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A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston

The Fathering Project

 It has been a real pleasure to attend the Father’s Day Chapel services this week (both as a father and as the Headmaster) and to hear various reflections on fatherhood.

In the lead up to Father’s Day, there have also been some interesting articles in the press about the changing role of fathers and what ‘fathering’ means in different countries. One thing I’m sure we all agree on is that a father or a father figure is important for our boys, no matter what their age or stage.

There is a great free resources that, as a dad, I’d highly recommend. The website The Fathering Project aims to inspire and equip fathers and father figures to engage with their kids. Whilst there are some excellent resources on their website, I would suggest signing up to receive their weekly fathering tips. And of course, don’t forget to sign up to BGS’s very own parenting resource, Understanding Boys.

Happy Father’s Day to all the BGS dads! I hope you have a wonderful day on Sunday.

Finally, congratulations to our BGS Snowsports Team who achieved our best ever results at the Victorian InterSchools over the weekend. Thanks also to the staff and parents and further best wishes to the 23 boys who qualified to compete at the National Championships.


From the Head of Senior School, Ray Swann

This week in Senior School there have been some outstanding events. The music concerts and performances in St Andrews were tremendous. In assembly we recognised the academic scholars in the School who have performed highly in Semester 1. At Year 9 and 10 levels, the boys are given scrolls, while at the senior end boys are eligible for academic colours. Award recipients can be viewed here.

The message in assembly this week was about how we can all help to enable people to be who they truly are, and how the stories we tell ourselves help to define our culture. It was therefore timely to have so many boys in the arts and academic fields shining brightly this week.


Kowanyama Cape York Sea Change

On Tuesday 16 August a group of 10 Year 9 boys took off on the Kowanyama Cape York Sea Change camp for 11 days.

Kowanyama has a population of approximately 1000 and is located on the banks of the Magnificent River. The boys experienced a close community, which is impacted by a number of issues.

The boys acted as mentors in the local state school, undertook duties on the morning school bus and helped out with the breakfast club, forming strong friendships with the Kowanyama kids. We also started up a program that rewarded the Kowanyama student who had achieved the highest attendances, academic and behaviour levels with a BGS top.

Returning from such a camp always makes me feel so proud and lucky to be able to work with such fantastic young men. Hopefully, in the future, we can offer the Cape York boys an exchange to see Melbourne and BGS. 

Sea Change

Matt Wardell
Head of Visual Communication Design


Senior School Chapel

As part of the traditions of Chapel, Father’s Day on the first Sunday in Spring is preceded by a service to celebrate and praise dads of both the staff and students. As such, we are mindful that for some this evokes sad or painful emotions.

If a celebration is to be real or authentic then both joy and sadness are held together in tension.  If we do not enable this to happen then we ‘miss the mark’ and fail to deliver the healing and nurturing environment that this school seeks to provide.

It was therefore significant for Scott Dawes (Connor’s father) to speak in Chapel about Father’s Day. He spoke from a unique experience: living on two continents and having to deal with disparate dates for the celebrations. He suggested that moving to Australia had the additional benefit of extra presents given the proximity of his birthday to the timing of Father’s Day in the US.

What does one do to celebrate Father’s Day? This was the central message and challenge. Scott spoke from his own experience and urged all to spend time together. His words speak for themselves:

“I have a unique perspective on this day… somewhat built on loss. Knowing what I know now I would have done other Father’s Days differently and more like that (the last with Connor) and from now on. So my advice to you is to do something this Father’s Day, together, something that you will remember. Don’t be concerned about is it right, wrong or perfect… just spend time together. “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing”. Theodore Roosevelt.”

God’s love and peace to all.

Fr Tony Poole


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