Why a boys’ school?

There's something
really special about a
school just for boys.

Take a minute to hear our leaders share their thoughts about this.

A culture that celebrates the unique ways men interact with one another and challenge each other, and that offers activities that allow them to build a clear sense of their own capabilities and those of their peers.

A culture that allows them to simply be themselves without having to play the part they think they have to play to impress others.

We believe boys need to belong to a positive masculine culture to discover and gain confidence in their own unique abilities to find their individual form of success as men.

Boys need teachers who understand how boys learn

In some schools, boys are accused of having ‘behaviour’ problems or lacking concentration just because they are not always good at sitting still and listening.  Boys are physical – they like to move around. They like hands-on learning.  Boys are naturally energetic and can often be quite noisy. But that doesn’t mean they are not learning. 

We know that this is just the way boys are, and tailor our teaching around it.

Boys need positive role models – both men and women

Unfortunately, in many schools – especially primary schools – male teachers are a rarity.

At BGS, more than 50% of our teachers are male ensuring they have many male role models and can see for themselves there are many different ways to be a man. 


Boys need choice

Not every boy is the same, so we find opportunities for boys to take a risk and try new things. 

Through giving everything a go, each boy will develop his own interests and experience success. 

At BGS all pursuits are equally valued – technology, choir, poetry, the arts, creativity, camping, sport, sailing, reading, drama, chapel server, community service – they all make a valuable contribution to developing a successful young man.

We foster a ‘give-it-a go’ philosophy amongst the boys. 

Boys need to know the rules of the game

That is, what’s expected of them, by when, what happens if they don’t meet those expectations – basically, what are the boundaries?

And then they can spend their time stretching those boundaries!

Developing respectful relationships with girls is an essential part of becoming a successful man. 

From ELC, right through to Year 12, there are numerous formal, academic, social and cultural opportunities to interact with girls from our sister school Firbank Grammar, conveniently located just a 5 minute walk away.