Brighton and Surrounds

Brighton Grammar is located in the middle of Brighton, just 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD and a 5-minute walk from Brighton Beach on Port Philip Bay. The suburb has a long and prestigious history and BGS is not only exposed to this, but also is a large part it. Brighton is a medley of old and new, where traditional values are intermingled with modern tastes and lifestyles. Established boulevards like Bay Street specialise in antique shops and retail boutiques, while the youthful Church Street provides contemporary fashion and lively restaurants and cafes.

The School is located directly adjacent to the historic St Andrew’s Church, which was rebuilt in 1961 after the original building burnt down. It is also very close to the Brighton Town Hall and the Brighton Library. The Library provides a ‘change of scenery’ from school when boys are studying. At the Library, boys can study with students from other schools.

BGS’s proximity to the beach means that it is often used in PE, science and for many other activities, to provide an alternative backdrop for the learning that goes on at the School. Similarly, the Wilson Recreation Reserve (‘the Rec’) – across Outer Crescent – is used for sport, PE, rugby and other activities such as Health and PE Week activities.



Firbank Grammar School, our sister school, is less than a 10-minute walk down Outer Crescent, and boys have many opportunities to interact with the girls from Firbank.  Apart from the ‘Firbank Days’, in which all boys take part, boys can work with the girls  in debating, music, drama and a variety of other activities to build strong relationships.

In addition, BGS is closely associated with many of the shops and restaurants on Church Street that form a great part of the community atmosphere. These include Palace Cinema, Thesaurus Bookstore and Australian Geographic.