Big Write hits Year 1

Big Write is a literacy approach recently introduced in Year 1. It ties in perfectly with Visible Learning because it ensures that both teachers and children know what they can and can’t do, so that gaps can be identified. It focuses on a number of key elements, including:

  • the importance of talk and oral rehearsal
  • having high expectations for all students
  • giving writing a purpose and making it fun!

Big Write also encourages 3CP because students are encouraged to talk about their writing at home, and to gain ideas from family and friends.

Inspired by the places and food in Mem Fox’s Possum Magic, the Year 1s have produced a film, ‘1 Heath’s Great Aussie Adventure’. Clearly excited, the boys make good use of the newly installed ‘green screen’ in the refurbished Junior Library to take viewers around Australia and practise their oral skills. Why not join them on tour here?