of infection. Please keep your son at home 48 hours after the last sign of illness. Even if a child is keen to come to school, it is not fair on our other children or staff to be put at risk. We thank you in advance.

Please note that we have slightly adjusted the starting dates for Term 2, 2016. More information can be found in the School wide eNews.

Amelia Barrow
Director – Early Learning Centre




Teaching and learning

What’s happening in Year 4 Cook?

“The thing I enjoyed the most about buddies was playing in the tent. I’m looking forward to seeing my buddy again.”


Boys playing lego

“Yesterday we met our buddies from ELC 3. My buddy’s name is Adam. He loves painting and he’s really creative.”


Boys colouring

“My buddy is very small and cute, he’s not shy and likes to learn new things.”


What’s happening in Year 4 Bass?

“I am finding BGS really cool and I loved meeting my buddy Sam.”
Max B

“My time at BGS is going well. I’m still getting to know all the different things around the School though.”
Lachie S.

“BGS is good and a bit of a change because of all the different subjects we are doing.”

“I have found BGS really good and the buddies on Friday are fun.”
Lachie R.


Prep Kurrajong: tell me about…

Tell me about… structured play

“We build blocks together as a team.”
Martin, Sacha and Harry

“I built a rocket ship with Matthew K.” 

“You work in a team to build a car station or a skateboard park.”
Jack, Tom and Rudy

Boys playing


Did you know… we are learning lots in SMART spelling

 “We are learning the letters in tap, cat, tin, ant”
Matthew K, Max, Shuta and Simon

“We sort letters into groups, I made a group of ‘p’.”

“We practise writing the letters.’
George and Zac

Boys holding hands on head


What’s happening in mathematics?

 “We made number caterpillars and had to order the parts of the caterpillar.”

“We made a race track with cars, it is on our class ‘Mathematics Word Wall.”

“We practise counting every morning to see how many boys are at school.”
Matthew O and James

Boys artwork

What’s happening in art?

On Tuesday, the Year 6 boys participated in a tour around the city to observe Melbourne’s famous street art scene. Each class was led by a street artist who pointed out some of the amazing art works in the laneways of our city. Staff, parents and boys discovered areas that were previously unknown and were exposed to a variety of artists expressing their views and imagination. Questions were also raised on the differences between subway, street art and illegal graffiti.

Boys walking in alley way

“The street art was miraculously colourful and enjoyable.”
Lachlan (6E)

“I thought it was interesting that people spend hours putting up a piece and then it was taken down.”
William (6E)

“I really enjoy it. The street art was amazing. The guide was great and I had a great time.’ 
Jackson (6I)


What’s happening in buddy time in Year 6 Discovery?

“The Incredibles had won! Yay! I love reading books to my buddy. Henk is always intrigued with the books that I read to him. He asks questions about words he doesn’t understand.” 

“Two weeks ago when 1 Banksia played a soccer match with their buddies from 6 Discovery, everyone had a great time. Although the Year 1 boys are competitive, they were all laughing throughout the whole game. Their attitude towards us was quite amazing. It felt like we had known each other forever. I’ve learned a lot about my little buddy Sam already after seeing each other only three times.

Last week, when my buddy told me he loved to play Uno, we played it and we both had a great time. I wasn’t too familiar with the game and my buddy actually taught me to play. He was competitive and he won. I wasn’t concerned because I had a great time. Before we started Buddies, I thought it would just be older boys teaching little boys things. The little buddies are learning a lot, but what I wasn’t expecting was my buddy teaching me. Spending time with my buddy really takes me back in time to Year 1 and that’s why I love Buddies.”

“Now that I am in Year 6, I feel more confident with the little ones. All of my past buddies have been completely different. It does not matter how old your buddy is, how tall or small, he will always be your buddy.”

“Laughing and cheering is commonly heard during Buddy Time, which shows we are one, big, happy family. Personally, I am looking forward to Buddies as I will get to know my buddy, Xavier, and share some great memories.” 

“The Buddy program is a great way to teach the younger kids self-confidence and teamwork. It’s a great way for the older buddies to learn leadership and responsibility. Playing with a Year 1 boy is so different from playing with the other Year 6 boys. It makes me feel so happy and relaxed and I feel like I’ve gone back in time.”




Science Alive – introducing the BGS Science Club

Does your son always ask why things happen? If so Science Alive, the BGS Science Club, is perfect for him. Science Club meets on Wednesdays from 3.30pm to 4.30pm twice a term. Guest speakers will come in and talk to the boys about science outside the classroom and demonstrate their scientific principle.

The first Science Alive event is all about fire and explosions.

When: 2 March, 3.30pm-4.30pm
Where: Design and Technology room
For: All boys Years 3-6 – no bookings required




JPG news

Junior School Welcome Picnic

The Junior School welcome picnic is taking place tomorrow Friday 26 February in the Junior School grounds. This is a great opportunity for families to get together and bring a picnic. Boys can play whilst parents socialise. Tables will be provided in the red square and the JPG will provide a free sausage sizzle for the boys on a first-in-first-served basis. BYO picnic and drinks.

New JPG Committee member required

The JPG committee is looking for a new parent to work with the JPG team in the role of Communications. If you are interested in getting more involved, please email juniorparents@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au.

JPG Mother’s Day Gift Initiative

Don’t forget mum this Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day may seem a long way off, but will be here before we know it. As part of our fundraising initiative, the JPG is once again offering boys the opportunity to order a unique gift for Mother’s Day.

Click here to view the flyer. Orders can be placed below.  


Final date for orders is Friday 18 March 2016. Thank you for your support.

JPG Term 1 major events

26 February
JPG Welcome Picnic

1 March
JPG meeting: G. B. Robertson Hall, 8.45am – 9.30am




Sh@re Community News

Free parent seminar – Resilience, Anxiety and Children

On Wednesday 16 March, Rosstrevor Hall, corner Allee and New Streets Brighton

See the School wide eNews for more information on this seminar.




OSHClub News


Come check out all the fun things we do at Osh Club. Every Monday and Thursday we have Sport Skills sessions with the fantastic coaches from RDK. On Fridays we have chess lessons and tournaments with chess expert Leonid.

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback, questions or concerns.

Head Office: 03 8564 9000
Program Contact: 0422 193 377 (kinder) or 0401 143 440 (primary)
Kinder Coordinator: Marion Cotter
Primary Coordinator: Emma Jean Callery
Assistants: Kate Rushen and Libby Hands

Please note: All families must be enrolled to attend the program and/or Vacation Care, and remember it is free to enrol your children online. Please create an account online at www.oshclub.com.au. All bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on-the-day/emergency After School Care bookings please contact the School Office and the Coordinator direct at the program (text messages to the program mobile are preferred). Before School Care can be booked in the same fashion, or just come on in.

Many thanks, from the OSHClub Team at Brighton Grammar!




Found property

1 x navy crested sports shorts size 8