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A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston

The 3 Rs: reconciliation, research and results

At last week’s Middle and Senior School Chapel Services, I spoke about National Reconciliation Week (NRW), which starts tomorrow, Friday May 27. I highlighted how we already engage with issues around reconciliation: our Year 6 Milikapiti exchange program (8 boys have just departed); the Year 9 Sea Change visits (22 boys are currently in Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw); various classroom-based curriculum activities; and our relationship with the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS).

I challenged the Middle and Senior School boys to raise their understanding of issues that Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island peoples face: this should be their minimum commitment in this important aspect of our nation’s story. The NRW website will help you initiate some important conversations at home, particularly during Reconciliation Week.

There were plenty of important conversations going on last Saturday, as BGS hosted the 2016 researchEd Conference. To have national and international thought-leaders at BGS, including 17 of our own staff, is another indicator of our commitment to making evidence-informed decisions regarding educating our boys.

This commitment to education excellence is seen right through the School, as evidenced by our Peter Toms Early Learning Centre (ELC). The Department of Education and Training recently assessed our ELC against seven National Quality Standards and we exceeded expectations on all seven Standards – the highest result possible. This reinforces the fact that our ELC is a tremendous place for learning, development and fun for our youngest BGS boys.



From the Head of Senior School, Ray Swann

Assess, adjust and act

This week in Senior School the boys have continued their focus on ‘keeping a blue head.’ For some, this has meant taking time to pause and reflect after something has occurred and possibly doing it differently. Other boys have become aware that to ‘keep a blue head’ means that they need more ‘time out’ and to have a better understanding of how they are travelling emotionally. As teachers and parents we know that we play formative roles in helping our boys to understand the importance of thinking then acting. At times, there is a degree to which ‘keeping a blue head’ involves wisdom – not all boys will get it right all the time, and that is ok. It’s learning!

In his book ‘Legacy’ James Kerr talks about how in a pressure situation one can ‘assess, adjust and act’. As we head deeper in to the term, the boys are continued to reflect on their developing abilities to do this. In the moments of pressure, the ability to keep a blue head (no undisciplined acts) is a powerful life skill and is a leadership attribute we wish to instil in the boys.


News from the Careers Centre

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WonTok 2016

On Wednesday 25 May, 15 boys from BGS were invited to attend the annual WonTok conference, along with other students from a variety of schools across Victoria. This year the conference was held here at BGS.

WonTok is a program run through the Anglican Board of Mission and UnitingWorld that looks to raise awareness about poverty and other major problems affecting the world of today.

At the start of the day, we were placed in groups and traversed to various stations targeting different world problems, including gender equality, climate change, the socio-economic status of different countries, and poverty. Our eyes were opened to the problems in other countries across the globe as well as the problems we face closer to home, such as the global warming and carbon emissions.

We were all astounded by some of the facts and situations people in both third-world and developed countries are facing. It gave us all a real motivation to try to make an impact and assist wherever possible. I really enjoyed the WonTok experience and so did the rest of the boys.

Cam Berry (Year 10)


Senior School chapel

The choices we make depend upon our willingness to take responsibility for our situation and actions, having the courage to take the initiative as we engage with the opportunities around us, and the insight to creatively meet the challenges we face.

This summation was presented to the Year 10 to 12 students in chapel this week. The Year 9 students were engaged in Sea Change.

In particular, the question of choice was related to the way in which individuals and religious organisations respond to the questions of social justice that animate the world. Social justice taken to its broadest interpretation: the AIDS epidemic in Africa to the Wild Fire crisis in Canada.

In passing, this statement was presented:

“The Anglican Church, any Church or religious community for that matter, is not a holy club for people who have nothing else to do on a Sunday morning.”

“The Anglican Church in Melbourne is committed to the Christian principles of reconciliation, social justice, promoting the common good, reducing poverty, welcoming everyone including refuges, affirming economic progress for all, while sharing the benefits of progress by lifting up the most disadvantaged.”

So through 200 parishes, 24 schools, and numerous agencies, the Anglican Church, alongside all other religious and non-religious NGOs, makes a choice to be involved in a positive way to transform the world into a better place. As individuals we are also challenged to identify the choices we make and the impact of those choices.

Peace and blessings to all.

Fr Tony Poole


Sport news

The BGS sport fixtures, reports and teams can be found on the Sports page of the BGS website.


Senior School dates for the diary

Friday 27 May
Headmaster’s Tour 9am – 10.30am
Mount Alexander Schools Chess Challenge

Saturday 28 May
Winter team sport round

Monday 30 May
Visible Learning Session for parents 7pm – 8pm

Tuesday 31 May
Year 9 Sea Change PNG Term 3 Group – Parent Information Night 6pm – 7pm

Wednesday 1 June
DAV Debating – Round 3 of 5  5.30pm – 9.30pm

Thursday 2 June
Exam Preparation Study Day (student free Year 10 and 11 only)

Friday 3 – Friday 10 June
Year 10 and 11 exam week

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