Weekly eNews

Middle School

From the Headmaster

What a Year!

On the one hand 2015 has gone in the blink of an eye, yet on the other it does seem so long ago that we welcomed in the new school year.

In the final eNews for the year I wish to sincerely thank you for playing your part in what has been a tremendous year for our school. While it would be close to impossible to even try to capture everything that has been achieved this year, I sincerely hope your son/s have a had a year replete with success, joy, a little bit of healthy challenge as well as progress, growth and development.

Please have a safe, relaxing and refreshing Christmas and summer break.  I look forward to welcoming you all to a new school year in 2016.

Change to Term 2 2016 start dates

Please note, we have slightly adjusted the starting dates for Term 2, 2016.

The boys will return to BGS on Monday 11 April and will not be required at school on Friday 15 April. This switch is due to us securing a global leader to train the BGS Staff on a new BGS specific school-wide approach to teaching and learning on Friday 15 April, the only date this expert was available. More details of this exciting new classroom approach will come in 2016.

Ross Featherston


From the Head of Middle School

What a busy time of year! On Tuesday afternoon there were some boys with weary legs having participated in the Walkathon. The event, organised by Mr Furey was a huge success and is on track yet again to raise thousands of dollars for charity.

On Wednesday evening, boys, parents and staff attended the 2015 Middle School Speech Night – an event that rounds off a wonderful year of achievement at the Middle School. I would like to thank our guest speaker Zach Miller (OB2011) for his inspirational and engaging presentation and Joel Le Couteur (OB2013) for his insightful feedback and judging of our Public Speaking finalists. I would also like to warmly congratulate all prize winners who received recognition for their efforts during the year.  Special congratulations to our Dux of Year 7, Oscar Zhu and to Joshua Sum who was awarded the AD Turnbull Prize for Dux of the Middle School.

The boys have really enjoyed their Activity Days on Thursday and Friday this week – thanks to Mr Savage for organising – and they are looking forward to the upcoming Promotion Days on Monday and Tuesday next week. School finishes for the boys on Wednesday 9 December at 12:00noon.

At the end of the year we say farewell and extend our best wishes to a number of staff who are departing the Middle School. The following staff are taking up positions of responsibility at other schools: Ms Kris Paterson has been appointed Library Services Leader at Star of the Sea, Mr Anthony Coghlan goes to Luther College as Head of Year 9 and Mr Brendan Savage is taking up a position at Sandridge School. Mr Richard Ryan is moving onto a new phase of his career and Ms Mady Bolch is relocating to London. We also wish Mr Anthony Keane, Ms Kathryn Counihan and Ms Amy Greaves all the best as they take up positions in the Senior School. We thank all these staff members for the contributions they have made to the Middle School and for their commitment to the boys in their care. I look forward to informing you in relationship to our new staff appointments at the beginning of 2016.


Music Update

As a result of some changes to the Middle School Instrumental program structure for 2016, there may some changes to your son’s Music teacher in the Junior, Middle and Senior School for 2016. This does not impact on your son’s academic Music program; nor his access to the many wonderful co-curricular Music opportunities on offer. Brighton Grammar is committed to a high quality Music program and we look forward to seeing this continue to develop in the years ahead. Further details regarding staffing changes for next year will be communicated once finalised.

Finally, I wish all the boys and their families a wonderful Christmas and holiday period and I look forward to welcoming the current Year 7’s back in 2016 as our Year 8’s.

Jeremy Martin


Head of Year

Giving Thanks

I came to the realisation last week as Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving that I had no idea what it actually stood for. I had seen it many times in movies and the like, but had never taken the time to investigate the meaning behind it. I was interested to learn that Thanksgiving was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. That resonated with me.

It is always pleasing to hear of our boys not taking things for granted – and this was very much the essence of Monday’s annual Walkathon. Walking 15.8km for various children’s charities is our way of ensuring that we can assist to raise money for those not as fortunate in life as ourselves. The legs may well hurt and the flies can make the walk less than comfortable, but these disadvantages pale into insignificance to the struggles that some others face on a daily basis.

Our final rest stop at Brighton’s iconic Green Point enabled a number of boys to give thanks for what they have. As we gazed over the city landscape, one boy was heard to say to Ms Counihan “We are very lucky to have this”. The picture below speaks a thousand words and serves as a reminder of the things in life we should be thankful for. I know our various charities are very thankful for the efforts of our boys this week.


Tim Marshall 


Teaching and Learning


The year is all but over. Year 7s and 8s performed well on their exams. Those who put in some hard work generally found that materialising in some pleasing grades. In any case it is a learning experience and they can now enjoy some well-earned down time, as can their teachers.

But what can I be doing to encourage my boy to continue their enjoyment of science throughout the summer I hear you ask? I’m glad you did.

The year 7s this year covered: Biological Classification of living organisms, techniques for Separating Mixtures of substances, Forces and Simple Machines (Levers, Wheels, Pulleys, Ramps) and Astronomy – in particular how the Earth, Moon and Sun interact to form our Days/Nights, Months, Years and Tides.

The Year 8s covered Cells and Microorganisms, Simple Electric Circuits, Types of Energy and Energy Efficient Housing, Types of Rocks and how they are formed.

Over their holidays the boys will encounter countless opportunities to witness each of these topics play out in the real world. A glance over the tide times for Anglesea and a thought about the moon’s position throughout the day and night. Going for a ride along the Elwood/St Kilda foreshore to see the scale model of the solar system. Observing the progress of Australia’s climate policy in response to talks in Paris. Dropping into Hanging Rock, Organ Pipes or Red Rock Volcano near Colac The ways in which they can lower their household use of energy during the summer period.

The boys have spent a lot of time this year developing their scientific thinking. We have encouraged a sense of wonder and curiosity in the world around them. We have challenged them to propose answers and solutions to the questions they have. Why is it that my tennis ball swings so far when taped on one side? How are waves made and what causes the swell to come from different directions? What solutions can I come up with to the problems I face on my holidays? And using this to begin to ask the big Year 8 question – what will me iDesign be?

For me, I love the part of holidays where I slow down enough to ask questions like these. It has been an exciting year as Head of Middle School Science and I look forward to another one next year, after some much needed slow, relaxing time-off.

Have a great break

Andrew Braddy


Programs and Activities

BGS Rowers Rock Carrum!

On Saturday November 28th a large group of BGS Middle School boys (including a few Year 7s) plus their coaches descended on the National Water Sports Centre at Carrum for a Rowing Victoria Regatta (hosted by Carey Grammar). More than 40 boys have been training this term. This was their first ‘hit-out’ in interschool competition. The beginning of their journey as Brighton Grammar rowers. The boys gained much experience and had fun, as the pictures show.  It was the first regatta, too, for many of the parents, and they certainly showed they were capable of ‘making their own fun’ in the best traditions of the Boaterie (the BGS Rowing Parents’ group).

To read more and view pictures please click here.


From the Chaplain

This last week of the term, and the end of the year offers an amazing array of events and celebrations.

The Middle School boys have just walked from Brighton to Black Rock and back – they did so with great humour, confidence, willingness and stamina.  The degree to which they show care for one another was a delight to see and experience.

They have embarked on an exploration and self-directed learning experience of the community in which they live.  Discovering what they think they know and what they have not yet seen.  Sandwiched between these events, and the process of clearing out lockers and waiting for the holidays to start, four signature events charge to colour and sense of the current time.

These events are:

  • The farewell Eucharist and breakfast for Year 8
  • The community Carols (Monday at 7.30 pm)
  • The “welcome” Eucharist for the year 6 and 7, or 7 and 8 for 2016.
  • The combined MS/SS Carols as the starting point for the last day of term.

All these events are indicative of the life of a Christian community.  They are acts of compassion and reflection – saying thank you and welcome.

They also indicate that we anticipate an advent or event in our lives through the mystery of the celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

Whatever you faith stance may this period be for you a time of harmony, peace and the wonder of love.

Prayer and blessings, Fr Tony



Touch Football

Last week I went off to Adelaide to compete in the Pacific School Games for touch football. We left on Saturday and came back on the next Sunday. On the first day we had a training day and went to the hotel. Then on the Sunday we played two games against Northern Territory and Western Australia, we lost both of those games and were pretty disappointed. Then the next day was big we played three games against the hosts Adelaide, ACT and Tasmania who we drew against. On the last day of the group stages we played, we played the two hardest teams Queensland, New South Wales and Queensland again to decide to plate and championship groups.

We were the only team in the whole competition to be up against Queensland for longer five minutes. After that it was a rest day and we went to the zoo. We played 3 more games and lost all of them, but lost one of them on a doggy call by one of the Adelaide referees against Adelaide. We played Tasmania one the last day for third place in the plate group. We lost that game and finished last overall. The boys were really sad but kept their heads up the whole. I would like to thank Brighton Grammar for letting me go to this tournament and having the experience.

Will Brydon-Waldren 8C3


Student Achievements

Luca Jarvis – Diving

Last week I competed at the Pacific School Games in Adelaide for diving .  I represented School Sport Victoria and competed against other states and countries like India and Macau.  I was in 4 events and probably dived the best I had ever dived.  I came 5th in 1m and 3 springboard and 5th in synchro in my age group and in the platform I competed in 15-16 age group and won the bronze medal.   It was the most amazing week.   The VIC diving team all stayed together in apartments and we all had so much fun.  School Sport Australia only do the Pacific Games every 4-6 years so hopefully I get to compete in them again!



Well Done Aaron!

Aaron was invited to attend the Leader Sports Star Awards last week at The Medalion Club, Ethihad Stadium. He was one of four nominees to receive the Sports Star Junior Encouragement Award and he won the award for the Southern Region.  Aaron received a trophy and a significant cash voucher along with the well wishes and high praise from host Stephen Quatermain. The night was capped off by Michael Klim who spoke on the evening. Aaron has had an amazing season where he has broken PBs and represented his state with amazing enthusiasm. Aaron was also the highest point scorer on APS day for BGS!

Well Done Aaron pic  


This Week’s Parenting Tip

Please click here to view this week’s Parenting Tip entitled ‘It’s a (Christmas) WRAP!’



As the year is drawing to a close, the Music Department is in full “swing” preparing for the traditional Carols Services next week on the Monday evening and Wednesday morning. I’d encourage you and your families and friends to attend Monday night’s service – it is a personal favourite and a very festive way to cap off the year!

Please excuse choristers and musicians from Borwick House Choir, Middle School Choir, Senior Choir, Corelli Strings and Senior Orchestra during the following times listed below due to final Carols rehearsals:

Monday 7 December
8.30-10.00am Rehearsal (St Andrew’s Church)
Choir and Ensembles

7.30pm Service
Choir and Ensembles
Community Carols Service (St Andrew’s Church)

Wednesday 9 December
Combined Orchestra from 8.00am-end of service
Choir 8.15am until end of service
Middle and Senior School Carols Service

A list of the boys in each ensemble are listed below:

MS Choir
Adam-Gedge, Zachary (Zach) (M7, 7M2)
Akinci, Jaikob (M7, 7M1)
Banfield, Samuel (Sam) (M7, 7M4)
Banfield, Thomas (Tom) (M8, 8K3)
Belcher Jnr, Jack (M7, 7M2)
Briggs, Lachlan (Lachie) (M7, 7F3)
Ciciulla, Alec (M7, 7F3)
Cook, Matthew (M8, 8C2)
Crawshaw, Jackson (M7, 7M3)
De Worsop, Jordan (M8, 8K1)
Dickson, Flynn (M7, 7F2)
Evans-Greenwood, Seth (M7, 7M3)
Gibney, Kip (M7, 7M2)
Konidaris, Liam (M7, 7M3)
Krynski, Timothy (M8, 8K4)
Kulesza, Martin (M8, 8C4)
Liddle, Patrick (M8, 8K1)
Mintrom, Seamus (M7, 7M1)
Moore, Charlie (M8, 8C3)
Nimorakiotakis, Sofoklis (M8, 8K3)
Putland, Jaxon (M7, 7M1)
Ross, Matthew (M7, 7M1)
Sarris, Jacob (M7, 7M2)
Sherborne, James (M7, 7F1)
Smith, Ewan (M7, 7M4)
Stanford, Callum (M7, 7F3)
Sullivan Dunne, Thomas (Tommy) (M7, 7F1)
Svensen, Julian (M7, 7M1)
Tate, Joshua (M7, 7F3)
Tyler, Joel (M7, 7F4)
Ward, Daniel (M8, 8C4)
Warrell, Benjamin (M8, 8C1)
Zhu, Jia Jie (Jay Jay) (M8, 8K1)

Corelli Strings
Bilionis, George (S11, Arm1)
Cao, Yu Han (M8, 8C4)
Chen, Gordon (M8, 8C3)
Evans, Evan (S11, Arm2)
Gong, Felix (S9, Dix3)
Guo, Phillip (S11, Han2)
Hirasedo, Kei (S9, Rof4)
Lee, Daniel (S11, Sch6)
Lee, Jerry (S11, Arm3)
Li, Jia Xian (David) (M8, 8C4)
Ou, Julian (S10, Han6)
Sherborne, James (M7, 7F1)
Tongs, Robert (Rob) (S11)
Wu, William (S11, Arm6)
Zhang, Dylan (M8, 8C2)

Senior Orchestra
Abbott, Daniel (S9, Sch3)
Alesi, Steven (S10, Rof1)
Annal, Jeremy (M8, 8C3)
Bilionis, George (S11, Arm1)
Cao, Yu Han (M8, 8C4)
Chai, Jordan (S12, Arm3)
Chen, Bocong (Colin) (S12, Arm6)
Chen, Gordon (M8, 8C3)
Chen, Tom (S9, Han6)
Coleman, Jack (S11, Dix1)
Collie, Lachlan (Lachie) (S11, Cro1)
Dean, Michael (S9, Cro3)
Evans, Evan (S11, Arm2)
Gao, Kevin (S9, Dix2)
Gong, Felix (S9, Dix3)
Gu, Dennis (M8, 8C3)
Guo, Phillip (S11, Han2)
Hall, Taylor (Kai-Yee) (S11, Cro2)
Hirasedo, Kei (S9, Rof4)
Hunter, Nathaniel (Nate) (S9, Arm2)
Jakobus, Victor (S9, Rof4)
Johnson, Timothy (Tim) (S10, Han2)
Konidaris, Liam (M7, 7M3)
Kouskouris, Leo (M8, 8C1)
Leadbeater, Jonathan (S9, Cro6)
Leadbeater, Matthew (S9, Cro5)
Lee, Daniel (S11, Sch6)
Lee, Jerry (S11, Arm3)
Lee, Scott (S9, Han3)
Li, Jia Xian (David) (M8, 8C4)
Liddle, Patrick (M8, 8K1)
Moran, Nicholas (Nick) (S11, Rof4)
O’Brien, Ethan (S9, Arm6)
Ou, Julian (S10, Han6)
Parish, Daniel (S10, Sch2)
Petch, Henry (S10, Rof4)
Purcell, Max (S9, Arm4)
Roberts, Nicholas (S10, Han3)
Robertson, Cameron (Cam) (S9, Cro2)
Sherborne, James (M7, 7F1)
Simic, Maxim (Max) (M7, 7M3)
Smallridge, Matthew (S12, Dix2)
Sullivan Dunne, Thomas (Tommy) (M7)
Sun, Javin (S12, Rof4)
Tang, Jason (M7, 7F2)
Tongs, Ian (S11, Dix1)
Tongs, Robert (Rob) (S10, Dix2)
Wang, Andrew (M7, 7F2)
Wang, Yi Ran (Di Di) (S11, Han2)
Wang, Kaiwen (Kevin) (S12, Cro5)
Ward, Daniel (M8, 8C4)
Wright-Smith, Nicolas (Ned) (S10, Han6)
Wu, William (S11, Arm6)
Zhang, Dylan (M8, 8C2)
Zhang, Yi Zhen (Steven) (S9, Sch1)

Many thanks for your continued support at this busy time.

Jamie Ransome


Middle School Notices

2016 Lamont Booklist and Digital Bundle

The 2016 Booklist is now available to view and purchase via Lamont Books. All orders are made on-line through the following link Click Here   Home delivery is free for orders over $60 that are placed before December 13, 2015.

Additionally, the compulsory Jacaranda Digital (for Years 7 and 8 only) that provides access to 15 premium digital resources across nine curriculum subjects (including Maths, Science, English, History and Geography) is also available to purchase via the following link Click Here  You will need your child’s student ID to make payment.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Christian Machar


Mathematics Department

There is a new study design for Mathematics from Years 7 to 12 that will commence in 2016. As such parents need to be aware that they will not be able to purchase second hand books in Mathematics as they will not completely cover the new syllabus. Please be aware of this if purchasing second hand books.


F1 in Schools State Finals 2015

We spent three days at Deakin University in the last week of November in their wonderful CADET facilities at the School Of Engineering near Geelong competing in the F1 in Schools State Finals. Globally over 9 million students compete from 47 counties with Australia being the most successful country ever with a total of four world titles. Victoria is also the strongest state in the country so we were up against the best in the world. We had the following three teams entered in our first year in the event:

Adrenaline Racing – Jeremy Annal, Daniel Ward, Lionel Wang
Illumin-8 – Curtis Wilson, Dennis Gu, Liam O’Kaine, Sam Haddon.
Team Aus-Racing – Ryan Hartshorne, Tom Bartels, Martin Kulesza, Devon Hendrie, Patrick Liddle

Each team had to form a fully operational F1 team including team name, positions of responsibility, 3 scale model cars, design and testing, engineering reports, marketing and sponsorship, uniform design and production, website, promotional merchandise and a comprehensive portfolio just to name a few. Each team has spent well over 100 hours of time completing all of the necessary components of the competition. Without access to most of the technical equipment that other schools already have all three teams still performed very well with Team Aus-Racing being our standout team overall.

Team Aus Racing were rewarded for their hard work receiving one of 2 encouragement awards given to teams from schools new to the event. Their booth display, sponsors, team uniforms, portfolio, verbal presentation and engineering reports were excellent. Tom Bartels also recorded the 3rd fastest reaction time in the state during the elimination racing. Jeremy Annal from Adenaline Racing was our in house Auotodesk CAD guru and he helped with the car design for two of the teams. There were time and points penalties applied for any technical breaches with car dimensions and specifications having to be millimeter perfect with most teams picked up at least a few penalty points.

The boys all performed with distinction and were excellent representatives of the school. We all look forward to having another more informed attempt at qualifying for the nationals next year.





Chris Tze, Roger Nink and Jamie Watson



The minutes of the AGM held November 16 are now available on The Hub.  The first meeting of the new school year will be held on : Monday Feb 15 at 7pm in the Hay Lecture Theatre, Senior School.  Please remember ALL parents are encouraged to attend.  

For further information please contact: Margaret Hamilton, Secretary at mahamilton26@gmail.com


2016 Second Hand Uniform Shop

Term 1
Jan 28    2-4pm
Jan 29    8-10am
Feb 2     2-4pm
Feb 17   2-4pm
Mar 1    2-4pm
Mar 9    2-4pm
Mar 23   2-4pm

Term 2
April 11   8-10am & 3-4pm
Apr 27    2-4pm
May 10   2-4pm
May 25   2-4pm
June 7    2-4pm

Term 3
July 13   2-4pm
July 26   2-4pm
Aug 10   2-4pm
Aug23   2-4pm
Sept 7   2-4pm
Sep 14   2-4pm

Term 4 
Oct 4      8-10am & 3-4pm
Oct 11   9-11am
Oct 12   2-4pm
Oct 25   2-4pm
Nov 9    2-4pm
Nov 22  2-4pm
Nov 30  2-4pm
Dec 12   10am- 2 pm INTAKE ONLY . NO SALES



Adopt a Family

The opportunity to warm hearts on Christmas Day has been seized by our Middle School. Our boys have worked together in their Form Groups to collect gifts for 13 disadvantaged families across Victoria. It has been such a pleasure to see the class representatives take on the challenge of coordinating their class. Donations will be sent to Launch Housing this week and will be given to families before Christmas.






A special thanks to Form Teachers and parents for their help and support. I have no doubt you are all responsible for bringing a smile to many faces this Christmas. Simone Lewis


Dates for the Diary

Monday 7 December
Middle School Promotions Day 1
Evening Festival of Lessons and Community Carols Service 7:30pm – 8:30pm St Andrew’s

Tuesday 8 December
Middle School Promotions Day 2

Wednesday 9 December
Term 4 Concludes


Found Property

This is a list of all items currently held.  Any items not collected by the end of Tuesday 8th December will be suitably recycled.

Jumpers sizes 12 & 16 (labelled Gledhill)
Tie x 1
Striped Shirts – short sleeve size 14, long sleeve size 14
Long sleeved footy top – size 12
Tracksuit pants sizes M (labelled N. Selif) & size S
Black T-shirt ‘Zoo York’ size S
Sports shorts – size 12
Black & white girl’s top Hockey/soccer shirt – size 14
Blue Shorts – size 16 x 2
Black belt
Track suit top – size M
Black sleeping bag liner
Black addidas shorts, orange stripes – size S
Black newbalance back pack with size 14 white polo, sports shorts size 10 & white runners
Black helmet 2 x sports bags, one with sports shorts size 14 & saucony runners size 6B
Black AB cooler bag
Rugby gear – Gilbert orange/black boots, socks, shorts & top size XS Blue folder (labelled Picchioni)
1 x Hymn book
Various pencil cases/drink bottles etc


Port Melbourne School Bus Route

Please be advised that from Term 1, 2016, the Port Melbourne School bus route will be extended to start and finish at Southern Cross Station.  There will be some minor changes to the current route, however all existing stops will remain in their current vicinity.  Exact details will be made available on the School website later in the month. For all enquiries please call Mrs Fiona Kerr on 8591 2213.




These holidays we have opportunities to do so many things – building, gaming, programming, crafting, assembling, mining, automating, coding, socializing, breaking and fixing, acting, singing, performing, batting, bowling, shooting, kicking, hitting and fencing. If there are any other “ings” we haven’t covered for children these holidays, please let us know!

Holiday programs run from 10 December to 28 January and cater to all interests.  All our holiday program information is on the website www.share.vic.edu.au or click here to read the attached flyer.