A Modern Chapel

Brighton Grammar Junior School Chapel occurs each Friday morning at St Andrew’s Church. The aim of the service is to inspire boys to Christian living and principles, equipping them with the tools to live virtuous lives and enabling them to develop into well-rounded boys who flourish in the modern world.

The Chapel themes and addresses are aligned with the values being covered each week in Mindfulness and Circle Times. This ensures that the topics are engaging, relevant, meaningful and personally challenging. So far this year, we have investigated qualities such as compassion, forgiveness, leadership, gratitude, friendship and love. These growth mindsets are further unpacked each week in Religious Education classes. Our aim is to help the boys develop emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, both individually and as a group.

Many of the boys enjoy serving in Chapel, singing in the choir, or participating in the service in less formal ways.

Many of the big occasions in the School calendar are celebrated in Chapel, including Christmas, Easter, ANZAC Day, Founders’ Day, School Officer Inductions, Year 6 Farewell Liturgy and end-of-term thanksgiving services. The Preps, Year 1s and 2s join their Buddies for the final Chapel service of each term, which is always a highlight.


Fr Chester Lord, Junior School and Senior School Teacher