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A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston

What is a successful man?

This week I came across an interesting Deakin University research project, Men and Parenting Pathways (MAPP), which explores how men respond to a range of life experiences during their late 20s and early 30s. As the MAPP website says “whatever the path, this age is one characterised by change in social networks, relationships, responsibilities and opportunities, and we are interested in how men adapt to that change.”

The MAPP study made me think more deeply about something we are looking to enhance as we near a new strategic phase for BGS: that is, what is a successful man? There is some interest in considering what a successful man does, but here at BGS, we have begun to consider more deeply what a successful man actually is. What does he possess in terms of values, character, knowledge, understanding and the like?

Some of the BGS boys have already told us what they think makes a ‘successful man’ – see the video below. However, I would also be interested to hear from you. What do you think makes a man successful? Feel free to email me at headmaster@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au.




From the Head of Junior School, Peter Tellefson

I spent last Thursday and Friday with our musicians on Music Camp at Rutherford Park, Daylesford. The boys worked hard, the intensive rehearsal schedule, 10 hours in total is equivalent to a term’s ensemble rehearsals in just 2 days. The hard work from camp was evident at our concert on Tuesday evening. Our Year 4 to 6 musicians provided superb entertainment to a full house at St Andrew’s Church. Congratulations to all boys, particularly those who performed for an audience for the first time. Special mention to our Year 6 leaders: Stanley Chen, Jackson Pantelopoulos and Callum Heath, who compered the evening, and to our soloists; Brendan Zhang, Hamish Andersen, Jarrad Thomson and Isaac Lee. Thank you to Mr Furtado for his excellent leadership, supported by Mr Ransome, Mrs Sofo, Mr Walker, Miss Nguyen, Mrs Oskolkov, Ms Manins, Ms Rae, Mr Juriansz, Mr Abell and Mr Smith.

Our involvement in the Year 5/6 APS Sport Program adds to the ‘all boy’ educational experience; the emphasis is on participation, there is no ladder or premierships awarded at the end of a season. Boys have a choice of 3 to 4 sports to select from each term. Our boys are expected to train on a weekly basis to improve their skills, game plan and fitness levels. Representing the School with pride, the importance of organisation, the wearing of their uniform correctly, and the emphasis on sportsmanship, are all key elements. Next week is our final round of APS Sport for our Year 5 and 6 boys this term. There is no Year 5/6 APS sport training next week. Our sports for Term 3 are soccer, athletics, hockey and European handball.


Junior School student achievements

Congratulations to the following boys from Years 3, 4 and 6 who will be presented with Semester 1 Music Specialist Effort Cards and Year 6 APS Sport Awards at tomorrow’s assembly in the G. B. Robertson Hall at 12.30pm.

Specialist Effort Cards

  • Class Music: Lachlan Auden, Ben Curtis, Zac Landsman, William Moreton, James Tan, Huw Thomas, Lucas Toms, Elden Zeng, Seymour Zhu
  • Wilson House Concert Band: Callum Heath, Jack Kissane
  • Wilson House String Orchestra: Jorge Houridis
  • Guitar Ensemble: Jackson Court, Charlie Heaton
  • Borwick House Choir: Nikolas Stavrellis, Thomas Stretch, Felix Wolfe


Year 6 APS Sport Awards

  • 6A Football Most Outstanding Player                          Jonah Campigli
  • 6A Football Best Team Player                                          Charlie Heaton
  • 6B Football Most Outstanding Player                          Jorge Houridis
  • 6B Football Best Team Player                                          Lachlan McCurry
  • 6C Football Most Outstanding Player                          Jake Tium
  • 6C Football Best Team Player                                          Tim Moulton
  • 6A Volleyball Most Outstanding Player                      Matthew Hill
  • 6A Volleyball Best Team Player                                      Alex Tognarini
  • 6B Blue Volleyball Most Outstanding Player            Sidney Zeng
  • 6B Blue Volleyball Best Team Player                            Jordan Stewart
  • 6B Red Volleyball Most Outstanding Player             Oscar Lo
  • 6B Red Volleyball Best Team Player                             Felix Brighton-Knight
  • Year 6 Cross Country Most Outstanding Runner   J Sum
  • Year 6 Cross Country Best Team Runner                   Jack Kissane


Junior School happenings and reminders

  • Today the Year 5 boys and staff will explore the goldfields of Sovereign Hill, participating in a number of tours, exploring the streets and shops, attending a ‘school’ session and the ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’ light show, as well as panning for gold. The trip will enable them to bring their classroom theory and research alive as they are immersed into life in the 1850s.
  • The Year 1 and Year 2 boys look forward to hosting their grandparents and special friends on the following dates from 9.45am to 11.00am:
    • Year 1 – Friday, 10 June.
    • Year 2 – Thursday, 16 June.
  • Prep to Year 6 Semester 1 reports will be available online from 4pm on Thursday 16 June 2016 via the Synportal. Parent-teacher interviews are scheduled for early next term on Wednesday 20 July from 3.30om – 6pm and Thursday 21 July from 3.30pm – 8.30pm. Information in regard to bookings will be emailed on Monday 11 July.  Homeroom teachers and specialist staff will be available to meet with parents.
  • Next Friday will be our final day of Term 2. The following is an outline of the day:
    • 9.15am – Chapel – Prep to Year 6.
    • 10am – Free time Winning House.
    • 11.20am – Assembly.
    • 12.20pm – JPG Pizza Lunch – Please note there are no tuck shop orders available.
    • 1.30pm – Tabloid Sports – All boys wear their Sports Uniform and House Polo Shirt.
    • 3.20pm – Normal dismissal.


Girls in the ELC

This week has been full of action and excitement in the ELC with our two special planned days on Tuesday and today. On Tuesday the ELC3 boys hosted the Firbank girls for a morning session in our ELC. It was lovely seeing the boys choose a girl to show around the outdoor environment and to see the children busy working together.

The ELC4 boys, staff and parents walked over to Firbank’s ELC and were welcomed with open arms by the girls. The boys enjoyed exploring their new playground and had fun seeing friends they had met last year with our ‘play dates’. All of our boys looked extra handsome on Tuesday. A big thank you to our ELC4 parent helpers for assisting us with the excursion. I would also like to thank Adam and Dane’s mums for making delicious scones for our Firbank parent helpers for their morning tea.


Today we had our celebration of winter and arrived at school in our pyjamas. The boys excitedly showed off their special pjs for the day. We enjoyed cosy activities and made raisin toast and Milo. The Bilby’s even had cooking and made their traffic light sandwiches with parent helpers.


Mrs Clarke will be running her PMP sessions for the ELC4 groups next term and requires parent helpers on a Thursday morning for the 2 sessions. We ask that parents kindly sign up to help run small group activity stations each week. It’s a wonderful way to be a part of the program and watch the boys develop their physical skills, and an action-packed way to start your Thursday!


Don’t forget that if you require holiday program from OSHClub you will need to sign up online. Places are capped and also offered to Firbank ELC children.

Amelia Barrow
Director of the Early Learning Centre


Parenting tip

Please click here to view this week’s parenting tip: ‘Insights: Reading Your Child’s Report’.


Teaching and learning

 Tell me about the Year 6 camp…

“Driving the boat down a river name after our family was a great experience.” James M (6R)

“I enjoyed spending time with my great friends and the Year 11 Leaders.” Mitch K (6R)


“I was challenged to carry a hiking pack and I felt relief when we reached the finish.” Matthew H (6R)


Tell me about Milikapiti…

Last week 8 BGS Boys and 3 FGS girls were privileged to visit Milikipati, which is in the Tiwi Islands. The Milikapati Indigenous Exchange aims to raise awareness of indigenous culture and foster positive and lasting relationships between the two schools.

“From the moment we arrived till the moment we left, the trip was an absolute blast! The kids we met, the friendships we made and the ‘sort of huge’ fish we reeled in. Tom O’Connor even packed a star wild! We hummed as we tasted barramundi and seagull eggs. We also taught classes English and helped the students with their maths. It was so amazing to see the bright faces of all the kids smiling and laughing. It was very hard to say goodbye. We will keep them in our hearts forever.” Will F


“My favourite part of Milikapiti was Tarracumbi falls. Tarracumbi falls was a gigantic waterfall and it was truly amazing. When we were at the falls it started raining. From then on it just got heavier and heavier until soon it was pouring down with rain. There were small crevices in the road and they became mini waterfalls. I learnt all about Tiwi dances, such as the buffalo dance, the shark dance and the crocodile dance. It was so much fun dancing around the fire with the preschool kids.” Ben E

“My highlight was playing footy and catching my first fish. I also loved swimming in the creek and racing boats down the stream. Ben E and I made a boat that went down the whole stream. Whilst we were there I learned that if you have the same name as someone who died you were not allowed to be called the same name for a year or two.” Tom O


“My highlight from this trip was without a doubt being a teacher’s assistant, helping the Tiwi kids with their reading, writing, as well as science and maths. No matter if it was listening to them read, spelling out words they didn’t understand, or assisting them with their multiplication problems, I loved every minute of it.” Jay S

“The highlight of my week for me was eating the amazing bush tucker. We had some turtle, which had a crispy taste and I also had the barramundi soup which had a few bones in it. What I learnt about Tiwi culture was that if you had the same name as someone and they died you have to change your name for a year. Sometimes people get used to it and you get to keep your new name. It is called Pukamani.” Zac L

“My highlight of Milikapiti was meeting the children there. They were so nice and fun to play with. One of my facts about Tiwi culture was that in Tiwi paintings they only use four colours which were: white, black, red and yellow. These colours are all found in the ground.”  Ben A


Tell me about Music Camp

“Music Camp is a great way to get in front of the pieces you are learning, and there is still time to have fun and learn at the same time.”  Zac T 


“This year’s Music Camp was incredible – the best ever!”  Jackson C

“Music Camp was an incredible opportunity to improve our skills. We were able to knuckle down and complete our work. The staff did a great job to make this camp such a wonderful experience.”  Jasper F


Tell me about the Birdman Rally in Year 4 Cook

“All I could hear was cheering. ‘Crasssshhh!’ Oh well, another glider snapped.” Tevann P

“Snap. Dirt flew everywhere as the glider snapped in half. Oskar stepped up and I was next. Oskar threw his glider…he was 1st! I stepped up to throw my glider, how was I going to win?’” Andrew M


“Crash! Boom! I can taste defeat slowly coming to me. I hear cheers, crashes, snapping and cracking. My heart is racing…’ Lachlan K

“Clunk! Clunk! Clunk, as I stepped up the stairs, waiting to fly my plane. I was nervous, very nervous. It was my go! “Whoooooshh”, as my plane took off. But then, a gust of wind blew the plane down, and it hit the fence.” Will O

“Everyone was cheering as Oskar’s was the only plane to fly over the net.” Tomas S


JPG news

End of Term Lunch

Online orders can be accessed from Monday 6 June for the JPG End of Term lunch on Friday 17 June. The lunch includes cheese and tomato pizza, a drink and a treat for $9.50. Orders can be placed via Flexischools until 4pm on Tuesday 14 June.

If you have not yet registered for Flexischools:

  • Go to www.flexischools.com.au.
  • Enter your email.
  • You will be emailed a link to an online form – follow the link.
  • Choose a username and password and complete the form.
  • Add each student and their class.
  • Top-up the account (using Visa or Mastercard).
  • (For help call 1300 361 769).

Please note that orders can only be placed using the above system. No other tuck orders will be available on Friday 17 June.

2016/2017 Entertainment Memberships 

JPG Entertainment Book

The new Entertainment™ Memberships are available now and are packed with thousands of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers that you can use until 1 June 2017. Flick through to preview the value here.

Choose between the popular Entertainment™ Book with Gold Card and Vouchers, or the Entertainment™ Digital Membership that puts the value of the Book on your smartphone.Click here to order.

We receive 20% from every Entertainment™ Membership we sell, which contributes to the JPG fundraising goals. The more Memberships we sell, the more we raise so please tell your family and friends.

JPG Meeting

The next JPG Meeting will be held next Tuesday 7 June at 8.45am in the G. B. Robertson Hall.  Everyone is welcome.


Sh@re Community Campus

Sh@re holiday program

These holidays we return with a number of our regular holiday programs, including STEM based computer programming and LEGO classes, plus various sporting activities including basketball, footy, fencing, soccer and tennis.  For more information, visit the Sh@re website

We are always happy to look at new suggestions for programs. If you have an idea for a program to run at our schools, contact Sonia Wagner, Community Education Manager, at swagner@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au.


OSHClub news

Can you believe that there is only 1 week left of Term 2? Bookings are now open for our June/July Holiday Program. Every day there is a fun theme, sports, art and craft activities and incursions and there will be 4 exciting excursions. Brochures are available online and at the OSH room.

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback, questions or concerns.

Head Office: 8564 9000, Program Contact: 0422 193 377 (kinder), 0401 143 440 (primary).

Kinder Coordinator: Marion Cotter, Primary Coordinator: Emma Jean Callery.

Assistants: Kate Rushen and Libby Hands.

All families must be enrolled to attend the program and/or vacation care, and remember it is free to enrol your children online. Create an account online at www.oshclub.com.au

All bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on-the-day/emergency after school care bookings please contact the School Office and the coordinator direct at the program (text messages to the program mobile are preferred). Before school care can be booked in the same way, or just come on in.


Found property

  • Jumper size 12.
  • Blue gloves size 5 – 8 (small).
  • 2 x blue hoodies sizes 12 and M.