ANZAC Day lessons for younger boys

ANZAC Day is an incredibly important part of Australian history, but talking about such a serious subject with young boys can be challenging. However, at BGS we believe that this day of remembrance has many lessons to teach that the ELC boys can relate to, including respect, bravery, mateship, and being a team player.

Baking ANZAC biscuits was a fun, hands-on activity that gave us the opportunity to talk to boys about why ANZAC biscuits were made and sent over to the soldiers fighting the war.

The boys also made their own poppies and we spoke about the red poppy as a symbol of war remembrance all over the world. We also encouraged the boys to ‘plant’ their poppies in our front garden, creating our own field of remembrance.

At a special Assembly, Mrs Coyne told the boys her father’s story of going to war and the boys were fascinated by his medals. This story gave us the opportunity to talk to the boys about bravery and mateship.
The boys enjoyed the day, which was a beautiful and age-appropriate way to show our respect and admiration for past and present service men and women.

Lest we forget.

Amelia Barrow
Director of the Early Learning Centre

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