Parking at Brighton Grammar is readily accessible for those who drive their sons to school or have an appointment at the school.

Junior School

The Junior School ‘Drop-off Zone’ , accessed via Grosvenor Street, makes it easy to drop off boys in Prep to Year 6.

Street parking is also available.

Middle School

Middle School parents are advised to drop their sons at either Allee Street or on Outer Crescent.

Outer Crescent has all day parking, as does Allee Street and Middle Crescent.

Senior School

Senior School parents are recommended to drop their sons at either the main gate in Outer Crescent, or at the St. Andrew’s Street gate.

Both of these areas are No Standing Zones between 7:30-9 am and 2:30-4 pm.

Parents are advised to wait for their sons in either Black Street or Lindsay Street, which have 2 hour and 4 hour parking, respectively.