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A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston


On Monday, at Valedictory Day, we farewelled the Class of 2016. Our young men finished their time at BGS with the same dignity and class they displayed throughout their time at the School, along with a good, healthy dose of emotion. It was superb to have the whole School involved in the Beating of the Bounds ceremony, where every boy from ELC through to Year 11 had a chance to witness this rite of passage and thank our Year 12s.

Old Brighton Grammarian Rob McGauran (1976) shared five pieces of sage advice with the Valedicts – advice that rings true for us all:

  1. find your voice
  2. have a crack
  3. be curious
  4. be engaged and generous
  5. and, most importantly, be loving.

There is no doubt that BGS’s Class of 2016 leave behind a strong legacy. We are so proud of the boys and wish them well for their upcoming examinations, and for their lives beyond the School gates.


From the Head of Middle School, Jeremy Martin

In assembly this week, we once again celebrated the academic endeavours of the boys by presenting Effort Certificates for Term 3. Over 45 boys were recognised for their consistently high effort grades across all subjects, setting the bar high for others to aspire to. Some Year 8 boys have received certificates every term – leaving a wonderful legacy in the Middle School. Mr Machar’s address in assembly this week focused on ‘Legacy and Passion’ and he encouraged boys, especially those in Year 8 who will soon move to the Senior School, to consider the legacy they will leave behind when they leave the Middle School. He referred to our current School Captain, Andy McGrath, as a fine example of someone who has left the school a better place through his effort and application throughout his Middle and Senior School years. Our Middle School Leaders consider this when they meet as a group and it is a real driver for our Student Council. We are all custodians that build, maintain and enhance the BGS community.

The Mother and Son Lunch was a delightful event yesterday with the largest numbers of mums and boys ever assembled for this occasion. All who attended enjoyed some quality time together and a host of relationship-building exercises. My thanks go to Dr Arne Rubinstein who hosted the event, the Year 7 volunteer mums, Niki Mitchell-Adams, the catering team, Andrew Lee, Julie Ellwood and Andrew Braddy for making the event such a great success.


More photos can be seen here.

From the Head of House, Tim Marshall

The value of community

In a year not without its challenges for the BGS community, several events in recent weeks have reminded me that we are very fortunate to live and work where we do.

I listened with great interest during the staff professional learning day when several colleagues mentioned they ran into BGS boys during the September holidays. Locations like Church St, Chadstone, the CBD and an art gallery in NSW were all mentioned. On all occasions, staff were glowing in their assessment of our boys’ genuine care and interest in their own families and how polite they were. It is obvious to me that the majority of our boys value the positive relationships that exist at the School and that genuine two-way respect is on display after school hours.

As a staff member exclusive to the Middle School, Valedictory Week is a personal favourite. While our Year 12 boys are ready to take the next step in their lives, they also traditionally allow themselves moments of great sentiment and appreciation. To receive handshakes, words of thanks and recounted memories from their time in the old Rosstrevor during that final week of school is a highlight for many of us in the Middle School staffroom. It is one of those ‘teaching moments’ that are priceless and greatly valued by a number of staff.

Finally, it was wonderful to see a Year 7 boy show his grandparents around the Middle School after school last week as they were visiting from interstate. I watched as he took them around different parts of the School in order to introduce them to his subject teachers. On each occasion he explained to the teacher that he wanted his grandparents to be able to visualise his teachers’ face when discussing school via Skype and over the phone. What a lovely sentiment in many ways.

Mutual respect and appreciation between staff and students is something that cannot be underestimated and helps to drive a positive culture within a school. I for one feel very fortunate to be a part of it.



It is reasonable that all students in Middle School at BGS should aspire to leadership in whatever field they apply themselves to. BGS is rightly proud that it offers many opportunities for students to experience and hone leadership.

The difference between aspiration and fulfilment is the product of application and self-belief. The boys are well aware that leadership is characterised by courage, team building, clarity of purpose, commitment, self-control and a preparedness to face situations that may not be easy to resolve. This is but a short list of characteristics.

It is unusual for one person to have all these abilities, therefore a leader should not be reluctant to work with others who compliment and share a vision. Leaders also gain much from accepting and seeking the help of a mentor to model leadership for them.

For a young man to be a leader among his peers is that much more difficult as he faces the conflicting demands and expectations of his mates.

In Chapel this week it was affirmed that Jesus offers a model of leadership that has inspired and motivated people for more than 1700 years. This statement is hard to accept if, as many students think, Jesus did not even exist. Is it enough to say that Jesus did exist and that he was an effective leader?

The qualities of leadership identified as critical to the demands of the 21st Century are the same as those practiced and taught by Jesus. A good leader would gain much from a serious consideration of what Jesus did and how he related to people.

With every good wish.

Fr Tony Poole


Middle School Notices

Relay for Life Saturday: Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 October (12pm to 12pm)

The Middle School boys have been working hard on their individual fundraising in preparation for the upcoming Relay for Life event.

Thank you to all of the families and members of the BGS community who have generously supported the boys and their fundraising efforts.

A few final reminders for the boys and parents involved (a final letter with event details will be distributed to boys and be available via School Stream)

  • Please ensure that all medical information is up to date. Any boys with specific medication must provide this themselves.
  • BBQs will be provided for use at the event, however all food items, cooking utensils, cutlery and cleaning equipment will need to be brought by individuals. Refrigeration is not available and parents will need to be responsible for the safety of any food cooked at the venue.
  • Boys are invited to stay for the entire 24-hour event, or may arrive and leave when needed. No student is permitted to leave the venue at any time, unless it is with a parent or guardian.

In the event of any changes to your availability for parental supervision please contact Tyla Bracken on 0407 194 413. (please see the running roster on the School Stream notification and ensure that you can supervise your son’s one-hour timeslot).

Thank you again for your support and look forward to a great weekend.

Tyla Bracken


Parenting tip

There are times when smart parents need to look beyond the obvious behaviours to get a good understanding of what’s happening to their child and to help a child better understand and manage their emotions.  So what does an emotionally intelligent parent look like and what is the impact of this approach on kids, parents and families? Click here to learn more about the five common attributes of emotionally intelligent parents.



BBQ Lunch and Staff vs. Student Match Fundraiser  – Friday 21 October

A fundraising BBQ will held at lunchtime this Friday 21 October for all Middle School boys.

The funds raised will go towards the Relay for Life event (to be held in October) to raise money for the Cancer Council.

Please support the students who will be participating in the 24-hour Relay for Life event, aimed at raising awareness and funds for cancer research.

There will be a BBQ, sporting games and entertainment. There is something for everything so don’t forget to get give generously and be involved in the festivities!   

Please buy your raffle tickets by Thursday 20 October for the chance to take on the teachers in a dodgeball tournament!

Don’t forget to bring money for a BBQ lunch ($2 sausages and drinks).


Middle School dates for the diary

For updates and events, see School Stream or click here for the online calendar.


Found property

  • Tracksuit top size XS
  • Rugby shorts size M
  • Navy leggings size L
  • Pencil case (Vietnam Airlines)