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A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston

Where did 2016 go?

On the one hand 2016 has gone so very quickly, yet on the other it does seem so long ago that we welcomed in the new school year way back in late January.

In my final eNews comment for 2016, I’d like to sincerely thank you for playing your part in what has been a great year for BGS. While it would be close to impossible to capture everything that has been achieved this year, I sincerely hope your son (whether he is 3 or 18) has had a year of success, joy, a little bit of healthy challenge and difficulty, but ultimately progress, growth and development.

I hope you have a safe, relaxing and refreshing Christmas and summer break. I look forward to welcoming you all to a new school year in 2017.


Did you know?

As I write my last Did you know? before I retire from BGS at the end of the year, I am inclined to reflect on the changes I have seen since I first walked into BGS as a 10-year-old boy starting in Year 6 on 12 February 1963.

Canon Philip St.J Wilson was Headmaster, the student body numbered around 800, St Andrew’s Church building was brand new, having been rebuilt following its destruction by fire in 1961, Cramer Walk was Cramer Street, and we were still using pounds, shillings and pence as the currency of Australia.

The total staff of BGS numbered 42 (including admin and maintenance), the School Crest had changed in 1960 from the one which can be seen above the outer entrance to the Tower to the crest we have today, which is a registered Coat of Arms. 

I wasn’t really aware of what my parents paid for tuition fees but I do remember very clearly hearing my mother say to my father when I was in Year 7 or thereabouts, after I uttered some unacceptable profanity: “So that’s what we are paying £90 a term for!”.  A simple conversion from pounds to dollars is £90 = $180, which is an annual cost of £270 or $540.

Today the School has almost 1300 students and more than 200 staff, including part time staff.

I have personally known four of the School’s eight Headmasters, I have joined in the celebrations of the Centenary in 1982, but unfortunately, wasn’t able to be at the Barwon to see the BGS 1st VIII cross the finish line to win our first Head of the River in 1983.

Most importantly, I have formed so many wonderful friendships among the alumni, staff, parents and friends of the School. I consider myself one of the luckiest people alive that my parents decided to send me to BGS almost 55 years ago. BGS has given me an education and many life skills that have taken me into adulthood and now to retirement, but most importantly, the School has allowed me to have a fantastic peer group – these friendships have and will last a lifetime.

I offer my very best wishes to all at BGS for a long and wonderful future ahead. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Meliora Sequamur!

Andrew Biggin BGS

(L-R)  Andrew Biggin in the Quad with three of his closest mates from BGS: Peter Thornborrow (OB 1968), The Hon. Peter Reith (OB 1968)  and Peter Wilson AM (OB 1968).  

Andrew Biggin
Alumni Relations Manager and Executive Officer
Old Brighton Grammarians’ Society


Very Merry Christmas Market on today

RCD foundation Christmas market

Join us for Christmas decorations, drinks and delights in an open house meets Christmas Market presented by the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation.

Thursday 8 December: 9am to 9pm.
39 Royal Ave, Sandringham.
Entry by gold coin donation.

Proceeds go towards the RCD Foundation’s brain matters projects in the areas of research, care and development. See www.rcdfoundation.org/xmas for more information or click here to view the flyer.