Big Fella 2023

It is traditional for Brighton Grammar Year 12s to begin their year with the Big Fella camp.

The intention is to complement the physical challenge of hiking Mt Bogong with the mental challenge of goal-setting for the year ahead; approaches to learning, challenge, relationships and creativity are discussed and explored. After a slow-moving landslide rendered Mt Bogong inaccessible, the journey of the 2023 BGS Year 12 cohort instead began with a climb of Mt Feathertop, Victoria’s second highest mountain.

With blue skies above and the wind keeping the heat at bay, each House group hiked as one, spending time together on the summit, visualising the important year ahead.

The first half of the 24-kilometre round trip was considered quite manageable for both students and staff alike; however, the real challenge came as the day stretched out and the bus home appeared to move further away in the distance beyond the many twists and turns of Mt Feathertop’s famous razorback ridges on the journey back toward the accommodation at Mt Hotham.

Members of the six BGS houses spent three nights residing in six separate ski lodges. The General Hotel became the central meeting place where students ate dinner together, celebrated the physical achievements of the hike and created the Action Statements for their Legacy Project.

Led ably by School Captain James Clarkson, Vice-Captain Brayden Hope and the other prefects, the cohort considered the opportunities for improvement at the School, deciding and agreeing to Stand Beside their fellow tonners.

The 2023 Year 12 cohort is shaping as the most inclusive yet, so it was fitting that every student participated in Chantology on the final night and finished their evening with their arms around each other, singing the School song.

With the most important year of their academic lives to date, this cohort plans to approach their challenges together.

James Dann
Head of Student Leadership