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A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston


On Monday, at Valedictory Day, we farewelled the Class of 2016. Our young men finished their time at BGS with the same dignity and class they displayed throughout their time at the School, along with a good, healthy dose of emotion. It was superb to have the whole School involved in the Beating of the Bounds ceremony, where every boy from ELC through to Year 11 had a chance to witness this rite of passage and thank our Year 12s.

Old Brighton Grammarian Rob McGauran (1976) shared five pieces of sage advice with the Valedicts – advice that rings true for us all:

  1. find your voice
  2. have a crack
  3. be curious
  4. be engaged and generous
  5. and, most importantly, be loving.

There is no doubt that BGS’s Class of 2016 leave behind a strong legacy. We are so proud of the boys and wish them well for their upcoming examinations, and for their lives beyond the School gates.

From the Head of Senior School, Ray Swann

This week has been an emotional one at Senior School. Our highly respected and wonderful Year 12 cohort were farewelled under the Oak tree during Beating of the Bounds. They have been a year level that has been pivotal in developing many aspects of the school and were superbly led by Andrew McGrath.

Of the many moments across the day, an exchange with one of the more colourful Year 12 characters stays in my mind: “I cannot believe it is over,” he said through his tears.

Our message to the Year 9 to 11 group has been that it is time to step up and fill this void. As we prepare to be joined by next year’s group of Year 9s, our Probationary Prefect group are busily working on the new student leadership initiative for 2017. We have told the boys that our leavers have earned the right to the Valedictory and have created a new standard. Whilst our Year 12s leave, they remain close as Old Boys and will become guides in the form of coaches, mentors and friends.


Year 12 Prize Giving Assembly

The Year 12 Prize Giving Assembly was held on Friday 14 October, with proud parents and the whole Senior School coming together to congratulate the prize winners on their achievements. Please click here for a list of the 2016 prize winners.  Photos can be seen here


Career News

Items in the Career News include – 

  • VTAC 2016 Key Dates
  • What if you think you won’t get a place at University?
  • MathsLink Bridging Program at Swinburne University
  • Study Assist
  • Majors in Virtual and Augmented Reality at Deakin University
  • Where can a Biomedicine Degree take me?
  • News from ACU
    • Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Science
    • Bachelor of Digital Media
    • New Major and Minors in the Bachelor of Commerce
  • Change of Preference (COP) Dates & Contact 2016

If you would like any further information on any of these items please click here or see Sophie Keele in the Careers Centre.


From the Chaplain

Valedictory week is a time animated by the long standing traditions of BGS.  For example: the origins of the Beating of the Bounds, the last ritual of the Year 12, can be traced to, if not predating, the era of Headmaster Canon Wilson.

Traditions have in more recent years regained an acceptance as the importance of rituals and celebrated heritage has been recognised and affirmed.  Schoolies and the pilgrimage to Anzac Cove are two examples of current rituals.

Traditions help shape and define the identity and meaning of communities like BGS. As such, traditions are living. They take on new expressions as a community develops and adopts new language in its existence.

So, in and through Chapel traditions are named and enabled.  But woe betide any Chaplain who carelessly alters the words of hymns.

Chapel serves to give expression to the idea that “No person shares life with God whose religion does not flow out, naturally and without effort, into all relations of his or her life and reconstructs everything it touches.”

The observance of traditions this week also gave rise to an awareness of Anti-poverty Week.  Being aware that people in Australia live in poverty, should provide an incentive to be active agents (under God) to shape our Nation so that poverty is minimised.

Have a great week, and don’t forget to vote.

Fr Tony Poole


Senior School dates for the diary

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