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A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston

A child safe school

Brighton Grammar School is committed to the safety of your son. Please click here to read a letter from me about the new Child Safe Standards introduced by the Victorian Government, and how these Child Safe Standards apply to BGS.


From the Head of Senior School, Ray Swann

Last weekend I was witness to an epic competition that featured so many of our school’s values. With around 200 boys, I watched the 1st XVIII take on the might of Haileybury to contest the premiership on their soil. It was a hard-fought game, and whilst there were twists and turns and much drama there were a couple of things that really stood out.

Firstly, the conduct of the boys on the ground was spirited and passionate. This was complimented by the chantologists who, despite inclement weather, rain and mud willed our team across the line. To hear those 200 boys singing and supporting lifted the spirits and it was a proud moment. Robert Shaw often quips that ‘its just footy’ but the game took on more significant meanings for those that were there.

The second, and almost startling thing that happened at the game for those that saw it, was the rainbow that appeared with about 1 minute to go once the game was no longer in dispute. On that dark, cold day in Keysborough, it symbolised hope and peace. It was so much more than ‘just footy.’

Congratulations to the 1st XVIII on winning their third consecutive football premiership.  



Danny Green on walking away from violence

Today at Senior School, we had elite boxer and founder of the ‘Coward Punch Campaign’ Danny Green come and address the boys. Danny’s message was about how ‘one punch can destroy lives’ and that it takes a stronger man to walk away from violence rather than engaging in it.

As a school, we remain committed to teaching boys about healthy ways to express anger and frustration. The boys have been reminded that should they require support for feelings of aggression, or if they just need to talk things over that our pastoral and counselling team is available to assist them.


BGS School Stream app now live

Are you missing out on important information?

Don’t forget to download our new communication tool, School Stream, if you haven’t already done so.  BGS is using School Stream to communicate with you about day-to-day operations. 

Click here to find out more about School Stream at BGS.


Senior School Chapel

This week, Chapel resounded to the strains of Mustang Sally. It’s a song I have been unable to find in a recognised hymn book, but the music shared by boys for Rofe House and Robbie Quelch gave real expression to the sense of gratitude, which was the theme of this week’s Chapel.

The boys of Rofe House wanted the opportunity to say thank you to the non-teaching staff of the School. In a number of presentations, they acknowledged the tangible contribution of many to the enterprise that makes this School a community.

The task of teaching, of educating young men so that they are well equipped and capable of living beautiful lives, is a team effort. The team behind the scenes, those who support and create a positive environment, were treated to a collective student thank you.

All were also encouraged to embrace the idea that the practice of gratitude has been shown to contribute to a healthy life.

A healthy life is one that is also balanced: and gratitude does not deny reality. Chapel this week was also a moment to think of the people in France, Turkey, the USA and Japan who have recently suffered such violence. In Australia we are not immune, as we struggle with the abuses of juvenile detention in the Northern Territory.

With hope we pray that these circumstances will change. This situation shall pass. A genuine and practical gratitude will contribute to change and the hoped for future.

Peace and grace to all.

Fr Tony Poole



Round 4 report
Mirroring BGS’s success on the football field this past weekend, our debating teams have also performed well in the 4th round of DAV Debating. Eager to cement their ranks in this second-last round of debating, and with some interesting and complex topics across all year levels, we saw a number of high-quality debates across the year levels.

Firstly, A-Grade. With the interesting topic “that Cabinet Ministers should be appointed from outside parliament”, the numerous possible interpretations of this topic made the debater’s arguments as complex as they were varied. Nevertheless, the boys did very well in this round’s debate, with 3 teams winning by quite sizeable margins. One particular team was reported to say, “we can’t do this topic. It hasn’t got any footballs!” but nonetheless, invoking the great Australian ‘Castle’ legend Daryl Kerrigan, called upon “the law of bloody common sense” to win their debate. Overall, 3 teams were successful in A-grade this round, but most of the other debates were very close affairs.

B-grade also had a great debate, on the topic of “that first-time non-violent offenders should be able to pay compensation with the victim, in the place of a goal sentence.” Despite one forfeiture, the debaters enjoyed the complexity of this topic and debated very well, despite only having the 1 hour-long preparation time of a secret topic, winning 2 debates. Likewise, the C-grade debaters did well in their first completely secret topic, the classic “that we should ban the use of animals in sport”. This topic was made all the more poignant by the greyhound racing revelations of the past year.

Just as with the B- and C-grade debaters, the D-grade debaters have also done very well this round, with the prepared topic “that we should ban Internet gambling”. The D-grade debaters have had their equal – best result of the season, with two victories. Overall, all debaters did very well this round, but special congratulations must be given to Jerry Li, Alex Nicholas, Ian Tongs, Julian Ou, Mitchell Hughes, and Nick Semmens, who were all awarded with best speaker awards.

Congratulations boys on a successful but hard fought 4th round, but please keep in mind that the final standard round of debating is on next week. As this is the last chance for teams to book themselves in for a place in the finals, we hope that you bring a renewed energy to these final debates.

While we have done very well this round, I implore all debaters to finish this season with a strong fifth round, as there is always room to improve. Great job guys, and good luck next week!

Ian Tongs
Captain of Debating 2016


Acclaimed architect visits BGS

The Unit 1/2 Visual Communication Design class was fortunate to hear a presentation by renowned architect Mr. Jianxin Nie.  Mr Nie is a registered architect, member of the RAIA and is currently Director of the Shine Design Group.  He has authored a number of publications on architecture and is a lecturer of architecture at the People’s University in Beijing.

The students saw examples of Mr Nie’s completed structures. These buildings are predominately constructed in China. Many of his structures showcase creative features, like the ski slope roof on his Wave Hill structure, which is a building within the Hong Fu Community. 

Another amazing design was the Hi Space Theme park in which he also designed. Mr Nie created an elevated floor stage in the pool space, which can be activated for performances or ceremonies.

Jianxin is a BGS parent, with his son Andy currently in Year 10.

Acclaimed Architect visits BGS


News from the Careers Centre

Items in the Career News include:

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  • Key Dates for Tertiary Applications for 2017 Entry
  • New Deakin College Pathway Courses to Deakin University
    • Diploma of Media and Communications
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  • Have you heard of a HIT Lab?
  • Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health at the University of Wollongong
  • The Global Science and Technology Program at Deakin University
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  • Upcoming Open Days 2016

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Sport news

The BGS sport fixtures, reports and teams can be found on the Sports page of the BGS website.


Senior School dates for the diary

Saturday 30 July
Winter Team Sport Round

Monday 1 August
Year 9 (2017) Parent Information Session (incl. Sea Change)   7pm – 7.45pm

Year 10 (2017) Parent Information Session   7.45pm – 8.30pm

Year 9 (2017) Subject Expo   7.45pm – 8.30pm

 Year 10 (2017) Subject Expo  8.30pm – 9pm

Tuesday 2 August
Soccer presentation night   6pm – 9pm

Wednesday 3 August
DAV Debating – Round 5 of 5   5.30pm – 9.30pm

Thursday 4 August
VTAC Info for Year 12 boys Session 1   8.30am – 9.30am

Football Presentation Night   7pm – 9pm

For live updates on dates and events please click here.