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From the Head of Middle School­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­, Jeremy Martin

This week in chapel, Father Tony Poole’s focus was on ‘strength’. Many of us have a tendency to see strength only in physical terms. During the service the boys were challenged to see strength in other ways: mental, intellectual, moral, emotional strength and so on. This focus ties in perfectly with our PROSPER lessons, which help our boys to understand their individual character strengths.

At one point in the service, Father Tony asked boys to volunteer for what turned out to be a series of tug-of-war contests. In order to determine the teams for two of these contests, he asked the selected group of boys to divide themselves according to those who thought that men were better than women, they were to stand on the left; for the next contest he asked a different group of boys to divide themselves according to those who thought it was OK to hit women, they were also to stand on the left. For the boys, this came out of the blue and their reaction was instinctive – no boy stood on the left. Father Tony then explained that when this same activity was performed in chapel a number of years ago, the result was not the same.

The strong messages boys receive, often outside of academic classes (chapel, assembly, sport and music for example), help them to understand what it is to be a ‘strong’ man.



From Head of House, Tim Marshall

Learning from the Foxes

Admittedly the English Premier League has never fully captured my attention. I have traditionally found it rather drab that the same ‘big four’ teams fight out ladder positions 1 to 4 on an annual basis due to the fact they have more money than anyone else. All that has changed of late, however, as the remarkable story of Leicester City grows legs… and I find myself hooked!

For those who might be unaware, the current top-of-the-table Leicester have all but secured their first Premier League title after spending most of the past decade in the second or third string competitions. As recently as August 2015, the club was one of the favourites to again be relegated from the Premier League by season’s end after the coach had been given his marching orders over the off-season. Amazingly, if Leicester win on Sunday they will secure the title in what has to be one of the greatest sporting stories in recent times.

In a story that looks set to become legend in years to come, it is not too early for our boys to learn lessons from this remarkable tale. At times throughout their schooling the boys may find themselves at a lower level than what they had wished. This may well be in the classroom through an assessment item or on the sporting field when aiming to make a higher graded team. Whatever the case, our boys can learn from the plight of the Leicester City Foxes who also dared to dream when not playing in the top tier.

In 2013 when in the second-tier competition, the coach at the time was quoted as saying We’re all pulling in the right direction and we know that we’ve got the quality. We have focused on getting the little things, if we do that then the results will follow.”

The focus on ‘the little things’ was the backbone for the club’s promotion at the end of the 2013/2014 season and their subsequent success that will now surely follow. When things weren’t going their way, the club didn’t make excuses, they made the courageous decision to highlight mistakes being made and go about fixing them one at a time.

Never losing sight of long-term dreams and working hard on overcoming short-term weaknesses has proved a winning combination for the Foxes in recent years. When Leicester City’s pending success is splashed all around the media in coming weeks, I encourage the boys to delve deeper to recognise not just what the club has achieved, but how they went about achieving it. The cup, screaming fans and the madness that will ensue is barely touching the surface of a sporting romance that we can learn so much from.



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The BGS sport fixtures, reports and teams can be found on the Sports page of the BGS website. 




Year 7 African Music Incursion

As part of the Year 7 classroom music curriculum, the boys study various units on music appreciation and history. One of the topics covered in Semester 1 is African music. To enhance their understanding of the music of this continent, the boys participated in an African Drumming workshop in Rosstrevor Hall. The boys learned about drumming using the traditional djembe as well as other various traditional instruments such as the balafon and dun-dun.

The activities they participated in showed the importance of listening skills, co-ordination, teamwork and creativity through improvisation. The presenters also discussed the role of music in African society and the importance of rhythm. It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm and energy in the room. Hopefully this incursion gave the boys a deeper understanding of the role of music in African culture and will enhance their knowledge of this unit of study.


Yr 7 African Drumming 1

Yr 7 African Drumming 2


Middle School notices

Chinese cultural excursion – myki card

As part of the Chinese curriculum, boys who are studying Chinese classes in Year 7 this term will attend an excursion to the Chinese Museum in China Town, Melbourne on Monday 2 May 2016. The boys will be travelling by public transport and will need a topped up myki card. Please remind your son to get his myki ready over the weekend.


Will Murray Day – Friday 29 April

The first official BGS Will Murray fundraiser will take place this Friday 29 April. Here are some key details on how you and your son can support this important charity event to support Will Murray’s recovery.

In the lead up to the event the Senior School and Middle School are hosting an Orchestral, Guitar and Choral Concert with gold coin donations going to the Will Murray Foundation.

On the day there will be various events around the school including a ‘Go Orange’ casual clothes day (Middle and Senior Schools), paper plane competition and cake sale.

In the Middle School, the day will begin with a reflection on Will’s injury in House Tutor time, and the rest of the day will run as follows:

  • Casual clothes day – theme ‘Go Orange’. Boys to present $2 to House Tutor in roll call.
  • Pizza and soft drink sale – bring extra money for lunchtime. Pizza slices $2, soft drink $2, or $5 special (2 slices and 1 drink).
  • Staff vs. students AFL match at lunchtime on Crowther Oval (1pm).

Let’s all band together to support a cause that is close to all our hearts in support of Will!

Casual clothes days 

  • Will Murray Day – Friday 29 April (gold coin donation).
  • Go Grey in May Day (casual clothes/gold coin) – Friday 6 May.
  • Bayside Schools Casual Clothes day in support of Will Murray – Friday 13 May.


Develop ideas, values and beliefs

During adolescence, young people may develop ideas, values and beliefs that are different to those of their parents. This is part of the normal process of moving towards independence. It’s important for parents to find time and space to have conversations with their teenagers so they can find adult connection and acceptance.

Please refer to the Parenting Ideas factsheet Why is it valuable to make teens feeling older for further insight into the importance of having these conversations with your son.


Middle School library book list

Parents often ask what to recommend for their Year 7 and 8 boys to read for pleasure. While tastes can vary from horror to fantasy, and some boys like to read their way through a series and others prefer a story contained in one book, the choice of quality young adult literature is vast.

Here is a list of Middle School library’s most popular books for 2016 (so far).


Middle School dates for the diary

Thursday 28 April
Orchestral, Guitar and Choral concert, St Andrew’s Church: 7pm–10pm

Friday 29 April
Will Murray Day (MS and SS)

Tuesday 3 May
Mothers’ Day Breakfast and Chapel Service, St Andrew’s – 7.30am
Wind, Brass and Percussion Concert, St Andrew’s – 7.30pm-10pm

Thursday 5 May
Year 7 immunisations – Rosstrevor Hall – 8am-10.30am

Friday 6 May
Casual/Wear Grey Clothes Day Brain Week

Friday 6 May to Sunday 8 May
Senior Big Band at Generations in Jazz Mt Gambier

Tuesday 10 May – Thursday 12 May
Year 7 NAPLAN testing

Snowsports information night – Wednesday 11 May
7.30pm: The Nexus, Middle School

Thursday 12 May
Ute Full of Food

Friday 13 May
Bayside Schools Casual Clothes Day

Winter sport team photos – 12pm-3.30pm – Nexus