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Meliora Sequamur

Our magazine for the BGS Community. If you’d like to be added to the mailing list, please contact Emily on 8591 2271 or email.

View the latest issue – Spring 2019 (external link)

Older issues

Summer 2019 (external link)
Autumn 2018 (external link)
Winter 2017 (external link)
Summer 2017 (external link) 
Winter 2016 (external link)
Summer 2015/16 (external link)
Summer 2014/15 (external link) 


The Grammarian 2018

The Annual Brighton Grammar year-book with highlights and insights into the year that was. Designed to take pride of place on any bookshelf or coffee table and to be an instant collectible and suitable memoir of your time as a Brighton Grammarian. 

View the 2018 Grammarian(external link)

The cover of the BGS Grammarian 2018 

Older Grammarians

View the 2017 Grammarian (external link)
View the 2016 Grammarian (external link)
View the 2015 Grammarian (external link)
View the 2014 Grammarian (external link)




Handbooks and guides

   ELC Handbook (PDF)

  Junior School Handbook 2020 (PDF)

   Parent Group Supporters Guide 2018 (PDF)

ELC Long Day care FAQs


School Policies

View the School policies



   Private Music Tuition Form 2020 (PDF)

   Musical Instrument Loan and Hire 2019 (PDF)

Brighton Grammar School Bus Service 2020 

Online application form for BGS and Firbank Grammar students. 


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