A different life

Visual arts and community service

The Year 9s have been off-site on Sea Change experiences in various locations over the past fortnight. A small group of boys chose to undertake an art-based experience at Berendale School, which caters to students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.

Throughout their week-long experience, our boys teamed up with Ashley Ronning, our Artist in Residence, and a group of Year 9–12 Berendale students. They created a range of works together, including an impressive final piece that focused on the map of Berendale School. What a pleasure it was to see the groups become one as they researched, planned and painted their environment.


The Berendale Arts Project was designed to cater to boys who wanted a deeper experience of the visual arts and community service. Often, we think of the visual arts as an activity that is carried out independently. This program gave our boys the opportunity to understand that visual arts can lead to many career options, depending on their area of interest. It also gave them a deeper appreciation of a life different to their own.

The Berendale students welcomed the BGS boys into their classrooms and shared their day-to-day experiences, and we won’t forget it. The link between Berendale and BGS is integral to both schools and our priority is to continue to nurture it through programs such as this and the Sony Frankston camp.

Simone Lewis
Head of Creative Arts, Design and Technology (MS)