Big Fella 2024

For almost a decade our Year 12s have begun their year with the Big Fella camp.

For the second consecutive year the cohort, along with a big staff team comprised of teachers and Outdoor Education specialists, travelled to Mount Hotham where each House had their own ski lodge; the time spent in smaller communities helps ensure that the students and House staff form a positive and supportive dynamic with which they will tackle the year ahead.

The Big Fella camp combines the physical challenge of hiking with the mental challenge of thinking about the learning and challenge of the year ahead; approaches to learning and challenges are discussed and explored.

With blue skies above and the wind keeping the heat at bay, each House group hiked as one, spending time together on the summit of a mountain, visualising the important year ahead.

Members of the eight BGS houses spent two nights residing in eight separate ski lodges. The General Hotel became the central meeting place where students ate dinner together, celebrated the physical achievements of the hike and created the action statements for their Legacy Project.

Led ably by School Captain Joseph Weber, School Vice-Captain Sam Linder and the other prefects, the cohort considered the opportunities for improvement at the School, deciding and agreeing on the main message of the 2024 Year 12 Legacy Project: More than a Crest.

The 2024 cohort wants the endeavours of every individual Tonner – big or small – to be celebrated and encouraged, so it was fitting that every student participated in Chantology on the final night; the Brighton Grammar chant could be heard ringing out across the Hotham ski village and into the night.

In the most important year of their academic lives to date, the 2024 cohort has vowed to leave the school a better place than they found it.

James Dann
Head of Student Leadership