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Crowther’s Corner

Brighton Grammar has led the way with distance learning and now is the first Victorian school to offer an online school holiday program for boys and their families. Recognising that students and their parents might need help to keep engaged and interested over the holiday break, Crowther’s Corner offers actual resources and activities used by […]

Welcome to Crowther’s Corner

In a first for our School, we are offering students an online holiday program, Crowther’s Corner providing activities for our boys and families to stay connected.  We hope you enjoy using the site. 

Make Anzac biscuits

Dust off your hands and head into the kitchen for this simple and healthy recipe with ingredients that are already in your pantry.  The Healthy Chef Teresa Cutter’s method is simple for kids to try out.     Ingredients 100 g (1 cup) rolled oats 75 g (1 cup) desiccated coconut 125 g (1 cup) wholemeal spelt flour 1/4 […]

Carboard roll & recyclable materials challenge

Here’s an idea to use up all those toilet rolls you have lying around.  Create artwork with only a carboard surface. Bring an artwork to life with only recyclable materials. Choose an artwork or image as a starting point Sketch out a plan based on your artwork choice on your carboard cylinder If you are […]

Capture your shadows

Create new drawings from the shadows of the objects around you. More inspiration! You can use your toys. Or just anything to create strange creatures, like Mr Watson’s ‘alien’. What can your imagination see?    Sharing your activity to Social Media? Make sure you tag Brighton Grammar and use #crowtherscorner

The ‘VanGoYourself’ Challenge

Take the opportunity whilst stuck at home to recreate a famous painting with yourself in it Now, which is the original Edward Hopper ‘Automat’?  Be inspired by what other people are doing: Van Go Yourself!   Sharing your activity to Social Media? Make sure you tag Brighton Grammar and use #crowtherscorner  

Practise your instrument

Practising your instrument every day helps you build your skills and is a brilliant activity for your brain! Have a designated area in your house for your practice and if you can, leave your instrument out and ready to go! Tips for good practice – 1. Practise Every Day 2. Have Specific Goals 3. Begins […]

Orange fizz

Materials: An orange 1/2 teaspoon baking soda Instructions: Cut the orange into slices or peel separate into sections. Dip a slice or section into the baking soda. Take a bite! As you chew, it should start to bubble in your mouth. How does it work? When acids and bases mix, you get some exciting chemistry! […]

Multiplication flowers

Make a multiplication flower to help you learn your times tables in a fun way. You can draw your own or use a template. Colour your flower in and display at home.   Sharing your activity to Social Media? Make sure you tag Brighton Grammar and use #crowtherscorner