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A word from the Headmaster, Ross Featherston

What is a successful man?

This week I came across an interesting Deakin University research project, Men and Parenting Pathways (MAPP), which explores how men respond to a range of life experiences during their late 20s and early 30s. As the MAPP website says “whatever the path, this age is one characterised by change in social networks, relationships, responsibilities and opportunities, and we are interested in how men adapt to that change.”

The MAPP study made me think more deeply about something we are looking to enhance as we near a new strategic phase for BGS: that is, what is a successful man? There is some interest in considering what a successful man does, but here at BGS, we have begun to consider more deeply what a successful man actually is. What does he possess in terms of values, character, knowledge, understanding and the like?

Some of the BGS boys have already told us what they think makes a ‘successful man’ – see the video below. However, I would also be interested to hear from you. What do you think makes a man successful? Feel free to email me at headmaster@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au.



From the Head of Senior School, Ray Swann

This week in Senior School the boys have been busy with assessments. As mentioned at the parent Visual Learning seminar, feedback is a vital part of the learning cycle in that it provides information to the learner about progress and achievement. In other words, it is the information delivered back to your son about where he is up to and how much he has learnt, or is able to demonstrate through a new behaviour or skill. Next week, your son will have the opportunity to go even deeper through the coaching program to reflect and consolidate. It is a crucial part of the learning process.

One of my favourite stories related to understanding how learning occurs is told by our Director of Teaching and Learning, Dan Belluz. Dan recounts how in his university days the most successful learner in his physics classes used to only take down note of only what he did not understand (rather than noting everything). At the end of the lecture, his colleague would have 2 or 3 things written down (that he did not understand). At the end of the lecture, his colleague would simply walk up to the lecturer and check these off till he knew them, and walk away with complete clarity. While not all of us can operate in this way, it does point to what assessment really is: assessment represents progress and achievement to the boys, and provides vital information to staff about how much has also been learnt (and how effective the teaching is too).


Term 2 Sea Change program: Cape York

The Term 2 Sea Change program saw 22 students travel to Cape York for an immersive, hands-on 11 day journey. A focus of the program is the building of relationships within Indigenous communities and with the history and spirit of the Australian landscape and its Traditional Owners. To read more about the boys’ experience in Cape York please click here.



Student achievement: water polo

Congratulations to Will Paynter (Year 11) who has been selected to represent Australia in water polo at the Pan Pacific Games in New Zealand in July. Will will compete against teams from all over the world and the standard is extremely high, with many players already involved in open men’s competitions. Good luck to Will and the Australian team.

Will Paynter - Water Polo


News from the Careers Centre

Items in the Career News include:

  • ANU One-on-One Interviews in Melbourne
  • News from the University of Melbourne
    • The John Button Schools Prize
    • Focus on the Bachelor of Biomedicine
    • Experience a Day at Melbourne
  • News from RMIT University
    • Experience Day
    • SLAMs at RMIT
    • Urban Futures Competition
  • Cultural Care Au Pair Information Session
  • CGBC – Computer Games Boot Camp 2016 at Monash University
  • Graphic & Visual Design Degrees offered by Victorian Universities
  • Medical Imaging Courses in Victoria
  • The University of Melbourne (UoM) – Quick Facts.

To read more, please click Career News 9 June 2016 or see Sophie Keele in the Careers Centre.


Senior School dates for the diary

Thursday 9 June Understanding Boys – Alcohol and Other Drugs Parent Seminar: Free 7.30pm – 9pm.

Friday 10 June Headmaster’s Tour 9am – 10.30am.

Monday 13 June Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday.

Tuesday 14 June Reporting Day (Student Free).

Wednesday 15 June Exams return day.

Thursday 16 June Coaching Day.

Friday 17 June Term 2 ends.

For live updates on dates and events please click here.