School Bus


Bus Route

First pick up point

Start time AM

Port Melbourne

Cnr Bridge St (btw Princes St and Nott St)



Tooronga Rd (outside Malvern Primary School)



Mentone Girls Grammar School, Mentone Parade Bus Bay 3


Bus pass requirements

If you could please remind your child to carry this pass with them and have it ready to show the driver when they travel on the bus. Your child should be at their designated bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

2023 Bus Fares (per term)

Regular users of the services can purchase a term ticket for the subsidised price of $350 per boy per term, charged to your fees account. This allows boys the flexibility to get on and off the bus any day at any stop. Casual users of the service can still purchase passes at Reception for $10 per trip, charged to your fees account. A one-way travel option is available for $200. 

Students in Prep – Year 2 may only travel on the bus if accompanied by an older sibling. Boys may travel independently on bus services from Year 3 onwards.

Passes for regular travel are issued annually and charged to your School account each term. If you wish to cease using the bus service, please notify Megan in writing and hand the Bus Pass back to Reception.

Chartered Bus Services (Alston Coaches & Buses) 

BGS provides three chartered bus services for the exclusive use of students: Beaumaris, Caulfield and from Port Melbourne. Please contact Megan if you have any questions. 

Mentone to Brighton Grammar School (Google maps) 

Caulfield to Brighton Grammar School (please contact Megan for this route) 

Port Melbourne to Brighton Grammar School (Google maps) 

Student Registration

BGS student registration form (online)

Stops and timing

Departure from BGS at the end of the school day is 3.45pm sharp for all 3 buses from New Street.

Please note: Buses will run every school day of the year at the same times regardless of events across the School. After school sport training will not alter the departure times. Therefore alternative arrangements must be made by families.

BGS provides three chartered bus services for the exclusive use of students: from Beaumaris, Caulfield and Port Melbourne. 

To assist families with siblings at Firbank Grammar School, we are pleased to extend the offer of our bus services to FGS students.

The service is available to Firbank Grammar School students on the following conditions:

  • A term fee of $350* (payable in full in advance)
  • Covers return trips throughout the term
  • No casual rates or travel available.

*In collaboration with FGS, a subsidy scheme is available to offer the same pricing of bus services for students at both schools.

How to apply for a Bus Pass

If you would like to apply for a bus pass please complete the form below.

Fill out the online form

Need help or have any questions?

If you have any queries regarding registrations, please contact the Brighton Grammar School Professional Support services via email