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Middle School

A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston

This has been an extremely difficult time for everyone in the BGS community. Of course, the welfare of everyone involved in the week’s events is of utmost importance. I share your hurt and sadness. However, my pride in our School, and the people in it, is undiminished. During this difficult time, I am buoyed by the great work being undertaken by caring people at BGS – people who, like me, are proud to call themselves part of the BGS community.



From the Head of Middle School, Jeremy Martin

It was with great pride that we to inducted Harrison Kirkham and Richard Jiang as Middle School Leaders at Chapel on Tuesday. Harrison and Richard join our other School Leaders and each will have a specific responsibility or portfolio, and will undertake other duties and attend regular meetings as a leadership team. We wish Harrison and Richard, and all our School Leaders, the very best in their service to the Middle School.

Parent/teacher interviews were conducted this week for boys in Years 7 to 12. I hope you all found these discussions to be productive and insightful and came away with clear goals to help your son progress in the second semester. Thanks to the team for the very professional set up and a special mention to the art team for the excellent display of student work in the Nexus.

A reminder that the School Stream app will now be our primary means of communication with regard to day-to-day operational matters. The app can be personalised to your/your son’s specific needs. If you haven’t already done so, please download the app (see the article below) to ensure you don’t miss any important information.

Finally, the boys in Year 8 are looking forward to the camps, as am I! There is no doubt that the camps will be both challenging and rewarding – more to come in next week’s eNews.


BGS School Stream app now live

Action required: BGS has changed the way it communicates with parents.

Don’t forget to download our new communication tool, School Stream, if you haven’t already done so.  From the start of Term 3, BGS will be using the School Stream app to communicate with you about day-to-day operations. 

Click here to find out more about School Stream at BGS.


Teaching and learning


My holidays did not see me venture far from home, but on one occasion I braved the freezing wind and rain and ran along the foreshore towards the CBD. It was apparent that the mindfulness that I was teaching at school was also impacting me, as I closely observed the formation of the landscape, the repairs being done to the coastal rock walls to stop further erosion, and the numerous beachside apartments being built. I wondered if my Year 8 Geography class were thinking what I was thinking. That is, if their holiday was spending time at the beach or in a concrete jungle of a city, were they also thinking of our classwork this past semester? Were they thinking of coastal erosion and management practices, as well as the continuing urbanisation of green spaces?

After returning home exhausted, I plonked myself on the couch and turned on the television. Campaigning for the Australian election was in full swing and the furore over Brexit was apparent. I thought of Year 7 History and our study of the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome. Would the boys be noting democracy at work and be making comparisons between politicians stumbling to hold power to Julius Caesar’s fall, as well as the decline of an empire? As I began to channel surf and feast on the mid-year sporting opportunities such as the NBA Finals, Wimbledon, AFL and Euro soccer tournament, I marvelled at the grand sporting stadiums. I was reminded of the legacy of the Roman Coliseum as a template for future arenas, and the array of events put on to keep the masses content and peaceful.

Boys need to see purpose in what they do and sometimes that is not always apparent to them. I just hope they don’t miss out on some of these real-world connections to their studies.

P.S. The boys have begun the term by completing some goal-setting. Professor John Hattie’s Visible Learning ranks self-reported grades/student expectations as the number one effect size; however, many boys admit to not knowing how to achieve their goals. This is where micro-teaching, number six on the effect size, comes into play. Micro-teaching involves demonstrating strategies on how to learn, and our goal setting is incorporating steps on how to reach their goal. This is a great conversation to have with your boys in their quest for excellence.

Christian Machar
Head of Middle School Humanities


Parenting tip

Success in today’s world depends on the ability to understand, appreciate and work with others.  The child who is open to differences is likely to have more opportunities in school, in business and in life in general. Please click here to read this week’s parenting tip on how to encourage your child to fully embrace tolerance in everything they do.


The Eucharist is a complex experience

Welcome back. It has been most gratifying to see so many parents and boys engaged with the process of parent/teacher interviews as well as eagerly engaging in the challenges of class work and discussion.

Chapel this week was the first such event for this term: consequently it was both a celebration of Eucharist and the induction of Richard Jiang and Harrison Kirkham as School Leaders.

The Eucharist is a challenge for most boys. It is both an affirmation of the Christian faith and a statement about the way in which we as a community are bound together. The leadership exercised by staff and the boys is informed by faith and serves the community.

The Eucharist is a complex experience: it is a ritual which demands thought and explanation. It is also an act of inclusion: participants affirm that they want to be part of the values and meaning created by the life of service exhibited by Jesus of Nazareth.

To lead in this community is to engage in service: to serve the good of all not just the one. Leadership is not a status, it is the next step on a journey to discover what we can give for the benefit of each other.

May Term 3 be a time of positive wellbeing and joy for all.

Peace and blessings,

Fr Tony Poole



Winter sport presentation nights

Please note the following upcoming winter season presentation nights:

  • Soccer –Tuesday 2 August, 6pm Centenary Hall (Senior School)*
  • Football –Thursday 4 August, 7pm Centenary Hall (Senior School)*
  • Hockey –Monday 8 August, 6pm Centenary Hall (Senior School)
  • Basketball –Wednesday 10 August, 6.30pm Middle School Nexus
  • Rugby –Wednesday 10 August, 6.30pm Centenary Hall (Senior School)

Please note: 8H/R/S will be on Year 8 camp during the week of the soccer and football presentation nights. Any trophies awarded to absent boys will be presented at Middle School assembly the following week.


Middle School notices

On Thursday evening last week, we were fortunate to have Dr Arne Rubinstein, arguably one of Australia’s most effective experts in working with boys, address our Middle School parents. This informative, highly entertaining and inspiring session showcased Dr Arne’s depth of knowledge and experience of working with boys and their parents and was thoroughly enjoyed by a large gathering of captivated Middle School parents. Dr Arne, author of The Making of Men, will be working with your sons and the School in our pursuit to create happy, healthy and successful young men and we are looking forward to this exciting new partnership.

Dr Arne Rubenstein Seminar


Student achievements

Victorian Under 16 State Winter Baseball Championships

Dante Caruso (Year 8) and his All Star representative team have taken out the title in the Victorian Under 16 State Winter Baseball Championships in Wangaratta. Dante played an integral part in the team’s success, with great offence performances/ Dante hit multiple singles and doubles, bringing in four runners and scoring four runs himself. His performance on the mound was equally terrific pitching six innings across two key games, striking out four batters with only one run scored under his watch.  Dante was also named Most Valuable Player for the tournament.


Dante Caruso U16 State Champs


Lombok International Dance Sport

Jaxon Putland (Year 8) and partner Nicole won two divisions of the Lombok International DanceSport competition last weekend. Furthermore, they finished fifth in the senior division against much older dancers. Congratulations Jaxon on an outstanding first international tournament.

Lombok International Dance Sport


Middle School dates for the diary

  • Thursday 21 July – Year 7 and Year 8 parent/teacher discussions –  2pm – 8.30pm
  • Sunday 24 July to Friday 29 July – Year 8 Camp 1 (Armstrong, Crowther, Dixon) – Grampians
  • Thursday 28 July – Australian Mathematics Competition – 9am – 10.30am – RSCH
  • Sunday 31 to Friday 5 August – Year 8 Camp 2 (Hancock, Rofe, School) –  Grampians
  • Tuesday 2 August – Soccer Presentation Night – 6pm – 9pm – RSCH
  • Thursday 4 August – Football Presentation Night – 7pm – 9pm – RSCH
  • Friday 5 August – Casual Clothes Day (Timothy and John Fundraiser)

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