BGS named world leader

It is official – Brighton Grammar’s staff professional learning program is world-class and is the benchmark for other schools to emulate.

BGS has achieved international recognition by receiving the CollectivED: Coaching, Mentoring and Professional Learning in Education Award – Gold Status from the Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University in the UK.

BGS is the first school worldwide to achieve gold status for our innovative staff development and coaching program.

Professor Rachel Lofthouse Director of CollectivED said: ‘This award recognises powerful professional learning and builds the capacity of teachers and leaders to increase the positive impacts of education through the enhanced professional agency and well-being of educators.’

It validates the work of the Crowther Centre team, led by Dr Ray Swann, and Brighton Grammar coaches, leaders and teachers who work hard to improve the academic outcomes of our students.

Dr Ray Swann (L) and Dr Mark Dowley

In particular, it acknowledges the work required in supporting a school community through a process of building the skills and knowledge needed to bring about whole school improvements in coaching, mentoring and professional learning.

The award covers four competencies:

  • Encouraging and enabling collaborative conversations which create powerful professional learning
  • Building capacity in the work of educators and leaders to create contexts which support inclusive career-long and professional-wide learning
  • Working to break down barriers to professional development through positive engagement with the education sector and allied practitioners
  • Increasing the opportunities for educational change through enhanced professional agency and wellbeing

‘CollectiveEd is an international leader in the field of coaching and mentoring and we are elated that this award demonstrates that BGS is leading the way world-wide with our staff development and coaching program,‘ said Dr Mark Dowley, Director of Staff Development and Instruction.

‘It means that our staff are equipped with superior teaching practices which benefits the boys as it leads to better academic outcomes.’