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A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston

Making space for creativity

No matter what their age or stage, boys love making things. Whether it’s our ELC3 boys making their own gumboot racks; the Year 5s making pinball machines in our new STEM centre; or our VCE boys making high-grade furniture as part of Product Design Technology, producing something tangible, solid and real is both satisfying and valuable for the boys. Learning by doing is, in many ways, the most powerful mode of learning.

As such, it’s great to see our mini Makerspace in the Middle School Library being so well used by the Year 7 and 8 boys at recess and lunchtime. The boy-friendly tools and materials promote hands-on exploration and foster a spirit of collaboration and cooperation. The boys are obviously feeling inspired – we’ve seen some truly innovative creations emerge from our Makerspace, including graphic novels, rocket ship blueprints and even a tail-wagging cardboard dog with LED eyes. I can’t wait to see what our innovators of tomorrow come up with next!

A child safe school

Brighton Grammar School is committed to the safety of your son. Please click here to read a letter from me about the new Child Safe Standards introduced by the Victorian Government, and how these Child Safe Standards apply to BGS.


From the Head of Senior School, Ray Swann

This week the Senior Curriculum staff were involved in the analysis of data we have collected looking at how our boys learn, and what we can do to continue to evolve and improve student learning outcomes. Using the Visible Learning framework from Professor Hattie, the data included survey, analysis of results, focus groups and also video. We then coded and analysed what the boys had said to see where we were strong and where we needed to improve.

The data confirmed that high degrees of trust are present, that our students understand that ‘learning is hard work’ and that the implementation of learning intentions and success criteria in all lessons is improving clarity.  Our next task is to focus on feedback, as well as to help the boys to further understand what makes a successful learner.

The Year 12s have completed their winter sport and now are faced with the task of settling in to study. This is when the syndicate program should really start to build; boys can work together, challenge each other and share resources and start to build their capacity.

In other news, you may have noticed the arrival of four large trunks in the Senior Quad. This will be part of an exciting new chantology ritual which the boys are presently working on.


If you are not on School Stream – you will miss out!

There is only one place for parents to find out what’s going on at BGS and that’s via School Stream. That’s actually the beauty of the system! This communications platform has been in place since the beginning of the term, and we expect that all parents will take responsibility to make sure they have School Stream on their phone. 

If you haven’t already done so, please take five minutes today to download this app. Operational  information will no longer appear in the eNews.

Click here to find out more about School Stream at BGS.


ELC visit to the Year 11 Art class

Last Thursday, the Year 11 art class had a visit from the ELC4 boys. The ELC boys came in prepared with drawings of their dads, ready to transfer them to foam boards for printing. This was perfect timing as the Year 11 boys are in the middle of their own printmaking work and they were expertly able to assist the ELC boys with the creation of their prints.

The Year 11 art boys really enjoyed the visit from the ELC and the ELC boys had a great time in the SeniorSschool art room creating their masterpieces. Thanks to Claire Clarke for organising this fantastic collaborative opportunity.

ELC visit (33)


Rugby Victorian Tasmania tour

Congratulations and good luck to the boys who will be representing Victoria in rugby over in Tasmania this weekend. We have a number of BGS rugby players representing the state and we wish them luck as they all finish an excellent season in the sport.

Sam Bradshaw-Maslen (Year 11) will be representing the U17 state side at Fly Half, he has achieved this a year early and has the opportunity to do this again next year. Sam has been playing 1st XV this year as a younger player, he has made a huge impact in his first season. We look forward to him coming back into the program next year with this invaluable experience.

sam bradshaw 2016

Max Markham (Year 10), Will Bullock (Year 10) and Oscar Estella (Year 10), capped off an excellent season for the U16s this year and represent the Victorian U16s.

U16 Tas Tour

The hard work has paid off for these boys. Go Tonners!


Senior School Chapel

To be somewhat topical: what did you put down for religion in the census on Tuesday night?

In the Herald Sun on Tuesday a freelance writer, urges us to put “no religion” so that there will be less funding for the teaching of something for which he can see no useful skill. In particular, he discounts the value of a “4000-year-old-book” as a tool in the quest for a “moral compass”.

It would surprise no-one to know that I would disagree with him. In fact, I see much merit and affect in the human narrative that encompasses an appreciation of immaterial benefactor: one who seeks that which is best in all of us and all our endeavours. A benefactor with whom we can interact and commend in love to others.

This seems far more constructive and open minded that the seemingly frantic anti-religious polemic that wafts through the contemporary social discourse.

A benefactor may be defined as one that supplies the means for a genius to do his work unhindered and a musician, master or artist is thus enabled to concentrate on his creativity. Is not this a suitable conceptualisation of God?

A benefactor may also be described, paraphrasing the words of the Psalmist (145:4) as one who shall commend your works from one generation to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.

In Chapel this week, the Middle School and Senior School together said thank you to our benefactors: the ones who have enabled students and the School to flourish, and who have commended the work to another generation.

Thank God for the benefactors who have upheld this School through many generations.

Fr Tony Poole


News from the Careers Centre

Items in the Career News include:

  • VTAC step by step: Year 12 students will have the opportunity to practise their VTAC application with supervision and guidance from staff on 11 August, 8.30 am, Hay Lecture Theatre.
  • VTAC and VCE Strategies Parent Information Evening, will be held on Tuesday 16 August 7pm RSC Hall.
  • Year 12 VTAC applications – throughout August and September
  • Bond University: Medicine & Biomedical Science Information Evening in Melbourne.
  • News from RMIT University:
    • Changes to Maths requirement for the Bachelor of Environmental Science
    • New Double Degree: Chemical Engineering/Pharmaceutical Science
    • Useful Links for Entry to Design Courses.
  • University of Melbourne: Important Reminder for the Bachelor of Music.
  • The Bachelor of Engineering at Swinburne University.
  • Electrical Apprenticeship Opportunity.
  • Schools Recommendation Scheme.
  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute Career Profiles.
  • Career in Focus: Diplomat.
  • Upcoming Open Days 2016.

To read more, please click Career News 11 August 2016 or see Sophie Keele in the Careers Centre.


Senior School dates for the diary

Monday 15 August
Mid-term break

Tuesday 16 August
Choral Soiree for all choirs: 4pm – 5.30pm
VTAC Strategies Evening – Year 12 boys and parents: 7.30pm – 9.30pm

For updates on more important dates and events, see School Stream or click here for the online calendar.