A night of celebration

The recent MITS Annual Gala was a night of celebration for the MITS community that recognised the journey and achievements of both the current and past MITS alumni.

The facilities, support, strong and ongoing relationships and commitment to helping the MITS students develop and achieve their own goals are inspiring. As partners of MITS, Brighton Grammar has been part of this journey since the Transition School’s inception in 2016. In that time, BGS has continued to improve the support and structures in place to help our MITS boys achieve success.

The boys from MITS, Cecil, Caleb and Calvin, are proud BGS boys. At the recent Gala, their school uniforms were immaculate and I overheard them on a number of occasions boasting to their MITS counterparts about Brighton Grammar, how it was the best school.

The boys are from the Tiwi Islands and they are the pioneers establishing a community away from home, one that will provide access to opportunities and education while maintaining a rich connection to Tiwi culture.  We look forward to  welcoming our next group of MITS boys from the Tiwi Islands next year, Cecil’s brother Max and Sam Warrior.   

James Hilditch
Indigenous and Cultural Development Coordinator