Workshop with Solli for Book Week

With the theme of Old Worlds, New Worlds and Other Worlds, Book Week celebrations went online for students and staff from 17–20 August. There were lots of games, competitions and prizes won.

Our special guest Solli Raphael, a 16-year-old award-winning author and poet, gave our Year 7–9 boys inspiration for accomplishing big things even at a young age, and shared tips about making a difference in the world through poetry and following their passion. Solli shared with the boys the 7 Steps of Writing Poetry and performed several of his favourite poems.

Solli also spoke about his charity organisation Earth Enablers, which helps young people understand how making small changes in their lives like picking up rubbish, or buying locally, can help to protect the environment.

Signed copies of Solli’s books Limelight and Spotlight are available through The deadline for orders is 31 August.

To remove shipping costs, add the code BOOKWEEK2021 and include note – Name (of the person to whom you want Solli to address the book ) and BGS (for example /BGS). Signed books will be delivered to the school after 31 August.

Ruth Silva
Urwin Centre Librarian