5 tips from Outdoor Ed

Outdoor Education programs may not be running, but our Year 11 Outdoor Education Leaders aren’t letting that stop them from connecting with younger students during DL2.0, or learning more about what leadership is all about.

OELP members past and present have rolled with the times and adapted their method of connecting with younger year levels by bringing fun and distraction to tutor times over the past few weeks.  

From KaHoot quizzes, dress up days, physical challenges, or just being a face in the Zoom check-ins, I’ve been impressed with how these young leaders at BGS have looked beyond their own circumstances to reach out to the younger boys. It isn’t easy to do and those who have gone the extra mile to lift the spirits of their fellow Tonners should be congratulated.

We will be continuing with the Outdoor Education Leaders Program for the rest of the year with a series of seminars focused on preparing these young men for what the future may bring, and increasing their potential as strong leaders in our community.

Remember what your Outdoor Education leaders taught you as part of the five finger contract:

  1. Thumbs Up: Let us keep positive and celebrate the good times.
  2. Index finger: Avoid pointing the finger and laying blame, because three fingers point back at you.
  3. Middle finger: Does not belong in our group, as it only brings us all down. Let us be respectful.
  4. Ring finger: Commit to being part of the group and fully participate. We are all in this together; through the rain and the sunshine, we are on this journey together.
  5. Little finger: Look after the little guy, because you will be the little guy one day. We will keep each other safe.

Finally, remember to wash your hands: everyone cooks and cleans and the last thing we need is one sick person making everyone else ill.

David Gemmell 
Head of Outdoor Education