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Junior School

A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston

A child safe school

Brighton Grammar School is committed to the safety of your son. Please click here to read a letter from me about the new Child Safe Standards introduced by the Victorian Government, and how these Child Safe Standards apply to BGS.


From the Head of Junior School, Peter Tellefson

I am a strong believer ‘that the little things count’. So often I remind the boys how important their manners are and to make good eye contact when speaking to an adult. These two examples are ‘little things’ that make a difference and build confidence in boys. We have a responsibility to assist our boys develop a sense of pride in themselves, their family and the School. I love the start to my day and “meeting and greeting’ the boys, and I continue to be impressed with our boys and how they present themselves and engage appropriately with their peers and adults at school.

It is always the intention of the School to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for our boys. I remind all parents that we endeavour to remain a nut-free zone at all times. We have an Anaphylaxis Policy, and it is important we continue to raise awareness of anaphylaxis in the BGS community. I would ask parents to ensure boys’ lunchboxes do not contain nuts or sandwich spreads that contain nuts, and to be particularly aware when boys are celebrating birthdays. The Anaphylaxis Australia website: www.allergyfacts.org.au is an informative site that I encourage parents to access.

From time to time we have accidents on the playground. While I can assure you the playground is supervised at all times, it is important parents realise accidents will happen. Our responsibility is to ensure the playground is as safe as possible, is supervised, the boys are aware of School rules, and our boys learn to respect each other. In the event of an accident occurring, your son will be cared for to the best of our ability. Parents will be contacted and, if necessary, medical attention will be sought.


BGS School Stream app now live

Are you missing out on important information?

Don’t forget to download our new communication tool, School Stream, if you haven’t already done so.  BGS is using School Stream to communicate with you about day-to-day operations. 

Click here to find out more about School Stream at BGS.


Junior School achievements and reminders

Details for the following activities/events are provided on the BGS School Stream app: 

  • Year 5/6 APS Sports Photographs
  • The Year 3 – 6 House Public Speaking
  • Year 3 – 6 Father Son Activities Evening
  • Year 6 Canberra Trip

Congratulations to our Year 4 boys who recently represented BGS in an inter school Maths Day and to our Year 6 debaters who competed in the first interschool debate with Christchurch Grammar. Thanks to Mrs Lowe for her excellent work in coordinating these programs and providing additional opportunities to enrich our boys’ learning experience.


Astronauts, submariners and traffic controllers keep the ELC busy

What an active week we have had in our ELC 3 and ELC4 classes this week. As the ELC4 group prepares for their Night Session next Thursday evening, the boys have explored the solar system, space travel and the changes between night and day; not to mention their groovy instrument making and musical performance skills. It is wonderful to hear the boys sharing their knowledge of the planets and which order they sit.

The Wombats are creating an underwater world of magic for their yellow submarine to peruse the BGS waters. The boys have enjoyed learning about ocean life, vessels in the water, and safe practice around water. In the Bilby room the boys have been busy learning about road and traffic safety. Their vehicle creations are one for Mercedes or Audi to look at for future designs…

Our outdoor program has been taken to new levels with the boys collaborative learning in building cubby houses and secret villages to explore. We certainly have a few contenders for MasterChef 2031 as our mud kitchen and sandpit areas have provided the boys to create their own spectacular dishes.

I’m sure each family has enjoyed sharing their son’s Child Portfolio at home throughout this week. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback and reflection when you return them next Monday. If you need a little more time with them, please do not hesitate to let us know.

The Bilby classroom enjoyed celebrating Mrs Manaras’ 40th birthday today with delicious cupcakes and party attire. We hope Mrs Manaras has a good day on Saturday celebrating with her family.

Many thanks to our families for bringing in winter coats for the boys’ outdoor program. We understand wearing a blazer and bringing a separate coat can be cumbersome, however being warm outdoors is a priority. The Term 3 dates have been posted on the School Stream for all ELC families to access. I have also posted a copy in our ELC foyer for your information.

We look forward to next week’s lead up to the Olympics in Rio.

Amelia Barrow
Director of the Early Learning Centre


Parenting tip

Please click here to view this week’s parenting tip: Insights: Would you please behave!


ICAS Science Competition

Well done to the boys who were selected to participate in the ICAS Science competition. They undertook challenging questions involving skills of observing, measuring, interpreting, predicting and problem solving.


A High Distinction was awarded to Matheus Judah (Year 2) and Charlie Sabin (Year 3). Seymour Zhu (Year 3), Lachlan Auden (Year 4), Tom Jorgensen (Year 4), Harry Pollock (Year 4), James Tan (Year 4), Tom Crennan (Year 4), Sam Walters (Year 4), Matthew Barwood (Year 5), Zach Bowen (Year 6) and Jarrad Thomson (Year 6) achieved Distinctions.


We congratulate these students on their scientific prowess and encourage them to continue to develop talent in this subject.

Year 4 Maths Games Day



On Thursday 21 July, eight Year 4 boys participated in the Maths Games Day at Lowther Hall, Essendon. It was a fabulous opportunity to work with like-minded students and to further develop mathematical thinking skills.

The boys competed well and were fortunate enough to be awarded medals for 1st and 3rd place against a number of other schools. Well done to Jackson Chen, Hugh Hasker, Lachlan Kwong, James Tan, Tom Jorgensen, James Mannion, Lachlan Auden and Andrew McGregor for their enthusiasm and diligence. Special congratulations to James Tan for his expertise in the ‘mental maths’ section, scoring 37 correct questions in 5 minutes!  

Year 6 Debating

The Year 6 boys have discovered the power of words! A group of talented students debated against Christchurch Grammar, in the first inter school competition between our schools.

Harry Llewellyn, Jasper Findlay and Alex Holman argued the negative side that ‘All schools should be coeducational’. This was a challenge with the opposition team comprised of boys and girls. The BGS team incorporated humour and convincing points of view. Thomas Galinas, Dylan Roberts and Jackson Pantelopoulos argued the affirmative side ‘That technology is taking over the world’. They demonstrated impressive manner and rebutted well.

Congratulations to all involved, it was a beneficial and rewarding experience.

Jane Lowe
Enrichment/Extension Teacher


Rio Logo Rio Image

Junior School Mini-Olympics

This term includes the Rio Olympics which will be held between 5 August and 22 August.  On 12 August the Junior School will be celebrate this exciting event by having a rotation of activities. The boys will need to come to school in their sports uniform with their House polo shirt.

The timetable for the day is:




Make a flag and create a team uniform. Learn about your country.

11.50 – 12.30


Eat lunch

12.30 – 12.40



12.40 – 1.20


Finish uniform and flags

1.20 – 1.40


Parade of flags and teams

Opening Ceremony

1.40 – 2.00

Wilson House Oval

Rotation of activities

2.00 – 3.00

Wilson House Oval

Closing Ceremony &

Collection of certificates

3.00 – 3.10

Wilson House Oval

Weather permitting, this day will help get the boys into the spirit of this wonderful event.

Joanne Davies
Teaching and Learning Coordinator (Junior School)


Teaching and learning

What’s happening in Prep – Year 4 Music?

“Did you know that we are learning about the Classical Period of music and some of the composers and their music we are studying are Mozart, Beethoven and Paganini?” Harry P 4B

“I really enjoy playing the cello in Year 4 and I read the bass clef.” Tom C 4F

“I can play hard rhythms on the drum. There’s a special way you hold the drumsticks.” Matheus 2A

“We are learning about Chinese music and we made up a song using 5 notes. It’s a pentatonic. Did you know that ‘penta’ means five?” Hakeem 1H


What’s happening… 6 Endeavour

“In class, 6 Endeavour are learning about government, elections, past prime ministers and how our entire lives revolve around the decisions the PM makes.”  Henry P

“Congratulations to our class Prime Minister, Samson Adams and Deputy Prime Minister Sam Llewellyn.  Special congratulations also go to the class Leader of the Opposition and a new class officer this week, Ben Edmondson.  Deputy of the Opposition is Jorge Houridis.” Mrs Turek

“In our class this week we’ve been working on prime ministers throughout history. We all randomly picked a number out of a hat which had the order of prime ministers from the first to the last. On day we learned all about the conflicts and technologies and lifestyles of each decade for the prime ministers.”  Ben C

“This week the year 6 boys have been working on prime ministers and what was going on in their time as PM.  We are also getting ready for Canberra in the coming week.”  Ethan L


JPG news

The next JPG Meeting will be held on Tuesday 2 August at 8.45am in the G. B. Robertson Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend.

OSHClub news

What’s on at OSH during term 3? This term we have the fantastic coaches from RDK running basketball on Thursdays.

We wish to welcome Emma back from her holiday and Sam to ther team as the new Kinder Co-ordinator to the team at OSH Club. We have some exciting up activities coming up from cooking, sports, arts and crafts.


Please feel free to contact us with any feedback, questions or concerns:

  • Head Office: 8564 9000
  • Program Contact: 0422 193 377 (kinder), 0401 143 440 (primary)
  • Kinder Coordinator: Sam
  • Primary Coordinator: Emma
  • Assistants: Kate Rushen and Libby Hands

All families must be enrolled to attend the program and/or Vacation Care, and remember it is free to enrol your children online. Please create an account online at www.oshclub.com.au

 All bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on-the-day/emergency After School Care bookings please contact the School Office and the Coordinator direct at the program (text messages to the program mobile are preferred). Before School Care can be booked in the same fashion, or just come on in.


Found items

Blazer size 75B with Armstrong badge (name illegible)

Messi soccer shirt size 10