School Tours

See for yourself!

The best way to get a feel for the School is to visit us and meet some of the boys, the staff and the Headmaster.

On-site Headmaster’s Tour

In line with state government COVID-19 restrictions, we are happy to announce that we can offer on-site tours

On the Headmaster’s Tour you will take a 90-minute walk around the whole campus, which will give you an overall and authentic feel for the School. Every tour is different. Nothing is pre-planned. What you see depends on what is happening at the time. 

What you will always get is an understanding of our approach to teaching boys, the strategic priorities of the School and why we do what we do. Along the way, our Headmaster Ross Featherston will introduce you to boys who happen to cross your path and ask them to share a little of their BGS story. 

The Headmaster walks quickly so wear comfortable shoes. 

Please arrive promptly at the Junior School Reception. 



Please contact our Admissions Coordinator, Rebecca Darling or call 03 8591 2202.