Overseas Student Critical Incident Policy


The Education Services for Overseas Student (ESOS) Act sets out the legal framework governing delivery of education to overseas students studying in Australia on a student visa.  Within the ESOS legislative framework are the 15 standards to ensure quality with which Brighton Grammar School must comply in order to retain registration as an educational provider for full fee paying overseas students (FFPOS).  Standard 6, Student Support Services, requires the educational provider to have a critical incident policy. 


This purpose of this policy is to outline the process in place should a FFPOS be involved in a critical incident during his course at Brighton Grammar School.


For the purposes of this policy, a critical incident is defined as any event which may affect the health or safety of a FFPOS or breach their student visa conditions.

Unsatisfactory Course Progress or Attendance

Under the ESOS Act, registered providers are required to notify both students and the Australian Government when students have breached their student visa conditions as a result of having failed to maintain satisfactory course progress or attendance.  Should a critical incident affect the FFPOS’s ability to attend the course or satisfactorily complete the course, the Director of Admissions is to advise the relevant authority of such event to ensure that visa conditions are not breached.

 Critical Incident Whilst at School

Should a health or safety incident occur to a FFPOS whilst on the School grounds, during the course of a School day or during a school related activity, the student will be treated in accordance with the relevant School policies, which are found under Policies and Procedures on the Employment Info tab of the Portal. If such an incident occurs that results in the potential breach of visa conditions, the Director of Admissions is to advise the relevant authority.

Critical Incident Outside of School Hours

Should a health or safety incident occur to a FFPOS outside of normal School hours and whilst not involved in a School related activity, the student should contact their guardian in the first instance, or if their guardian is unavailable, the Head of the Senior School, who is the designated out of hours contact. The guardian is required to advise the School of all incidents involving a FFPOS, so that details can be recorded in accordance with the ESOS standards.