100 Days of Prep 2019

The boys arrived at School extremely excited on Monday. They spent the day celebrating 100 days of Prep.

From the first day that the boys walk through the entrance of the Junior School, anxiously holding a parent’s hand, to the confident boys they have become 100 days into their school life, Prep students go through enormous change.

The first 100 days of Prep are a mammoth learning period for the boys. There are new faces, routines, places and skills to take on board. The Prep boys of 2019 happily accepted these challenges.

With the help of our very supportive parents, the boys participated in a range of 100 themed activities. Each activity allowed the boys to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have collected over the last 100 school days.

The boys are already independent, happy, engaged and ready to learn. Imagine how confident and capable they will be by the end of Prep.